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  1. So I reverted my game to the scene where you meet Melanie, and redid everything up to the start of Chapter 13, but the bug is still there. Erin and Melia aren't at the bottom of route 9 or in the library. What do I do now? I don't have any earlier backups, so I'm not sure what to do.
  2. Hi. I'm currently on chapter 13, in the Rose Theatre. After beating Souta, instead of meeting Erin and Melia in route 9, I took the train to Grand Dream Stadium and did the tournament up to just before the final battle with Adam. Now I can't trigger any of the cutscenes in route 9, the library, or the desert. Could this be fixed so I can do the chapter 13 content? Thanks. Game.rxdata
  3. So at the start of chapter 13, after you beat Souta and receive the books from the Puppet Master, I think you're supposed to head down route 9 and trigger a cutscene with Erin and Melia. Then you go to the library with them and meet Reina/Kanon/Huey, and go to the desert together. In my playthrough, I think I took the train to the tournament instead and did most of it, up to the final battle. Now I can't go back and trigger any of the cutscenes in route 9, the library, or the desert. Is there any way for me to do the chapter 13 stuff still?
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