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  1. A simple dark type silvally based on umbreon perfection: I'm getting super busy lately so I can't check the discord too often for replies and stuff, so I'm just gonna leave the stuff I've done here, and you guys can use it if you want. DM or message me for any changes or feedback, I don't mind whether they're used or not, I just can't stay on forever waiting for feedback, especially when I'm not super active on the discord to begin with:
  2. Took quite the opposite direction with the ground type silvally. All that water got drained by the dust devils. This was a fun one to do. Shoutout to @Slowpoke_ for the sandstorm idea, I may have sprited it and brought it to life, but I wouldn't have had the idea without him. So even though he keeps telling me he doesn't need to be credited, I'm crediting him anyway and calling this a collab. Honestly sandstorm was the hardest part to create and definitely took me the longest to do but it was still fun.
  3. Gotta have fun when spriting, so I always like to think what I would like to see when I do some recolours/spriting. So having little ghosts float around silvally in it's ghost form was really fun to do, especially creating an expression for each of them so everything has it's own little personality. Anyway, these are my attempts at creating a ghots typed silvally:
  4. Vivillon Crest - +1 to accuracy and sp.atk, whilst also setting up tailwind upon entering Pachirisu Crest - Sets up electric terrain when entering the battle whilst also giving it +1 priority while the terrain is active, as well as giving it +1 sp.atk
  5. @groniack The layout looks really nice, good to know that you can see the cooldown period. I would like a system where you earn the special skills, like the z-crystals; also more challenge and less predictability. The fire starter looks so much better, I went back to your first post for a comparison and it's almost unrecognisable. The cracks/bumps could be changed to a dark red rather than a black or that brownish colour The yeti looks cute/cool. My guess is ground and steel. The final evo's arms look a bit too stiff, the area around its shoulder looks too 'square' (?), almost makes it look like it's shrugging. Or maybe that's just me Keep up the awesome work guys
  6. @groniack I think a cool down would be unique. Do you think you would do it based on the type of skill or mastery (does that exist right now?)? For example you wouldn’t want players to be able to spam an evasive skill every other turn and the battle would go nowhere. Or would you put it in a random generator; say 1-5 for example?
  7. @groniack Unfortunately some of my files are lost to the void, but I did create some backups, I was stressed about it for a bit but gotta keep going on, what’s done is done and I can’t cry over spilled milk I like this new system. Knowing my luck I think this would work out a lot better than stacked skills and in a way you would sorta know what the opponent could do. Also looks a lot easier for you guys to implement, but I don’t know anything about programming, just speculating. I have to say this though; Papuar looks really good with the battle background, it’s very easy on the eyes. Well done. Forgive me for saying it caleaf’s backsprite could use a bit more shading with the darker areas. I don’t know how you guys are doing the shading for the backsprites but for the most part the ‘light source’ tends to come from the middle, so it might look a bit better for the lightest shades to be hitting the outlines of the right (->) borders rather than the left. I don’t actually have anything in terms of skill ideas. All I could possibly think of is maybe adding in a multiplier skill, a one turn skill that does 1.4x the damage or a two turn skill that does 2.7x (I don’t know I’m throwing out random numbers here) I guess it could be similar to a critical hit skill though. keep up the awesome work guys
  8. @Swamp King They all look pretty cool tbh. Out of the three the terranus line is my fav. I think the only issue I had with Terrani's final evo is that the armour for its left arm is that it kind feels disconnected from its arm, it looks like it's arm is really bulky but then becomes a twig after its elbow and it looks a bit weird. I love how detailed Boulderon is but to me the face is...how do I put this...a bit derpy (?), it looks kinda weird compared to the rest. Maybe it's because its eyes are too narrow or its mouth could have too much shading on the left. Or its just me I think Jawsmiral's left hand is weird, I think the shading might be off a bit, should the shading for its fingers be reversed? I'd try to edit things but my computer crashed since the last time you guys posted, so I lost all my files; am trying to recover as much as I can right now. Overall they're really detailed and I love what you guys are doing Keep being awesome
  9. @Swamp King Malarquay - a play on of the word malarkey. Combines malar (malarkey) and quay Malarkey meaning nonsense, I just thought the first form was too cute to be deadly. And a quay is a type of wharf or harbour, usually where ships are docked. Menaking was just a combination of menace and king.
  10. @Swamp King @groniack First up congratulations on finishing your exams, you guys must so relieved Now I have to say look how far you've come: Jedog looks amazing. Only thing I notice is that the purple tuffs have a blue outline, other than that wow just wow With the bears I'm getting an ursaring and electivire line crossover here, they're so cute Rhinox is super detailed, it's also really well done Terrock is pretty cute, I love that the red gives it a molten lava vibe The fish are both cute and menacing. Not much to say really, although it's just different shades of blue, I think it works quite well, that and you've outdone yourselves again I told you guys before I'm not original but I'll throw my two cents in: Malarquay and Menaking I tried.... Keep it the awesome work guys
  11. I maxed quivered with my vilvillon, although I got lucky, she sent out umbreon instead of sylveon for some reason even though sylveon was the choice every other time
  12. There’s one more in the trailer between Sheridan and golden leaf which should be the next one you go to before the others iirc
  13. That coral reef is gorgeous, and even if it's not a coral reef it makes me feel I'm like I'm more submerged in the ocean waters; there's more life underwater than just kelp, looking at you hoenn. Keep doing amazing Jan and team.
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