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  1. Ah dang well that sucks well, good to know anyways. Thanks might try reborn at some point then
  2. I see a lot of people asking to trade or battle each other on the forum, but when I look up when it’s unlocked in rejuvenation, there’s nothing relevant. Sometimes I see people saying since it was made with rpgmaker they can’t have the servers for it
  3. thats a good idea since i only have badge 4 ill try it out, thanks!
  4. ok, where can i get one? also when can i unlock the move relearner?
  5. bulbapedia cant find any mention of altaria learning it naturally
  6. So i just evolved my Swablu into an Altaria, and of course its kicking ass already. However I want to make it even more buff with dragon dance for obvious reason. But when I looked online, Altaria learns dragon dance through a tm and i couldnt find any mention of a dragon dance tm online. thought id check here
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