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  1. Flygon crest: Bug type moves are boosted by 50% Lucario: Gets a boost to aura and pulse moves Cinderace: Swap attack and special attack Garchomp : Gains stab on Rock moves Zoroark : illusion stays even if hit Sceptile: Swap attack and special attack Weavile : Gets technician Hawlucha :Defence is boosted when hit GOLISAPOD : Emergency exit activates at the end of the turn Gengar : has levitate Palosand: gets sand stream or sand spit Intellion : Gets focus energy at the end of the first turn when sent out Alolan ninetails :summon ar
  2. The fact that the artworks interprets the personalty of each one is breath taking
  3. Not a bad feature making it a bit open but the fact there is a bad and worse ending is seriously stressing
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