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Found 3 results

  1. Version -1 | Where Love Lies I decided this needed its own post because the original thread is already filled with main game posts, and mixing the two would make it SUPER hectic. So for neatness sake, and for better manageability, this thread exists. I already spoke about it in the original post, but this short game covers the story of Keta and how he met Taelia. I worked really hard on this project and I think it came out really well. It's not required to understand the main game and it is a completely separate thing. Just a little extra for all of you! Details: 4 Chapter short story that contains two endings. The regular ending, and the true ending All Pokemon are not obtainable. Catching Pokemon will not be a thing in this side episode. Instead, the means of getting new members is done through a new mechanic. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Mega Mediafire Patch 1 (Main download already has Patch 1 installed.) Mega How to install a patch: Go nuts. V10 patch 1 will be out tomorrow.
  2. Ahem! Hello laddies and gentlemen who don't miss me. So most of you are probably aware of the fact that I have a run of Rejuv going on in the forums already and well...I feel it's kind of grown a little stale due to the low comment count...I'm just messing with you guys. I know I'm not going to have too many people wanting to listen to me especially in the Blacksteeple section (especially because I'm not actually funny there at this point) but that actually takes a lot out of you due to a lot of issues. I'm not canceling the run so no worries on that. I'm a firm believer of seeing things through and try to as long as I can. I actually considered just summing up my thoughts on this side project but I'm actually impressed with this so I'm doing kind of a mini run. I kind of had two options when doing this: The first was to simply make a new post to separate it out from the first one. The second was to make some intermission chapters. I'm not going to sugar coat that I made a separate thread to attract more readers. Another big thing is that I feel that there's not a really good place to really see rather or not you might like this or check it out. I also really do feel this little adventure deserves some showcase and despite not being at V10's areas, I don't really care to be spoiled a little bit because I need it. So let's get started: Episode I: I Kenneth Say What's Happening First I want to say that 80% of my complaints about Rejuv are gone here. Even if you aren't a fan and really dislike Rejuvenation, I really recommend at least trying this as it's different in a good way and it's pretty short...unless your me who can take 5 hours on a 1 hour segment. And yes, I will be screencapping everything. Fun fact: The screencap total for chapter 1 of this segment is half of Blacksteeple's and I didn't cut anything out of that. So don't expect a really long playthrough. Also, I'll link this to my run in the first page so no worries about it being completely lost. (Well this is a good test of my memory) It's been 6 years since I last played FRLG and if I remember right, there actually wasn't a beach on four island but just stairs leading to a pier. It's very similar but a tad bit different with some touch-ups and I must say it does look kind of nice. I know those rocks weren't part of the FRLG tilesets but I remember being able to walk along the beach on most islands so I'm guessing it was the same in the original. Let's see how well my memory is: I actually knew which Island this was but I didn't quite remember it exactly. I must say you can really tell the quality differences and how far we've really come since the Gen III days. I guess there was a beach. The islands are the hardest things for me to remember in FRLG since I usually just skim that section. (Why is my Lucario shiny?) This is a me thing, but I kind of hate Shiny Pokemon. I really don't think they show be showcased or even scripted in but that's just me. It's just the Shiny Gyarados syndrome where it's really cool idea then you realize it doesn't mean much since it's available to everyone. (This kid is 8 years old and already a playah...I hope it's the kid) (Nope...it's the fat guy...creepo. Thankfully we have a cop right within the group...or future cop) Can I have these guys instead for my inmates? They seem more interesting and not slam my head into the desk from the torture. No? Okay. (I'm pretty sure that was the guy I always pinned the blame on. I gotta rep to keep with my long hair flapping in the wind with my youth to show) (Ladies and gentlemen for the first time in over 3 years, a playable protagonist in Rejuv actually talked) (........I like him already) (I just did though) (Now I understand why this guy wanted to leave in the first place) (Is this one of those I'm traveling to become champion cliche Pokemon stories?) (And my father is disappointed in me just like in real life) (Okay Nino incarnate) Not sure if I made the joke or not but if I call Kenneth ponytailed youth, it has to do with Xenogears which relates to this comic: I tend to make jokes and references to old games and reference them a lot. Most of them will probably go over your head, but for the ones that don't, I salute you. Speaking of that game and any of you people reading this who have played it, I really recommend trying Xenogears or Mother 3 out because they are written in a similar style with the humor similar to chapter 1 (Xenogears pretty much is just this but