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  1. Thunder, Fire, and Ice Fang are for sale at the Kristilline TM shop. Not sure about Psychic Fangs, though.
  2. Among Us was a mistake.

    1. Reginald Sanshire

      Reginald Sanshire

      This requires context.


      Tl;dr: Someone got mad, and spammed the V13 bug report.

  3. It got moved back because it was too good for the early game
  4. Reginald Sanshire


    2 years, and the wait is finally over soon(tm). Let's get it. (Real talk, though. I hope the SPU guy's doing ok.)
  5. Oh boy! 4 AM!

    1. RoySolare


      You mean 4 PM!

  6. After giving it some thought...


    What if Amber's present for us is the stone that lets us mega evolve Charizard into its GMAX form?

  7. I'm gonna continue my Normal save going into V13. Then, when 13.5 comes out, I'm going to tackle the content from that, then start a new file on Intense.
  8. Adam and Valerie underwent appearance changes after that encounter with Beheeyem Jerkwad, so it wouldn't be too much of a reach to guess that she underwent one, as well.
  9. Actually, Saki said on her Twitter that her Duraludon was itching to blow something up, and GMAX mons are being implemented as custom mega evolutions, so that may end up being her ace.
  10. Oh boy. Here I go committing mail fraud again.
  11. Game-z runs smoother
  12. Would you look at that? Time to commit more mail fraud.
  13. I'm fine. I just figured out the surprise is that Magikarp is finally gonna be obtainable. Nothing too exorbitant.
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