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  1. Leavanny crest: The offensive coverage of its attacking moves is inverted (so for example, its bug type moves hit fairy types super effectively, but psychic types not very effectively). Hitmonlee crest: Its kicking moves are boosted by 20%, and all of its kicking moves besides high jump kick now bypass all accuracy checks at all times. Hitmonchan crest: Its punching moves now always hit twice, with the second hit doing 0.25x damage on the second hit (ala parental bond but for punching moves only) Crobat crest: Doubles the power of not very effective moves (so basically gives it
  2. Although I see that a similiar question to my intended one has been asked above, I still feel like asking my own anyway since I feel it is a bit different. What is this game INTENDED difficulty level? Is it intended to be as challenging as regular non modded reborn/rejuvenation normal mode, or perhaps a bit higher than that, say, on the level of rejuvenation intense mode or even reborn redux (or other mods of that game too, though I feel like trying to get into memeborn/reborn extreme level might be a bit too much for most newcomers)? Additionally/alternatively, will there be different d
  3. Seeing this new exp candy item as something that might potentially make it to the game, I cannot help but wonder: will these candies always give a certain amount of exp.points upon being consumed (in proportion to the mon's level), or a fixed number of exp.points? I ask this because one of the bigger issues with exp grinding is that, upon getting to the higher levels/level caps, the exp gain starts becoming gradually slower, even with audino breeders taken into account. Which is why I am wondering if these candies give a fixed amount of exp points, or does it vary by the mon's level? Either wa
  4. Ok so since this might be the last chance, here goes nothing: How does the torterra crest work in the inverse field? Does torterra just have the weaknesses/resistances that it would have in a normal battling field without the crest? And would it resist electric in that case? Why is the game called by versions instead of episodes or even chapters as it is stated in game? What exactly gave you the idea for the title of 'Rejuvenation'?
  5. Hello. First of all I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this amazing new version; considering the amount of time between the between the posting of the status thread and the release of the actual new version (ie the amount of development time), it is amazing how this game has not let down on any of it's habits (ie extremely hard puzzles/battles, particularly the 'gym leader' battle), and that is something that I am very grateful for. Actually, this brings up my first question: how long does it usually take between the release of each new version? I understand that this is
  6. In azure shore, your character can move on this tile and is also capable of surfing: Then this can happen: You can simply go to the water then back to the stairs to fix it, but still I felt like this was worth reporting.
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