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  1. Basically the title, using the trade function you can trade all your useable pokemon for eggs and as a result, you have a team that is not useable for battles which is you were to enter a situation where a battle should occur, this would likely cause issues though it's unlikely someone would forget their party has no battleable pokemon better to make it so people can't do something stupid rather than making it so they wont.
  2. @AmethystGreat to see you posting, hope you are feeling much better or at least doing better.
  3. hello im kinda new to the forums sooo yeah but may i have a Drilbur? the only way to get them is either from the mystery egg or after u get surf and i dont think i can wait that long


  4. Happy Birthday Drakyle, i hope you will have fun 😉🍰

  5. That is why i said 'if nowhere else' as in to say if a miracle carries them that far.
  6. If nowhere else, it will be the Glass Gauntlet that awakens the nuzlocke dreamer from their dream of doing a full nuzlocke of Reborn blind.
  7. sorry could you be more clear on where exactly these places are like for some of them the city name or roughly which way you go from to find your way to them?
  8. hey, are you online? 😄

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    2. Irides


      Thats really awesome...  :3 I wish I could do something for you in return 

    3. Lord Drakyle

      Lord Drakyle

      @Iridesdont worry about it, ill PM you when the Amaura is ready (ill likely just buy rare candies to level it up, got money to burn anyway.

    4. Irides


      Thank you ^__^ 

  9. @Starry Knightperhaps would be a good idea to respond to trade forms in a private message (you can delete the private message once the trade and details are done), to reduce the clutter in here or something?
  10. i swear she looks kinda like a design you would see in Fallout or something.
  11. If you must know this 'hooligan' drinks Unholy Tea with two teaspoons of crushed hope and dreams. I'm undecided if i would involve myself in these 'revels' that you lesser beings engage in.
  12. You will wanna talk to your friends from the gang you are in, they can point you in the direction of someone wearing a white robe who was seen in 7th Street, follow their clues and eventually you will see who they saw.
  13. jokes on you ame, i'll just have tofu with you! Post Game will never happen so we can all have our own head canons and never have it disputed. @Amethyst ok no more pings i swear
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