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  1. Well in that case I think im gonna try to start a new game probably just to see the changes
  2. is the maximum possible relationship points obtained change from V12 after the v13 update? im not sure if I remember some of the dialouge options here hahaha
  3. Great work Jan and team! Finally the wait is over . Im curious, are there any major story changes in the previous episode contents regarding the plot?
  4. Doncry

    hi again

    Hi i just wanted to say thank you for the reborn team for developing such an amazing game. This is the best pokemon fan game that i have played :) . I first played this game around E16 i think(i remember Fern with the contrary serperior). I havent tried the Starlight divide demo but would try it soon :). Anyways im sure the long wait for Pokemon reborn final episode will be worth the wait. i really hope you all are doing well during these times. I really cant wait to play E19 :)
  5. Here are some ideas that i can think of Shedinja crest: gives shedinja disguise allowing it to survive weather changes like hail sandstorm/switch in to stealth rock drapion crest: increase critical hit chance sniper drapion Cacturne crest: Double the base speed and contact moves drain enemy hp Noivern : Sound based moves gain flying typing. something like pixilate Weezing: double damage caused by explosion
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