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  1. Damn, I love this! This definitely has to do with a battle against Spacea or Tiempa, or even some type of battle against a higher being. I'm getting excited to see just how powerful the adversaries of this adventure is!
  2. Here's some ideas of mine Weavile Crest: Switches the physical attack stat with special attack, and like Rampardos Crest one per battle allows Weavile to survive on 1 HP (while it may not be the best, most people have focus sashes on Weaviles so there's that. For the special and physical swap, Weavile may not have many special moves, but the ones it does have are pretty cool.) Aegislash Crest: Averages out attack and defense stats (Meaning all of Physical/ Special attack and defense are now base 95) with an ability like either disguise or ice body. Duraludon Crest: gives specia
  3. Looks beautiful, excited to battles in this gorgeous background, especially with the field effects.
  4. I could care less if Gen 8 Pokemon are added to the game. Sure I'll miss out on some of the pokemon that I liked. But at this point I'm just wanting to see how the story for Pokemon Reborn plays out. I know it's been some time since Ep18, but that's to be expected. I hope that the workings for Starlight and Pokemon Reborn's final Episode goes well. It's been fun struggling through the game. I know you guys can do it.
  5. Goldenleaf is revamped and looks beautiful! I love all of the more details and textures for the buildings. Something tells me that Melia, Ren, and Venam are back in Goldenleaf to investigate Giratina (Or more specifically... Griselda!). Meanwhile I think Mosely's past of stealing things from Goldenleaf is coming to bite her in the butt. Most intrigued to find out what the Player character is up to. Either way I can't wait to get Version 13!
  6. I love the VS sprite update! Amanda I'm debating if she's more intimidating, or looks more evil either way glorious. Ren the change in Ren's VS sprite actually makes him look like a good guy, rather feeling like he'll betray you. Eli and Sharon, my opinion is the same as yours. SEC, he was never a character I particularly cared about, but definitely looks cool. Madame X looks more intimidating. Valarie got a boost in attractiveness. Crawli seems to have gotten more confidence in himself. Flora, I liked her old sprite as it made her look less conspicuous, like you would never expect her to be
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