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Found 18 results

  1. So there has been a growing abundance of people creating threads to ask how to progress the story within their save files. This thread should be relatively straightforward, say the last notable event that occurred within your game, and the community will get back to you with an answer. (I also encourage you guys to not spam A(Z) all the time and skip the dialog ) PS, Screenshots are very much appreciated.
  2. Version -1 | Where Love Lies I decided this needed its own post because the original thread is already filled with main game posts, and mixing the two would make it SUPER hectic. So for neatness sake, and for better manageability, this thread exists. I already spoke about it in the original post, but this short game covers the story of Keta and how he met Taelia. I worked really hard on this project and I think it came out really well. It's not required to understand the main game and it is a completely separate thing. Just a little extra for all of you! Details: 4 Chapter short story that contains two endings. The regular ending, and the true ending All Pokemon are not obtainable. Catching Pokemon will not be a thing in this side episode. Instead, the means of getting new members is done through a new mechanic. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Mega Mediafire Patch 1 (Main download already has Patch 1 installed.) Mega How to install a patch: Go nuts. V10 patch 1 will be out tomorrow.
  3. I am playing Rejuvenation v11,just got off the train.I am not sure what I am supposed to do but I think I am supposed to find Flora and florin.I have literally searched every twice still havent come across them.Since getting off the train there was only one cutscene where the gang and krystal is talked about the tracks.After that I havent met anybody except that girl near the waterfall in darchlight woods with zygarde cell who disappeared.Please help if its a bug.
  4. does anyone know where you can find a water stone
  5. Sorry - but I'm in Agate Circus now, and I have positively no idea where one might go to heal their pokemon? I'd like to be able to train up my Dragalge but that's hard if I can't heal.
  6. Femble


    So i saw in old threads that between episodes the big forest park was changed in obsidia and on one of the threads it said you could catch it in the wild... Ive encounted 2 shiny bonslys, 1 shiny bellsprout, and 1 shiny oddish trying to find this thing, been looking for a long while and 0 encounters, can someone tell me either the new location or confirm that its in obsidia park on a non event type thing for me?
  7. I'm currently trying to find a Drilbur so it can replace my Dugtrio seeing as it has a superior moveset and respectable bulk. The problem is I can't find it. The location guide says Tanzan Mountain Depths but I can't find it there anywhere. I've been searching in the area where you find the giant Steelix and in the dark area where you land after being teleported by PULSE Abra but still nothing. Is it just a stroke of bad luck because the encounter rate is so low or am I in the wrong area ? I would appreciate it if someone could enlighten me and maybe show me the area where Drilbur is located.
  8. Let me explain a little bit. I've not played Pokémon Reborn in a while because I got stuck on Charlotte, so I've not been doing too well at keeping up with the game's updates. What I DO know is that Riolu has now been put into the game (if the guide of available Pokémon isn't lying to me lol) and that I'm 3 episodes behind, soon to be 4. My first question is where can I find Riolu? It was previously a trade at Kiki's Gym (that's her name if I remember correctly, don't shoot me!) that was replaced by Darumaka. Did it once again become the trade there, or is it in a later episode? If it's a later episode, I would only like to know the name of the town/route that he is on. I don't want any spoilers please. My second question is can I delete EVs? I mean, I know there's an item or two (I believe they were berries) back in the area of Reborn City with the Grass-type Gym and the arcade, but after a certain point in the story, it's impossible to go back there, and I didn't EV train my team before that point. Because of this, I'm really struggling to defeat Charlotte, and that's ultimately what made me put the game down and has made me hesitant to pick it back up. I'm curious if a new way to delete them at my current location has been implemented, or if it's possible to go back and delete EVs again at the game's current point in the story. Again, I don't want any spoilers, but if it is possible to go back and delete them again past where I'm at then at least tell me that please. I'm sorry if I'm coming across as demanding or I wrote too much. I'm looking for pretty specific answers (as I may have made obvious by this point) so I felt it was necessary. I appreciate any help in regards to these questions. Thank you!
  9. InvalidCode


    Is there some sort of event where i can get a squritle? If so, can i get some detail about it.
  10. Where is the first ability capsule you can get located in?
  11. I already got the Odd Key but where exactly is that house to use this item on? I checked both Route 3 and Goldenleaf and none of the houses are locked cept the one place where u got flamed for Narcissa's in Goldenleaf town and the houses on Route 3 are locked and cant enter them.
  12. Where do i get the moon stone in pokemon rejuvenation
  13. Can you guys tell me your team and where your at with the storyline and where you caught the pokemon thanks also if it's a successful team
  14. InvalidCode


    How do i get numel?
  15. InvalidCode

    Light Clay

    Where do you find the light clay?
  16. I went to the Onyx Trainer School and went to the computer, but it said it now needs a chip, when it didn't before. Where do I find that chip?
  17. So i've been looking around for it, but where and what conditions can you find it?
  18. Im looking for tm 44 annyone knows where to find it? Greetz
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