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  1. This looks really cool! I hope you put lots of work in this game and turn it into a masterpiece
  2. Hey, I seem to not know how to continue ... I need your help! The rest in spoilers So... is this where I am supposed to go or am I missing something?
  3. ooof this never occurred to me ... I hope you didn't lose much progress!
  4. If I remember correctly I found it in a snowy area! It's been so long since I completed that quest but I am confident that meditite was there!
  5. Thanks for the answer Yeah Boldore was what I was actually looking for! It was the first pokemon I encountered when I walked in that cave!
  6. Hey guys, does anyone know where to find a roggenrola? I am pretty sure that I have encountered one during this playthrough but I need to make a new save file in order to see the locations of gen 5 and higher pokemon....
  7. If I remember correctly, the trevenant wasn't one of his pokemon.
  8. Don't worry it will evolve in the right time, although your level may drop to 30 so if you have other pokemon in your party I would recommend you to train them instead of your starter
  9. If I remember correctly he was in a big building where a tournament was held. He was a random npc that when you talk to him he says that he is the move relearner and if you ever need his service you can find him in that house that was mentioned above.
  10. I played the game and I must say I quite enjoyed it! The character was unique and I really liked that the main character interacted with the other npc. Also, I enjoyed the puns the game had! The story was very nice, so nice that at some points I couldn't stop playing! The fact that there were so many NPCs in the town and almost none of them was useful, was really annoying at times but I can understand the whole concept behind it. We are in a town and the conditions aren't good for them to offer you free items or this sort of staff Now I would like to point out some t
  11. Awesome work! The card is very well organized and the extra details you added are well done! The big Pokeball you added, has a 3d feel to it which is incredible! Really really well done!
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