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  1. Your efforts have paid off, trainers! Thanks to the 100 reactions reached, Prof Oak was able to progress efficiently in his research, and a new creature has been discovered! Daifetch'd, the Farfetch'd evolution, enters the Forêt Éternelle's dex. Narök (@mathias_loughlin) Aerun Forêt Éternelle
  2. Hey trainers! We're proud to release the first fully live recorded song by Kunning Fox for Forêt Éternelle! https://soundcloud.com/foreteternelle/capturing-a-wild-beast-foret-eternelle Make sure to follow & support him: Follow KunningFox This is a revised version of the Wild! Battle Theme that Kunning Fox wrote for the game. Special thanks for the incredible performance to the following artists: Strings (Violins, Violas, Celli): Elizabeth Lister - Twitter Brass (Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns): Will Allen Jr. - Youtube Woodwi
  3. EPIC! This is the new design for our main legendary Pokémon: Draphorius! Let's put a lot of ! 🖌 Mélio 🖥 Aerun Forêt Éternelle
  4. Silver will be on Forêt Éternelle, trainer! Are you ready to face him? 🖌 TheFearFear 🖥 Aerun Forêt Éternelle
  5. Hey Pokéfans! We're proud to reveal to you the Forêt Éternelle Kanto region's World Map you'll use in the first demo! Hope you'll enjoy it! 🖥 Jayzon & Aerun Forêt Éternelle
  6. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hello trainer and welcome on the Forêt Éternelle (FR) fangame! A 2D Pokémon game created by fans... for fans. Play now The game is still in development. You can follow us on social medias to know when the game will be released. Please make sure to check that page too. Technologies Game Engine: LiteRGSS (Ruby 2.5.0) Default screen size: 1280x720 Sound: FMOD Map Editor: Tiled Event Editor: RPG Maker XP Database Editor: RubyHost Main characters Thanks to Zerudez for being so kind to let us use his works. Pokémon starte
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