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  1. Any allegations of tax fraud by Yoshi are completely unfounded. Man, everyone involved does so much work for something a C&D from oblivion, its unfair.
  2. Loaded up a reborn save so i could move my character to Hardy's gym and wow my team is bad. After 1 pandemic, two years, 2 rejuv playthroughs, and half a deso playthrough, I scroll though my PC and see nothing but wasted potential and a bunch of pokemon weak to floor type. Please remove floor type it kills all the mons i like
  3. Please tell me you guys nerfed Nucleon.
  4. Nah guys it's obviously the arena for part of the very real postgame Tournament of B00ty.
  5. Well, time to play one branch of e19, and then start a new file from zero to play the other one and then do it again. maybe with monotypes. idk.
  6. Holy shit yes Mid battle evolution? I don't want to know how you managed to implement that but I'm really glad you did. It's such a cool feature and I don't think any game has done that before.
  7. So, if I have finished the main story of version 13, will I still be able to do all the sidequests of 13.5, at least until version 14? I heard this was the case want want to know if that's still true.
  8. - The entire game was a hallucination conjured by the main character as they are trapped in T4RR4's mansion, awaiting the Tournament of B00ty. - There is a PULSE we have not seen yet, besides PULSE Mr. Mime, Clawitzer, Arceus, and Pulse-2: PULSE Budew. And Lin has five of them to go with Hydreigon. - Since Anna could see the player glowing through a locked door, the Player is the - There will be more branching story paths, similar to the Reshiram/Zekrom routes - Pokedex quest lady will ask us to round up Ultra Beasts now. - There will be a paint can so we can turn our Pokemon Shiny. - Shade is Euphie. - Meteor Ace is Euphie. - Lin is Euphie. - The Player is Euphie. - The real Euphie was the friends we made along the way.
  9. Finally I can stop using bulldoze like a filthy casual
  10. ...Fine, I'll restart the game when e19 drops.
  11. Mystery Girl is holding a hand of cards!
  12. What is she holding? It looks like a book in the second card, and I would believe you if you said it was a Poke Ball in the third, but the shape just looks... strange.
  13. Could this be what the second Nightmare Fuel is for? Keep doing what you're doing Ceri, mushrooms will remain an effective source of nourishment long after the soil acidifies and can no longer support plant life
  14. That is my card, but I wonder if the trainer has life within them? Is she no more? Has she ceased to be? Has she expired and gone to meet her maker? Is she a stiff? Is she bereft of life, resting in peace? Is she pushing up daisies? Are her metabolic processes history? Has she kicked the bucket, shuffled off this mortal coil, and joined the choir invisible? ... The sketch ran out of Euphie-misms here.
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