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  1. Toxicroak: Attack buffed by 1.25x and all moves that make contact with the target inflict poison. Goomy: Sets HP to 1500, doubles special defense, increases defense by 75%, lowers attack, special attack, and speed by 40%. Bisharp: When HP falls below 10%, attack is raised by 200%. When hit by any physical attack, enemy will take 15% of the damage dealt to it. Centiskorch: Opponents switching in will be burned. If hit by a flying type move, will faint immediately. Arceus: All stats set to 1, but immune to all non damaging moves and non normal-type moves. Damage dealt to it must exceed 10 in order to KO it.
  2. These all look gorgeous Jan! Remember, don't force yourself to work too hard on this, we all understand how difficult it is and you don't have to worry about us
  3. Couldn't think of anything except this song when I read the title lmao But honestly all this art is so friccin gorgeous, thank you so much for all the hard work Zumi!!!!!!
  4. Hey all, I decided to make a review of this game because there's just a lot I wanna say about it. Hope you enjoy! Recently I tried to play through the fan game Pokemon Empyrean. Tried being the operative word here. The game itself was fine, I enjoyed it and all, I got quite far into it, but I couldn't bring myself to finish it. And that is a major problem. But I suppose I should start from the beginning. Empyrean follows the story of a child who's father works for a kind of international agency, and you set out on a quest after finding out that daddio got kidnapped. Simple enough premise, right? Well, you eventually run into some kind of berserk mutant pokemon, which leads you to believe that there's some bigger scheme, and that you gotta find the truth and save the day. But it's not that interesting. The mutant pokemon aren't really explained that well. In fact, all I can remember is that they were the product of some psycho lady trying to achieve pokemon fusion, and this is just used to sorta explain away this whole plot point. Think that's weird? Oh boy, it's gonna get weirder! You later learn from some guy from the future that Bill, the scientist from Kanto, joined a cult worshipping some all powerful alien race from the future, and he turns some kid into a some kinda god-like creature from this alien race by fusing him with his kirlia. Why, you may ask??? Again, it was because he wanted to "unlock the power of Pokemon Fusion". See, this whole idea isn't usually the kind of out-there concept that you'd imagine to be a bad one. However, my problem with it is that all this pokemon fusion and alien worship stuff is just weirdness thrown in for the sake of weirdness. THAT IS THE WORST KIND OF WEIRDNESS YOU CAN HAVE. But hold on, it gets a bit stranger. For some reason, there are 2 new types in the game: Light and Data. This wouldn't be so bad if a) Fairy is essentially the type the made to represent light, and b) data type was something that wasn't restricted to like 10 pokemon. It's just not good execution. I'm not gonna be a whiney ass for the whole review though, so now I'll take about some positives. Firstly, the rivals are great. Blitz is a riot to mess with, and although he is just an archetype, his dialogue makes him really fun to interact with. Unfortunately, I can't quite say the same about the second rival, given that she's really not that memorable. I do remember that she had a really nice arc, and that her character development was fun to see, up until she was suddenly some angry biker lady, which was just sorta out of the blue, but it was funny nonetheless. Secondly, the fakemon/alternate forms. Christ they did these well. About 99% of the fakemon and alternate forms are dope as fricc; the Wiseraph line is awesome, and I feel like it really is the best example of what you can do with a fakemon line. It does, however, feel like they created the light type just for this line, but we're not gonna talk about that. I really loved seeing some of the alternate forms of really underrated pokemon, such as the Tailow and Zubat lines, which are really well designed and feel like they're quite balanced. Finally, the card and generation points system. If there was one word I could use to describe this system, it would be dope. Using this system, we get to see what kinda whack ass overpowered shit we can pull off. I remember a member of the discord showed me their 5 gen point platinum carded platinum Sylveon(?), and it had over 1000 in every stat. This is, obviously, extremely op, and getting this kinda stuff is quite difficult. However, it is definitely worth it in the postgame, or so I've been told. So, to conclude. Empyrean is a really fun game, with unique and well balanced mechanics that give really good flavour to the game. However, the overall experience is brought down massively by the lackluster story and some strange design choices. Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you all enjoyed
  5. Who doesn't have a crush on her? I may now also have a crush on Cassandra, so there's that
  6. Cassandra has a heavy Asami Sato vibe and I friccin love it uwu
  7. I dunno if anyone's mentioned it but Empyrean is pretty dope from what I've seen so far. I've beaten the 4th leader so far, and although the difficulty certainly isn't as fulfilling as Reborn or Rejuvenation, it makes up for it with the really interesting mechanics and really cool fakemon, which are very few and far between. There's also quite a few alternate forms for existing mons, which all look awesome and add a new flavour to the gameplay. The story is alright I guess, some characters are a bit forgettable but that's kinda to be expected given that there's quite a few of them. Those that aren't forgettable are really fun and exciting, and I do love every one of them. Although I haven't finished it, I will rate it 7.8/10 on the Hella Dope Scale.
  8. Ya Gorl

    Minor Progress Update

    All of this looks heccin gorgeous!!!! I'm so friccin proud of y'all, you're doing an amazing job!!!!!
