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  1. I looked through all of GlitchxCity's videos but couldn't find these two. Does anyone know the source for them? Thanks Battle - Final Endeavor Mood - Revelation Battle-Final-Endeavor.mp3 Mood-Revelation.mp3
  2. Wish Ren, Keta, and Piano Lady were higher, but I'm glad Aelita got 1st!
  3. Based on Pokedex entries: Umbreon Crest: While low HP or under a status effect, badly poison every other Pokemon on the field (including partner pokemon). Espeon Crest: While under the sun, power up Psychic-type moves and allow them to deal super-effective damage to Dark-type Pokemon. Flygon Crest: While in a sandstorm, Dragon, Ground, and Bug-type moves are powered up and never miss. Eevee Crest: If the field effect changes while Eevee is on the field, Eevee transforms into an evolution that matches the new field. Eevee changes back when it faints or switches out (like
  4. So I'm playing through it right now and just wanted to add my thoughts. Gameplay wise it's one of the best fangames I've played, up there with Insurgence. There are so many new features added that it's hard not to appreciate the game. There's fusion, actual boss battles (with huge HP bars and no status effects), collectible trading cards that buff your team, new types, levels over 100, and more. But like you said, I think the main weakness of the game is in the writing. I'll try to be light on spoilers here. TL;DR I'd give it a 7/10. 9/10 if you ignore the story. Exc
  5. Hi. I'm currently on chapter 13, in the Rose Theatre. After beating Souta, instead of meeting Erin and Melia in route 9, I took the train to Grand Dream Stadium and did the tournament up to just before the final battle with Adam. Now I can't trigger any of the cutscenes in route 9, the library, or the desert. Could this be fixed so I can do the chapter 13 content? Thanks. Game.rxdata
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