better) and really a great game...as long as you don't take religion all that serious or get offended by it. Kind of funny how so little people have tried that game yet love the stories and style of this and Reborn. Did I mention I get off topic more than anyone else on Reborn? (Oh good I have to spend a whole game with I Pokemon I absolutely love) Most of my hatred stems from Lucario replacing Mewtwo in Smash and the fact that the one time I tried it out when I was a wee lad, it sucked and I really didn't like it so it became an HM slave. I don't hate it as much now, but I don't particularly care for it either. I'm more of a defensive player who'd actually rather have a Pokemon who can take a few more hits in exchange for a little bit weaker offensives. I cut out the Luca's from Lucario in case something seems off in the dialogue. Btw since I can't rename the Lucario, I'm just going to refer to her as Gelica. It's a female Lucario and honestly kind of looks like Gelica. (It was at this moment Kenneth knew he effed up) (Kenneth, run to the ship buddy before it's too late) (Hey she has a unique sprite as well. That probably means she's a recurring character) (This one might need some explanation but we'll save that in a minute) (......I would like to test this notion) (And anyone who played Rejuv knows that's probably not true...then again, that's kind of true for a lot of people) I'm not sure on the average of people who keep ties to their families but I think it's actually going up. That's a long mess of a discussion so we're not going to get too into it. I hope he at least called or sent letters once in a while. (Biggest lie most protagonist make) (That's too hard of a name to remember so we'll just call him Dean...or Dega. I like Dega better) (I'm not sure what language mijo is for. It might be Spanish as if I remember right hijo is brother so I think it means son. Someone feel free to correct my likely horribly wrong assumption.) (...Why do I have a feeling he's in for a spanking?) (If I see that one more time, his name will be changed to Kenino) (Is that a sarcastic "enough already" good-bye or a "I'm gonna miss you" good-bye? It's so hard to tell) (FREE STUFF! That's the best. Grandpa is the best character confirmed) (5 poke it's a playlopunny magazine collection) (Aww, she's so sad) Oh boy, what a lot to digest for a 2 minute sequence. First thing I missed which is such a nice detail is that the mother had tears in her eyes before covering her face. I'm not going to say this is a masterpiece, but this right here is exactly how to do a scene correctly and why I hate silent protagonists. This scene could've worked with a silent protag, but it wouldn't have been as effective and hold less substance. Now let's talk about the mother and why it's the best part about this. We aren't told why he didn't tell his mother but we understand why. It's either because he was afraid she'd convince him to stay or that it'd break her heart which I'm going more on the later judging by the last pic. These are 2 dimensional characters as well, but they actually felt more alive then the main cast of Rejuvenation because we're not being drowned with explanations and just let the scene play itself out. Very little was explained but we still have a very good idea despite it not being said. Oh this is one small little criticism which is honestly very, very minor. There's events where scenes will play out where the top and bottom of the screen have black lines signifying a scene taking place. Sometimes it's there and sometimes it isn't or disappears after movement is done. I'd actually prefer if all scenes kept the black lines as it gives it that clip scene feel. I'm not sure if this is a change in the V10 version. And as for the menu, I'm not a big fan of the change. I preferred the simple design as it's way easier to customize, but it's not that big of an issue to me. I'm also experiencing a weird BGM glitch where the tracks become very staticy and out of sync in the overworld. It could be my new windows 10 computer or my "antivirus" system causing that issue. No idea if anyone else experienced this yet or not. (I've spent most of my life working as a detective...wait, wrong game) I kind of would have liked to see no ... and his full name. Not a big issue but just tastes. (Who are totally not into each other or something) (One of which is an ass. I won't say which though) (And now I must tell you my dark and edgy backstory like any good protagonist would) (He was the perfect dad like any protagonist's dad who isn't evil is) (Because I want to be awesome just like my totally way too perfect dad) (And that was back when I thought heads were designed to smash through walls. Ah, those were the good times) (Like beating up children for their money, enslaving a fox man thing to obey my every command, and wear sunglasses because have you seen the sun in Sevii. Also 'cause sunglasses are cool) (Basically, I did everything my older brother was too lazy to do as no chore was worth a woman's wrath) (Even though I'm being controlled and voice by the coolest, most talented trainer in the world....Morgan Freeman) (Which we will represent by using the Sinnoh Mt Cornet backdrop with a different color scheme...no wait we're not doing that. This is original and creative content) (Mostly because my grandpa wouldn't shut up about it) (He also believe he served in their military fighting off some weird black guys who could fly. He has...issues. And besides, who'd be dumb enough to believe people can fly. Next you'll tell me