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  1. I recommend that you evolve Litten to Torracat, Lycanroc-Dusk is also very good because of Thrash and Rock Tomb. Train your Mr.Mime up to level 30 and use it as a defensive support
  2. You can only get Torchic as a starter Pokémon.
  3. Go to Akuwa town, there you can fix the key if you have 2 light clay and 1 hard stone
  4. Heal Block, Leech Seed and Will-O-Wisp are very useful and make this battle less stressful.
  5. Flygon Crest: Immunity ice moves and 1.5 speed increase, but takes 4x dragon and fairy damage. Noctowl: Stab to Pyschic and Ghost type moves. Floatzel Crest: Increases speed when hit by electrical attacks Decidueye: Grass and ghost moves have +1 priority, however flying and dark moves have -1 priority Escavalier: Swap special defense for speed. Leavanny: Decreases opponent's speed when hitting a bug attack Sunflora: Duplica a velocidade e evasão ao sol Milotic: Doubles the speed in the rain and recovers 1/16 of the hp at the end of each turn Golduck: Psychic-type moves gain Sta
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