  9. Honestly the entire experience of going back to Reborn after playing something like Insurgence was kinda surreal for me, because I haven't really seen the kind of world-building like there is in Reborn anywhere else, and the best part is that Rejuvenation is genuinely just as good as Reborn in so many ways! They aren't really carbon copies of each other, to be fair, I feel that Rejuvenation does get a bit weird in places with the Garufa and the weird surfer people, but that's a discussion for another day lol. If I had to name any one thing I'd want to see for characters like Serra, it would be optional sidequests where you can explore their development separately to the story. For example, with Julia, we could have a quest through the Peridot ward just going ham on criminals, since that's just the kind of thing you get from Julia. Or, with Serra, we could help her follow up on a lead on where Bennet has gone, since we know she was worried about him, and if I remember correctly she started looking for him. Something like this would give a bit more depth and use for characters that don't really appear much after their first introduction. EV training isn't massively difficult in this game like it is in the mainline games, but it is still extremely tedious when you're trying to get mons that give a specific type of ev and all you get are the ones that don't. Rejuvenation did address this by having the ev rooms, and by locking them behind cards unlocked with AP, which stopped people from getting everything given to them. And don't get me started on levelling! The trainers that you can fight in Reborn Grand Hall are always just a bit too strong for proper level training, and they end up not being particularly great for it since you'll end up losing to them a few times at least. I found that at the end of the game the best way was to fight the Roulette Clown at Agate Circus, since he doesn't have much of a chance of beating your mons and taking all your money. Titania was just hell. That's all I can say about her. That's it. She was annoying, overly tedious, and sucked hours of my life away from me with all the level training I had to do to get my mons close enough to the level limit, and when it was over I felt like beating her wasn't even worth it because she's still an ass to you after that. Even still, before she started talking I was happy about winning.
  10. So, recently I finished the latest episode of Pokemon Reborn, and as I finished it, I could only think one thing. "Wow." This game... It's so much. It's filled to the brim with rich and diverse interactions, and fun, lovable characters all throughout the story. I'll list the ones I can think of off the top of my head, in no particular order: Julia, Cain, Victoria, Florinia, Shade, Charlotte, DJ Arclight, Luna, Aster and Eclipse, the Aqua/Magma Gang members, the Opal Ward trainers, ZEL, and many, many more. You see, this game has something that the official games don't seem to have anymore: character development. You can see it everywhere, be it from barely noticeable characters, such as the Opal Ward trainers, to Aster and Eclipse, with each receiving levels of development that you wouldn't expect. There are just so many small details that really show that Ame has put so much work into the story that this game follows, and has paid an immense amount of attention to even the smallest area. A great example of this is Reborn City itself. Once you've completed the Agate Circus arc, in which you face off against Samson, Terra, Ciel, Blake, Fern, Solaris (and optionally Taka), you can return to Reborn City to find that it's been completely revamped thanks to Adrienn's leadership and xeir community efforts. In this new version of the city, you can find numerous hidden details; the gang you joined before has disbanded and started properly helping people, trainers at Onyx Academy have new lines that give praise to your actions against Team Meteor, many areas have completely changed, and numerous NPCs have new dialogue that speak of the changes that have occurred. But you may be asking, "Why is any of this important?" This level of attention to detail isn't something you see very often in games these days; AAA publishers rarely bother to include anything that gives the game any exploration value, which massively holds them back. However, thanks to the much smaller team and the much larger scope of the game, Ame has managed to keep her vision in the product, which has allowed for an overall much more satisfying product. Now, I'm not just gonna tell you all about why I love the game, because I could go on for hours doing that. There are obviously some glaring issues in the game which I feel need to be talked about. Firstly, I feel that some characters are somewhat left out for large portions of the game. For example, Serra is only given a very minor role, despite being heavily related to one of the main villains. She does get a grand return towards the end of Episode 18, though it is somewhat minor compared to the attention other characters receive after their arc is over. You can see this contrasted with Hardy, a minor character who was introduced early and then returned as a highly important member of the story. You could argue that she's going to receive more attention in Episode 19, though you could also argue this for many things. Another character that receives this treatment is Julia; initially appearing as an ally in the fight against Team Meteor, Julia doesn't seem to have much relevance after the first half-hour or so of gameplay, even with her return during the attack on Titania and Amaria's house. This problem just seems to be an issue with characters that don't have much use to the story, by which I mean some characters just have wasted potential. Secondly, difficult spikes. Boss fights always have one thing in common: "Oh you thought this would be an alright fight? Huh, little piss boy? No, you don't get to have nice things. Fuck you, RNG is going to ruin your chances of winning." I cannot tell you how many times I was completely fucked over by the field giving the enemy a random boost. It often feels artificially difficult, in that it forces you to rely on a chance that you can do certain things. Another way this happens is with the PULSE pokemon, which are often just a bit more than what you can handle at the time. I found myself grinding levels for hours in this game, just so that I could try a new strategy, as your first idea is almost always not going to work. The best example of this is PULSE Swalot, which is fought on the toxic water field. If you want to defeat it, you need to remove the toxic water, which means you have to use a specific move such as whirlpool, and then you have to try to break through its immense defense and special defense, which is even more difficult when it re-poisons the water, and by the end of it the fight just feels more like a slog than an enjoyable experience. I want to stress though, this style of battles does give victory a far more satisfying feeling to it; The only time I have ever really felt satisfaction as good as this is when I beat Cynthia in Platinum. So to conclude, I want to say that whilst excellent, Pokemon Reborn is not a game for those that are looking for a casual gaming experience, and does not show mercy. However, I still highly recommend it to anyone that I can, and I hope you reading this will to.
  11. I had a dream last night that the first page said that the game is releasing in one day. Unfortunately, twas just a dream : ( But either way, I know you guys need to take your time with this and I know it'll be worth the wait when you're done!
  12. I just thought of a question for the devs: What feature are you guys most excited to implement into the game? Is it finished already or are you guys still building it?
  13. I just wanna say, this whole project is just truly amazing. I've been playing the game since v8 or v9, and it's been a wonderful experience the whole time I've been playing. The game is wonderfully made, and the story is just so rich and well crafted, I've never had this good of an experience in a pokemon game! I hope the best for you and the team Jan, and I know that when this is all over, it's gonna be so worth it!!
  14. You can get some starters later on in the game
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