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  1. There's not much that can be done to actually increase Cubone's encounter rate, but you can catch a Venonat with Compoundeyes as an ability and Cubone will have a higher rate of holding a Thick Club. At that point it's just a matter of finding one and having Covet/Thief.
  2. Hope this doesn't break any rules, but even if I am late with this response, here is my reaction to this:
  3. There's also the possibility that the info that we had on Xenadin was purposefully manipulated in order to protect Huey, who was used as the leader of Team Xen when he was still a toddler.
  4. When I first read this I thought it didn't make sense, but now as I think about it, it's not an impossible theory. But then I remembered something else.
  5. It's either Huey or Ren for sure since they would best fit the one to fight for a lost loved one. For Ren it would likely coincide with the theory of Reina betraying the heroes. For Huey, it's him fighting for Rune, especially with the events of this latest version. The only other way this could also fit Huey is Kieran does technically count as an antagonist so that's not exactly true. However Peony is most likely talking about Madame X, since she is the main antagonist, or Angie since we know of her goal and how it affects the world as a whole.
  6. That's another thing I considered, do you think it's possible that Nim could be the 4th light? Part of me thinks it's possible but another part of me has also thought of the possibility that
  7. According to the Rejuvenation Wiki, Cella (The Eldest) was 29 before Storm-9 and 69 during the events of the main story. Anastasia was 6 when Ren helped her back then so she should be 46 now. Either she looks incredible for her age or she has also been hopping around the time stream.
  8. Even ignoring his connection with Nastasia, I don't think Madame X would just let him leave if he tried.
  9. Well that is true, but I think since we know that Melia, Erin, Alice and Allen are the 4 that contain The Archetype, I'm fairly certain that they are the 4 Lights. That makes a lot of sense, now that I think about it, Cassandra's smug attitude at the end of the Chapter could signify that she knows Reina will turn on the heroes. Then again that might just be grasping at straws.
  10. This may come off as a bit of a weird topic but I thought it would be interesting to talk about the current status of most of the major characters at the end of V13. By "status" I mean if they're currently alive and where the character is in terms of the story and what they could do in future versions. Now I won't be covering the "player characters" of Aevis/Aevia/Axel/Ariana/Alain/Aero as we know what happens with them as of the current version but I will cover characters from some side stories and others I feel are notable. I may also get some information wrong so I'd appreciate any corrections based on some things I might have missed. But without further adieu, here we go! Melia - Alive - Since she's probably one of, if not the central character in this story, she's going to have more development and screen time later on. I was never really able to predict where her development would go and how her story would advance so I honestly don't know where she goes from here but I'm looking forward to it! Ren - Alive - I have a feeling that Madame X has always known that he was interacting with our heroes. We'll definitely have one or two more battles with him before the game finishes. Venam - Alive - Honestly it's tough for me to think of what Venam will do next. Whatever it is though, she'll be right by Melia's side. Like Ren, I have a feeling that she's going to battle the player one more time. Nim - Unknown - We're most certainly going to see Nim again. Aelita - Alive - Honestly, I'd say Aelita is one of my 2 favorite major characters in this game. There are definitely some loose ends on her side of the story that remain and I'd like to see how they get resolved. Aside from that, she's solidified herself as remaining on the player's side through thick and thin. Valarie - Dormant - She finally has her memories back! Adam - Dormant - Same as above. Saki - Dormant - A LOT of development in this update and I love it! Very tough battle too! But aside from that it's the same as above. Delpha - Alive - She'll definitely be around to help with the Xen HQ raid, aside from that I think she'll most likely be watching over Saki, Valerie and Adam. Kanon - Alive - A lot of development, just like Saki, though I feel like there is more to come. Erin - Alive - I like the position she took as the sort of vocal leader amongst the group alongside Alexandra and Damien. At least that's the energy I'm getting from her. Reina - Alive - I really enjoy the chaotic energy Reina gives to some conversations throughout her appearances as well as her relationship with Huey (it even got to the point where I thought Huey would leave Lavender for her). Honestly can't wait to see what she does next. Huey - Alive - This update was brutal for our boy but it gave him a lot of development and closure. I'm interested in seeing where he goes from here. Texen - Unknown, most likely alive - Now more than ever is the ideal time to reintroduce him back into the story (which will probably happen next update), can't wait to see how he develops after what just happened. Angie - Alive - Her story isn't done yet but with loose ends being slowly tied