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  1. MemeCrest Suggestion for ya: Floatzel Crest. Makes Razor Wind a one turn, 100bp water type move. Makes the user's special attack equal to the user's attack. Makes Razor Wind display as "Weaselslash".
  2. ChikiChar


    Madame X gets a Yveltal Crest that buffs the power of Razor Wind and makes it summon a Floatzel ally lol
  3. ChikiChar


    Imagine you enter a wild battle with one Floatzel and end up running down the valley, being chased by an overwhelming sea of Buizels that keeps growing exponentially.
  4. ChikiChar


    Doesn't Buizel, the weasel pokemon, learn Razor Wind? That means you could infinitely generate weasels. Buizel uses Razor Wind, summoning Weasels (Buizels?) which also apparently can use Razor Wind, summoning further Weasels.
  5. Wigglytuff Crest- Doubles the holder's attack stat, but the holder cannot faint a target unless the target has directly damaged the holder. After all, why faint a potential Friend? Meowstic Crest- If held by Male Meowstic, Prankster moves receive +2 priority instead of +1, and work on Dark Types. If held by a Female Meowstic, uses holder's speed stat in Special Attack damage calculations. Lycanroc Crest- If held by Midnight, the holder becomes part dark type and their normal type moves become dark type moves. If held by Midday, the holder becomes part ground type, with the same bonuses. If h
  6. My save's kinda weird rn. Game (whateven).rxdata
  7. Can you do an overworld sprite for Mark, from fire emblem? Sort of like these sprites, but for the walk/run animation. I don't mind the other ones. Thank you
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