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  1. aight gimme a sec
  2. i am summoned? oh sure i can breed you one EDIT: as before egg is ready, steps should be 1 or close to it, lemme know ya online name for battles/trades so i know who to expect and whom will send the request and who will wait for the request
  3. it wont take long to hatch so have fun with it
  4. im good, send anything and can trade now, my name is Lord Drakyle you gonna wait or will i? (as in who is sending the request)
  5. i can provide one in an egg if ya like
  6. that explains a lot, anyway happy to have helped ya out
  7. Well after fumbling about getting used to the controls you have assigned to each key as they are far different to mine i managed to start checking for the problem, a switch was off but it's on now and the event is running as intended, the save file leaves you in the house, just exit, walk to your right and the policeman will approach like normal Game.rxdata
  8. Hmm this looks like it could be a more mature Bennett or whatever the bug kid's name was with the obsession for Luna (i forgot)
  9. i can try look at the file and see if i can figure out whats bugging it out @Mykaeru
  10. it honestly dont matter where they are, knowing natures helps still, thats why i asked details like moves and such, because it lets us understand what he can do and best consider how to help him adapt his team if needed to overcome the obstacle, it's late but try consider why someone asks something instead of judging the value of it
  11. This tells us near enough nothing, we dont know their abilties except Greninja, we dont know their natures, their moves, if they are ev trained or not, held items if any or their levels
  12. ohhhh this is gonna be good when we get it
  13. sorry do you still need it evolved?
  14. im confused, are you asking for it evo'd?
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