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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  2. Oh my gosh, it's perfect! Thank you a thousand times over, these two are my favorite Pokemon~ ^u^ I know the feeling, I confidently didn't know what I was doing all through Math class Senior Year lol But your work turned out amazing~! I can even picture that little discussion and them actually trying to make the snow cones XD So cute ahhhhhhhhhh *fangirling noises continue*
  3. @Xanthous Hi there~ ^u^ Could I request an Alolan Vulpix and a Feraligatr getting along/being friends? Whether that's just hanging out or battling together, I'll leave it up to you. I just saw that requests were closed-- sorry!

    I'M ALIVE and man has it been awhile! Time to get right back into grinding pokemon for Titania's gym battle Orz

    1. Zarc


      welcome back ! 

    2. Pokemon Researcher Kat
  5. So far so good, everything checks out. Thanks for the help, I was honestly kind of freaking out a little ^_^' I feel a little silly now-- but no harm done.
  6. I had a mod fix my save file once already for the Skuntank event and the apartment/building in Coral Ward, but something must have happened because now when I try opening the game my save file isn't there (as in the only thing showing up is the New Game option instead of where I last saved, just clarifying). It worked once the very first time I got it back, that was it. After that I tried to get it to work for hours, not exaggerating, but to no avail. Any guidance at all would be much appreciated (because it could also be just me and my computer illiteracy), but I don't know how to fix it. Sor
  7. I can't get Skuntank to join me even though I have Corey's ring. I know, I'm a bit late. The only other thing I can think of is the apartment/building that's locked in the Coral Ward. Not sure how to open it, or where to find the key to do so. Someone said to check Rock Smashable parts of the wall in the Railnet and the Subrailnet and I did, but I got a second Corrupted Poke Ball instead. Do I need to go somewhere/do something else to find it or is this an actual game problem? Game.rxdata
  8. I finished my restart of Reborn just in time for E16 to finish up. THank you impeccable timing~ ^u^

  9. Soooooo. . .I recently (-ish) managed to figure out that a few years ago (when my mother bought a new computer for the house) my mom managed to buy the worst new computer possible. Almost everyone that bought it had to get it replaced because no matter how many times it was fixed, something would break/stop working properly again. I would be fine with replacing the computer when I have the money-- it's just that my Pokemon Reborn save file (along with some other fangames) is on it and I d...

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    2. Commander


      Believe me, it's possible to get stuff off an old hard drive. A pain but possible. I had to recover so many things off my old one (and am still working on it). But playing Reborn a second time isn't as bad.

    3. Ice Cream Sand Witch

      Ice Cream Sand Witch

      I keep copies of all my game files on my flash drive just in case something happens to my laptop.

    4. Pokemon Researcher Kat

      Pokemon Researcher Kat

      If I had thought that through completely, I would have dug up my flash drive and done the same. I'll have to keep that in mind for when I find it later (just finished redoing my room).

  10. I just started Pokemon Desolation last night and I have to say- I love this game! I have a top three fan-made Pokemon games now ^u^

    1. Hect


      I started playing Pokémon Insurgence a few days ago.. on hard mode. I don't think that was a good idea, really.

    2. Pokemon Researcher Kat

      Pokemon Researcher Kat

      Considering I had issues with it on it's default setting-- probably not. But hey, I have done worse trust me XD

  11. I would easily trade in some rain if it will make the snow go away. I mean, it's April, Spring, the time where snow and winter coats are replaced with beautiful meadows and sundresses. Why is it snowing? ;^;

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    2. Pokemon Researcher Kat

      Pokemon Researcher Kat

      I just came back in from outside and the sun is out-- but it's still snowing XD

    3. Raindrop Valkyrie

      Raindrop Valkyrie

      It's the woooooorst. Also I'd jsut take the rain cause if everyday it could rian and the world not get flooded... I'd take that in heartbeat. I Love rain more than your average person though XD>

    4. Pokemon Researcher Kat

      Pokemon Researcher Kat

      I actually adore the rain, until it's freezing cold and I'm walking in it XD If it was rainy all year long, I don't think it would bother me too much until I wanted to go swimming~

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