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  1. Ninetales (kantonian): add the ghost type or dark type and boost its Special attack of 15%/20%
  2. I love them! You did an amazing on those sprites!
  3. I was wondering if "new" tms will be made, such as the fangs moves (Ice, fire and thunder)? I want to use a Yamper, well its evolution in my new run and to use its ability, it would be nice to have at least thunder fang, well, if Yamper and its evolution are available, of course! I wonder why it's not able to learn it by breeding tho. And if the tms aren't made, I will just use another electric move, I was just wondering! xD
  4. To be sure, who do I need to talk to to get the Dusknoir's crest? Is it a red haired girl, the one that talk about the crests, or someone else? Because if it's her, she doesn't gave me the crest Edit: Nevermind, found her, sorry!
  5. I'm sorry to post again, but this time this is just a little question, I didn't got the crest from the Zorrialyn Labyrinth before v12, but I got them now, do I need only them, or all the other new crests available to get the Dusknoir crest? And you need to speak to red haired girl in the room you have to surf to get in in Sashilla Village, right?
  6. Spector is in his gym, I battled him he gave me whatever he gave you when you beat him, I even finished fully Narcissa's sidequest, but Spector doesn't go to the lost castle, except the first time before he went to his gym, am I missing something?
  7. I was wondering, will the 8 gen pokemon will be put into the game during v13 or v14?
  8. Since, it was stated that Melia and Venam are in love with each other and that we didn't see them (yet) confess their love, will we see a scene(s) where they confess their love for each other in the future? I'm asking since, I always shipped them anyway and I just want those two girls to be happy!
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