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  1. So...


    I may or may not have successfully coded a Sudowoodo Crest.

    1. IdiotKat32


      Good job!


    2. Q-Jei


      That sounds interesting! Out of curiosity, what effects did you want to apply on Sudowoodo with your Crest?

    3. Reginald Sanshire

      Reginald Sanshire

      I made it so that it's Speed scales with Special Defense, and gave it STAB and resistances of Grass types.


      I considered just doing the Grass-type stuff, but I felt like that alone wouldn't merit the use of it. Also, Sudowoodo's base Special Defense is 65, so it can make better use of Rock Polish (or I think Sudowoodo can also have Shift Gear in this game, too, if Jan didn't axe it from Shadow Bonsly after V12)


      Probably not the best things to give it, or maybe they're TOO good for it, but it was my first attempt at a crest mod, so...

  2. Palossand Crest ----- Effect: Reduces damage taken from super-effective attacks by 25%. Traps any Pokemon that hits it with a move that makes physical contact. (works with all forms)
  3. Welp. It took about a year.


    But I have finally beaten Reborn.

    1. Amethyst


      congratulations on seeing it through to the end!!

  4. Single Strike Urshifu has this same minor issue with Sucker Punch from the Move Tutor.
  5. The earliest one I know of is Smoochum, at exactly Level 45. Of course, that's only from that event in Citrine Mountain with the Level 57 Beartic, and would take a lot of patience to grind up while keeping from evolution, unless you've got an Everstone on you.
  6. So, I got to "that" puzzle in Reborn today. You know? The one that Cass suggested a pen and paper for?


    I prepped a couple of snacks and drinks to have at the desk, in fear that it would take up a whole afternoon, considering that that was how long I remember the magic squares taking, despite being an optional task that could get away with such lunacy.


    This puzzle only took me 5 minutes.

    1. Karvanha



      That's just the first one :)


  7. First fossil dig of the update




    Praise be unto Dome


  8. I'm gonna finish the Pokédex quest before I start up E19. Only got less than 100 left before I can get Poipole, so hopefully, it won't be too much longer.

    1. Dark Legend
    2. Reginald Sanshire

      Reginald Sanshire

      It's done. Took a lot of time, effort, and wasted Quick Balls, but I finally did the thing.


      (You almost fooled me, Phione. Keyword: ALMOST.)


  9. Patience, young grasshoppers. You've already waited about 4 years. A little bit more time won't be the end of the world.
  10. Welp. It's been a ride. Ladies. Gentlemen. Everyone in between. It's been an honor hyping with you all.
  11. The existence of the Cleffa Cafe gives me a new theory: Cleffa was lying about how much profit the Cafe was making, and then got caught and thrown in jail for tax fraud.
  12. No words. Only internal screams. The end is near. It's been a ride. (Also, honestly kind of dreading what that puzzle could possibly entail.)
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