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  1. This looks really cool! I hope you put lots of work in this game and turn it into a masterpiece
  2. Hey, I seem to not know how to continue ... I need your help! The rest in spoilers So... is this where I am supposed to go or am I missing something?
  3. ooof this never occurred to me ... I hope you didn't lose much progress!
  4. If I remember correctly I found it in a snowy area! It's been so long since I completed that quest but I am confident that meditite was there!
  5. Thanks for the answer Yeah Boldore was what I was actually looking for! It was the first pokemon I encountered when I walked in that cave!
  6. Hey guys, does anyone know where to find a roggenrola? I am pretty sure that I have encountered one during this playthrough but I need to make a new save file in order to see the locations of gen 5 and higher pokemon....
  7. Hey guys! Since we had some free time, we worked on some more sprites! I hope you like them and as always, any constructive feedback is welcomed! Without any further ado, here we go! These are Terrani, Terras and Terranus. They are Rock + Dragon types We had posted Terrock earlier, now it evolved int Boulderon! Here is the final form of a line we are still working on! It is called Jawsmiral Don't forget to leave your feedback guys!
  8. Thanks for the feedback as always! Also I was really happy that you remembered that we had already posted puppyrain and jedog before! As for the names you suggested, could you explain what these names stand for? I mean I get the king part for Menaking but the other one I don't These names sound interesting but I'd love to understand the thinking behind them!
  9. Hey everyone!!! We finally finished with our exams and I have to admit, it feels quite refreshing getting back to game making! I'd like to inform you guys that we are not just making sprites but we have made quite some progress with eventing! Although, we are not sharing with you any screenshots because we are not satisfied with the graphics we have so far. So back to what we can show you guys! The two yellow bears: 1st stage is called Diabear and its evolution is called Papuar! The two dogs: 1st stage is called Puppyrain and its evolution is called Jedog The macho rhino is called Rhinox The red boulder like creature is called Terrock So far we have no names for the fish pokemon so if you have any interesting ideas, we would love to hear them!
  10. Merry Christmas everyone!! We hope you are having a great time during these holidays! As we have promised, we did create some ice type pokemon for the game! Without any further ado, let's take a look at them!! Starting from the left we have Stagnaroc! (We owe you a pre-evolution of this pokemon). During extreme weather conditions with hailstorms and lightning, they distance themselves from any other companion. They do so in order to protect their companions from the storm because Stagnaroc's antlers are drawing in thunders. When massive amounts of electricity are gathered in its antlers, Stagnaroc gets frenzy for a short amount of time. The one in the middle and up is called Viking! (Again, we owe you a pre-evolution which will be called Vikid). Viking is a barbaric pokemon always ready to fight and dominate its opponent. It understands the arts of battle really well and has developed great fighting instincts. It is usually described as "The white Conqueror". Going to the one under it, it is called Snowmanos. They say that if you create a snowman with love and leave it dressed for a night, it will turn into a Snowmanos! These pokemon love to startle unaware humans or pokemon passing by close to them. And last but not least we have Blizzart, The Hart Pokemon, and its pre-evolution, Cryofawn. Cryofawns were victims of hunters trying to get their gems from their foreheads. They have become extremely cautious of humans and very little trainers have managed to tame them. When a Blizzart is seen, it is a sign that winter is coming. They are caring pokemon and have been seen helping other pokemon, or even humans, to find shelter from the cold.
  11. New update! There's been quite some time since we updated here ... which is mostly due to the fact that we are quite busy during this period of time. But even if we are busy, we still find time to invest in our game! It's been over 1 whole year since we created this thread! Having this in mind, we will be generous with our update today! Now time to reveal the names of the pokemon! The big one in the back is called "Possessigrand" and the one that looks like it is its preevolution is called possessino. You can imagine what these two do! Moving on we have this brown thing. Its name is Terrany. Weather its name comes from the word terra or a mighty tyrano, it's your guess! The bird in the middle is called "Papaya". Of course its name is based on a bird called parrot. It is just that this bird loves to eat and especially enjoys eating a specific exotic fruit. Now last but not least, we have the pokemon called "Leone". These are 2 different forms of this pokemon! It's name is based on a lion! I hope this update makes up for the lack of content this past month! Expect a new update during the holidays with a bunch of ice types!
  12. Hehehe I am glad I fooled you to believe this is a grass type This means I achieved my goal! Since this will be an event pokemon I am thinking of not revealing that much information about it sooo I guess you will eventually learn more about this one in game (whenever that is )
  13. Hey as I promised here we are with the update! This one will be an event pokemon because it is supposed to be really good in game (and I hope it will indeed be). Here we go! Meet Larvago! of course this is only the first stage of the really good pokemon I am talking about. Any sort of feedback is much appreciated!
  14. This post just motivated me out of nowhere! Thank you very much! Expect a fakemon update tomorrow!
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