people have teleportation powers) (Because edgy protagonists can only have dark and depressing dreams. One time, I dream where this creepy red haired scientist had a crush on me. Even crazier is that I had an Afro. Ponytailed life is the only life for me) (Because dark edgy protagonists get triggered like that. Something about foreshadowing or whatever. Look, I'm just trying to be cool.) (What is this? Persona 3?) (Men can cry, okay. And I'm not crying...thinking about this. Leave me alone. Mommy, I need you to tell the judging people to leave me alone) (That's probably because he's salty I whoop his butt in video games. I got that hand-eye coordination) (It's all because life's meaningless and then we die. And the fact that my Lucario dies to wild Delibirds in that cave) (Because being an adult makes you mature...even though I feel no difference other than a sudden fear of becoming fat) (I could've said 14 years, but a decade sounds more edgy) (Mr. Blakeory sounds like a wonderful man who has a wonderful daughter who I'm sure some foreign guy who lived in Reborn will have a wonderful time with in the future) (And this totally didn't sound like a shady business plan that'd probably trick people into becoming slaves because that's never happened in history before) (And it totally doesn't sound cliche or something like an obvious evil villain plan...nope it looks legit) (But it doesn't matter since it's for a good cause) (Mostly because it was something other than Professor Oak's voice. You aren't my dad so you can't tell me I can't use something) (I also basically was in the same position as a broke college kid so...it was a win-win situation) (Also because I got denied from Kanto University. Something about not being a competent battler. Those Kantians suck) (I also took a moment of pause to sound more dramatic despite everyone knowing what I was about to say) (Suddenly, my heart is lifted due to all the darkness being lifted. It feels as though I may be destined for a great time here) (Though I'll only help if there's a reward for compensation. Can't do heroic deeds for free? I gotta eat, sleep, and buy potions) (This excitement is crushing the dark essence that is my soul) (Gelica is looking straight into my soul and sees...nothing.) (So rough that it made a night in prison look like a beach episode) (I'm a broke "not college" kid. My stuff consists of ramen noodles and a book Edgar Allen Poe wrote) (I said in a timid voice, but in reality I was trying not to laugh at the squeaky voice of the captain) (And before I stepped off, I remembered I forgot my grandpa's magazines) (They were much too important to be forgotten so I began searching for them) But first let's take a look at Gelica (You know, this shiny sprite has grown on me...) And for those who don't know this is the character I named her after: Now all we need is a motorcycle and they could be best buds. (And...this looks a little too familiar) (Way too familiar) I'm not sure if Jan got the idea from me or not, but I actually did make scripts to silently add Pokemon in and showed how to define all the attributes. I'm not sure if gender is locked, but I believe everything else is. The tabs need a little bit of updating, but it's no biggie tbh. And since this probably will be a guide to some people I'll just give you a run down of Lucario. Lucario is a mixed glass cannon. It has great stats, great typing, great speed with its only downside being its flimsy. At these low levels you won't be able to tell though. It's basically your only Pokemon for chapter 1 as well. As for move recommendations, I recommend keeping its base set until Swords Dance in which you can replace Detect with. Power-up Punch is a good move, but Lucario is a wee bit too frail to make good use of it and Poison Jab Detect can stall damage. (One of these things is different from everything else) I decided to kick up the challenge a little bit in which I'll restrict myself to set mode with no items. I know people in my normal run probably are a bit upset since I don't really showcase much or interesting strats all the time, but here we're going to make things interesting. I'm not really that good at Pokemon, but I'm pretty knowledgeable with standard RPG tricks so this shall be fun. (Dammit let me finish talking and explain this stuff) Okay we'll get out magazines now. (Maybe the captain's name is Kenneth as well) (I'm starting to think this is me being personified into a game...though he lacks the innuendos) (Mom, the people are still judging me) (Note where the egg went) So if you're like me, you probably thought you could walk around to hatch the egg...well no. It's a key item so it doesn't work that way. (Which means a Ditto somewhere got very lucky on that day) (Whatever happened to that Red fellow thinking on that topic) (So it's a pokemon that's in Kanto that can only be found on that island...hmmm...I know what it is) It's... (Finally we're about to see something interesting) And to that I respond with... (Yep, we're ending it here) Normally, I don't make episodes this short but this is a good stopping point and I got a bunch of stuff to do so...I'd rather get this out now. See you guys sometime next week...hopefully. And don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe
  3. I'm trying to do the Mega Ring quest. I bought most of the Pokemon in 7th Street and DJ Archlight appeared. I'm supposed to meet him at the Grand Hall but he is not showing up. Am I missing something or is this a bug?
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