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  1. I'll give it some thought, for now I am just gonna watch Anime and take a break from Pokemon.
  2. LotA: I want to know if it has a good story like Reborn or Rejuvenation or something decent first. I don't wanna waste my time with boring characters. Desolation: I know it's VERY sad but I can't beat the 1st leader so I gave.
  3. First of all. I'm finished with pokemon reborn E17 and I've already played Rejuvenation Insurgence and Mega Adventure. If you remember my other posts, ya already know what i'm asking, also I tried Pokemon Uranium but my computer can't load it that well. Suggestions? If none then I will first watch all of Clannad then finally play Cave Story, maybe a little Danganronpa while I'm at it.
  4. Alright, I need some help. I'd play Pokemon Reborn to fill up my time but since I had to start over (DAMN YOU CORRUPTIONS I WAS IN THE ORPHANAGE) I don't really have the motivation to play through that all again since I saw it so many times. Any ideas? I'm thinking of replaying Rejuvenation or Insurgence but I wanna hear from you guys (and gals) first. PS: I had no idea where to put this topic.
  5. Aight I got a HUGE problem. I tried Re-installing Pokemon Reborn re-installed the fonts TWICE yet nuffin' worked. Basically I uninstalled the Fonts to see if that'd trigger the music,BIG mistake. Re-installed em' and it didn't work. The problem this causes is that whenever I go into the Pokemon Menu it doesn't show their HP and Level. In battles it doesn't show the HP Level OR the names of the moves. For example a Moonblast would just be 2 pink on the side and white in the middle. With NO move name. PLEASE help. (P.S great job on the new into)

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    2. Damien


      Already used up my trial in march.

    3. Amethyst


      My only thought is that the fonts must not have reinstalled properly or something-- have you restarted once installing them? did you double click or copy/paste to control panel? whatever the answer, try the other way just in case. if you go to the options menu can you choose a different font that works? (granted seeing theoptions menu is difficult but you can reach it from loading screen and just try scrolling left/right on each option row to see if anythign changes)
      I don't really have a definite answer for you as certainly reinstalling the fonts should work so it might just take some playing around with it. 

    4. Damien


      Welp,i'll just have to try it. If it works then hooray I can play Pokemon again!

  6. Damien

    E17 Redone Intro

    So from what I understand,the rest of them die from the bomb. And Ame SAVES us by LITERALLY jumping out of the window,shouldn't we be a bit injured?
  7. Aight how the hell do I get pass the puzzle in Berro City Gym?! I EXPLORED EVERYWHERE.
  8. Ok,I waited for ABOUT a week and a half for someone to help me,its not with my SAVE FILE its where I can get Rock Smash,that's the only I can progress the story,trust me I want to progress so I am playing Insurgence while I wait. Oh and JUST a question: Can I beat the "Trainer School" with just Delta Charmeleon (adamant) and Beedrill? Feel free to answer either question and I am RUNNING OUT OF PATIENCE PLEASE HELP.
  9. I bought the gift for Chan.watched the Cutscene,saw the arguement,then it told me to find her at Corsol Cave but I don't have Rock Smash
  10. Thanks for the help,but I got past that I only need help in finding her in corsol cave.I forgot her name its been awhile.
  11. Chan simply points the direction to the PC and the Healer Machine
  12. I unlocked the secret cave,caught the Lapras,(defeated the Rapidash for EXP) I heard the sad story. And I LEGIT looked EVERYWHERE. Yet nuffin' happens.
  13. Ok if I get a warning JUST KNOW I don't give a SINGLE FUCK so here's the topic: I LEGIT can't get out of Fling Cove,I am ETERNALLY stuck,help?
  14. Hey,my file is frozen can ya help me,I have a shiny Blaziken and a shiny Delphox that I do NOT want to lose! P-L-E-A-S-E help me. Here's my file. Game.rxdata
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