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  1. i remember krookodile being very good against his team, you can easily build up moxie boost with the combo of earthquake and crunch. combine him with a fast flying type to take out his gallade and you should be good to go. sandile can be found in tanzan mountain
  2. okay this might sound silly, but I think a throwback to gen 1 with a Tauros crest would be super cool. Recharge moves wouldn't actually recharge if you got a knockout in gen 1, so maybe a crest that would allow this for Tauros? Could allow him to secure KOs easily with Giga Impact. If this isn't enough, maybe it could also increase the damage of moves that uses it's horns, like Megahorn, Smart Strike and Horn Attack
  3. sweet! really appreciate the effort you put into this game!
  4. I was just wondering how rare the roaming Duraludon is. I have been running around in the tall grass of all 3 areas for a really long time, and haven't seen it once
  5. you guys never cease to amaze me with your tilesets, they're always so gorgeous! Take the time you need Jan, the final product will always ends up better when you enjoy making it!
  6. cant teach pokemon liquidation from goomy kingdom, when i choose liquidation the goomy just stops talking to me
  7. Nevermind, I just got it! Sorry for doubting! The mod, especially the weather changer, is awesome!
  8. This might sound weird, but does this mod mess with the shiny ratio of Pokemon? I downloaded this mod to get the eevee and tried to SR to get it shiny. It has been over 70 minutes of SRing, and no shiny. Is that normal in Reborn, cuz I've gotten my other shinies fairly quickly.
  9. My Decidueye learned Steam Eruption when evolving instead of Spirit Shackle...
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