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  1. Wouldn't that just be our luck? Saki being the one out of that trio that DIDN'T lose her memories after the encounter with the surfers.
  2. So, it's been confirmed multiple times that G-Max forms are going to be made into custom mega evolutions, and I feel a small need to ask just one question about this. Is that going to include Charizard, or is he going to be left out because of his "mega privilege"?
  3. I bet it was hinted with all of those Animal Crossing screenshots that she posted on her Twitter before it got hacked.
  4. Madame X: Hey, Madelis. Do you want to hear a joke? Madelis, still shaky from getting slashed by her: Um... Okay, sure. Madame X: What kind of cheese isn't yours? Madelis: Um... Nach-- *Madame X slashes Madelis again* Madame X: All of it. *pulls out a bag of shredded cheddar, and starts eating out of it* It's MY cheese.
  5. With Ren and Reina comparing Dimensional Rifts to their deranged family members being close seconds. Makes you wonder if we'll learn anything about the rest of their family in the future.
  6. You have to finish every Help Center quest in the game up until the ??? quest in Kristilline Town. Once you finish that one, you'll be able to re-learn egg moves.
  7. It's part of the secret combination to the 3rd poison puzzle in Venam's gym, that unlocks the area where you get the Seviper egg.
  8. It's probably nothing too concerning. Official character art glitches out all the time.
  9. Saki probably could have won that fight if she had a Meltan. Should've, could've, would've, I guess.
  10. If the Puppet Master is the owner of the Shadow Realm, then probably. On an unrelated note:
  11. Can't be any more terrifying than that Wailord with the crazy name that we fought with Goomink. Still, I'm looking forward to fighting it.
  12. I just hope Saki forgot about the ridiculous amount of money that she charged me for those Revives back in Valor Mountain.
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