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  1. When I say "the reveal", I'm talking about how it's fully revealed to the characters themselves, and how the whole situation that plays out. Build-up plays a big part in that- it's boring to have a reveal that doesn't make sense at all because of too little build-up, like with Nyx as the true main antagonist or Reukra as the champion. Or Palpatine in Rise Of Skywalker (His best scene was when he said "Everything", the rest of the movie was a massive let-down) For me, pokemon fangames are often held up entirely by their stories. Sure, you can have interesting gimmicks and nice grap
  2. So y'all might have seen that a long time ago I made a review of Pokemon Empyrean. People seemed to like it, and I played through Insurgence again recently, so I thought I'd review it too. To start off, I wanna say that I don't dislike this game. It's fun, decently challenging, and feels pretty fresh compared to some other games. The game has a very strong start with a well set-up premise: you are an amnesiac being prepared for sacrifice by a Darkrai-worshipping cult, but you end up being saved by Mew and a mysterious benefactor. You then make your way to Telnor town and make friends with
  3. Toxicroak: Attack buffed by 1.25x and all moves that make contact with the target inflict poison. Goomy: Sets HP to 1500, doubles special defense, increases defense by 75%, lowers attack, special attack, and speed by 40%. Bisharp: When HP falls below 10%, attack is raised by 200%. When hit by any physical attack, enemy will take 15% of the damage dealt to it. Centiskorch: Opponents switching in will be burned. If hit by a flying type move, will faint immediately. Arceus: All stats set to 1, but immune to all non damaging moves and non normal-type moves. Damage dealt to it m
  4. These all look gorgeous Jan! Remember, don't force yourself to work too hard on this, we all understand how difficult it is and you don't have to worry about us
  5. Couldn't think of anything except this song when I read the title lmao But honestly all this art is so friccin gorgeous, thank you so much for all the hard work Zumi!!!!!!
  6. Hey all, I decided to make a review of this game because there's just a lot I wanna say about it. Hope you enjoy! Recently I tried to play through the fan game Pokemon Empyrean. Tried being the operative word here. The game itself was fine, I enjoyed it and all, I got quite far into it, but I couldn't bring myself to finish it. And that is a major problem. But I suppose I should start from the beginning. Empyrean follows the story of a child who's father works for a kind of international agency, and you set out on a quest after finding out that daddio got kidnapped
  7. Who doesn't have a crush on her? I may now also have a crush on Cassandra, so there's that
  8. Cassandra has a heavy Asami Sato vibe and I friccin love it uwu
  9. I dunno if anyone's mentioned it but Empyrean is pretty dope from what I've seen so far. I've beaten the 4th leader so far, and although the difficulty certainly isn't as fulfilling as Reborn or Rejuvenation, it makes up for it with the really interesting mechanics and really cool fakemon, which are very few and far between. There's also quite a few alternate forms for existing mons, which all look awesome and add a new flavour to the gameplay. The story is alright I guess, some characters are a bit forgettable but that's kinda to be expected given that there's quite a few of them. Those
  10. All of this looks heccin gorgeous!!!! I'm so friccin proud of y'all, you're doing an amazing job!!!!!
  11. I had a dream last night that the first page said that the game is releasing in one day. Unfortunately, twas just a dream : ( But either way, I know you guys need to take your time with this and I know it'll be worth the wait when you're done!
  12. I just thought of a question for the devs: What feature are you guys most excited to implement into the game? Is it finished already or are you guys still building it?
  13. I just wanna say, this whole project is just truly amazing. I've been playing the game since v8 or v9, and it's been a wonderful experience the whole time I've been playing. The game is wonderfully made, and the story is just so rich and well crafted, I've never had this good of an experience in a pokemon game! I hope the best for you and the team Jan, and I know that when this is all over, it's gonna be so worth it!!
  14. You can get some starters later on in the game
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