up, her second return is an inevitability that I can't wait for! Kreiss - Alive - We haven't seen him since Angie's 1st defeat, but we'll definitely be seeing him again, most likely when Angie pops up again. Amber - Alive - The 2nd of my 2 favorite characters in this game. I honestly think she's underrated (though I maybe be wrong) and V13 made me enjoy her character even more. I really hope she comes through to help our heroes during the raid or at least gets some more screentime! Erick - Alive - Did not expect him to return, just like Amber I hope he sticks around! Flora - Alive - We see her reaction to the events of this chapter, though I'm interested in seeing if she makes a bigger return in the story. Lavender - Alive - I definitely expect to see her in the raid, she may even bring her new look, even if she can't physically do those flips and tricks she did in the Nightmare School. I honestly hope we can battle her at some point too. Ryland - Alive - I know he's guarding the Eclysia Skyview at the moment, but I feel like he'll make another major appearance sometime soon. Alice - Alive - We barely got to see much of her this update, that'll definitely change later on though and I hope we can see her develop more. Allen - Like his sister, we unfortunately didn't get much of him this time around. Damien - Alive - He's most likely going to be the last gym leader and I hope they build up that battle more coming up. With him being a strong player in the coming events, he's going to be a nightmare to battle. Tesla - Alive - We haven't seen her since the GDC Tournament and I'm wondering of what she'll do during later story events. Karen - Dependent, though I kept both her and Karrina alive - Karrina - Dependent - Assuming her story with Karen is done, I'm interested to see if she'll make another appearance within the main plot. Considering she is a Storm Chaser, she might. Jolene - Alive - Aside from some info we get from meeting her in a sidequest, we still don't know that much about her and it seems unlikely that we will until we get to battle her or if she appears during the climax. Dylan - Alive - I'm really enjoying the sidequest with him and Ana and I want to see where it goes in the next update. Ana - Alive - The mystery surrounding her grabbed at my attention and the easter eggs revolving around her keep me guessing. I really want to see how her story continues. Alexandra - Alive - She's essentially the team leader of the group and she'll definitely have a major role going forward. Amanda - Alive - Glad to see the mystery regarding her got attention, though it left me wondering if we'll see her again in the future or if this is her end in the plot. Celine - Dormant - I mentioned my thoughts above but... Eli and Sharon - Both Alive - I had to include these two together because how else would I do so. We'll definitely be seeing them soon and will battle them as well. My question is, what will happen to them following the raid Madelis - Unknown - SEC - Most likely Alive - I really enjoyed seeing SEC in this current version, though I expect to see him in Xen HQ. If this version really did bring his final sendoff, then it's also not outside the realm of possibility that his advanced version: CLARA could return. Geara - Alive - Neved - Alive - We definitely have not seen him for a while and his story still isn't over. I also feel like there will be one last battle between him and either the player or Aelita. Cassandra Nastasia - Alive - This next update feels like it'll finally have our heroes come face to face with her and I am so ready for when it happens. Mosely - Alive - If the events of the Pearl route are anything to go by, her role might get a bit bigger but this is speculation. I do hope we see more of her though. Thomas Blakeory Jr. - Alive - Some surprising development here! He went from a character I had little to no respect for to being a very good one in my eyes. Blakeory Sr. - Alive - I don't expect him to make a big appearance though if there are scenes during a sort of epilogue or end credits, I think he'll appear. Cosmia and Comet - Alive - I have a feeling that they'll appear again, especially with their previous appearances Isha/Isaiah - Alive - I don't think this is the last we've seen of the good doctor(s), something tells me he'll be back. Anathea - Deceased - Her spirit is still in the Stone and she'll definitely come out again soon, it's just a matter of when. Crescent - Alive - This chapter definitely did a lot for her development and I'm definitely interested in seeing Kieran and ??? - Unknown(?) - Madame X - Alive - We're all waiting for the day we get to battle Madame X again. For real this time. Indriad - Unknown - Nymiera - Unknown - And that should be every major character! If I left anyone out, let me know! Aside from that, who's your favorite character and what do you think their role in future updates will be?
  11. Apologies in advance, but I just wanted to get this sidequest done. I know it isn't a major thing and Spiritomb isn't the best mon in the game but i'd rather get this done so I don't have to worry about it. I've never really had to ask for help like this before so I added a picture of the issue as well as the last save data. If there is any other file I was supposed to upload rather than the one I included or I uploaded this in the wrong place please let me know. Thanks in advance. LastSave.dat
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