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  1. You can't breed Poipole but simply registering it in your dex will let you skip all the 731 pokemon needed to get your own one. All the rewards are given to you immediately but the NPC does feel a little down.
  2. if ya just trying to protect the save file, it might be easier to upload the save to here or put it on a USB
  3. you can shortcut the mission by borrowing a poipole to get it's data, it makes the quest play out different but also may make you feel bad for the disappointed NPC, still ya get all the rewards and your own Poipole from her so.
  4. you vent lava my rock smashing the pillars on the floor below it as it lowers the lava a floor down
  5. unfortunate that it didnt seem to work, hopefully it's the last time you see this issue
  6. i also would recommend creating copies of your backups and keeping them somewhere like on a USB or cloud so they are seperate from the save folder and less likely to experience the same corruption if it ever reoccurs
  7. thats rather unfortunate, from what i understand of these types of errors, they normally result from something in the code being wrong so it isnt sure what to make of it, but thats normally a programming error so when it occurs on normally perfectly fine files you get this. i dunno if you was playing with mods or debug at all and modified anything but corruption is a risk modded or not, dunno why it happens, you may need to start over, however thats the final resort option, first would be test absolutely every backup to see if it ends somewhere, also have you changed anything about the game since before this started? added a mod, messed with debug or had someone do anything like that? you might also try re-downloading reborn and seeing if the game is the problem and not the saves though unlikely to resolve it
  8. end of file and incompatible marshal file i usually see on corrupted save files, have you tried loading an older save or many as the current one may be corrupted causing these errors
  9. you need to interact with those coloured cylinders, make them all the same colour on the ground floor to reveal a secret room
  10. During the story you will need them, dont worry when the time comes that you need to use them it will be made painfully clear to you.
  11. no i mean if you are asking what you need to do i just told you
  12. did you not get a file repaired at all? cant you redownload from that point?
  13. well ya might like pokemon who can use Sonic Boom and Tri Attack because Sonic boom's damage becomes 140HP and Tri Attack not only has it's effect chance doubled but has boosted power in the field
  14. no no it's not about being in their original position, it's just that until you turn them at least once, they aren't considered facing any direction so if you wanted one of the upper ones to look Down/South, you would have to turn them 4 times
  15. i doubt that was the problem, until the meloetta statues are turned they aren't considered to be looking anywhere so if one of the 4 was by default facing the attempted direction, the game wouldnt acknowledge it
  16. each statue needs to look at a different one so for example NW is looking at NE, NE is looking at SE, SE is looking at SW and SW is looking at NW
  17. it took you that long to notice? XD Anyhow glad i could help ya out
  18. there's a very good chance that file is corrupt and unreadable to it
  19. there is 3 slots for your saves to be when playing rejuv, the 'active' one will be the one it shows on load up and the other two can be considered 'dormant', while your backups are just previous places you saved at. to set your saves to various slots it's all in the name: Game.rxdata (the .rxdata is just the normal extension of it, the file name would just be Game) would be your Save File in Slot 1 Game_2.rxdata would be Save File in Slot 2 Game_3.rxdata as above you can switch between these 3 set files freely by choosing 'other save files' when rejuv is loaded up and showing your current team and stuff. renaming a backup to any of those 3 names would make it in those slots
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