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  1. I'm no sure if you've found it but you pay the people at the counter, it's a group of three if I remeber and you need to talk to the center one.
  2. The forest next to Jasper, it's toward the ned of the forest. Did we need it for something important? Cause I sold mine for 2k........
  3. Hey, Shattered here. There's an announcement I have to make that most of you probably already guessed by now. I should've made this announcement a few months back but I was fairly uncertain about my decision and stuff came up. Now I am certain about my choice and willing to say it. I have discontinued my work on Pokemon Revelation. I'm sorry for everybody who has enjoyed the game and looked forward to ep 3. I'm truly sorry about this. As for why the main reason is simply the scope of the project is far beyond me. This project was originally supposed to be comparable to Reborn and Rejuvenation when I first began. I planned this to be a two year project and complete around roughly 16 episodes. But, I fell short of that goal only having two episodes done when i should have four done. I tried to cut down the amount of episodes I had to do but it was still too many and working on the game quickly became a haunting chore. In the end I started to really despise working on the game thinking about all the work I had to do and with my entrance into college I decided it was best to cut my losses and discontinue my work. That being said I really don't want this to be the end of making a pokemon fangame for me. I do have a smaller project in the works, a five-ish episode game that should circumvent the problems I had while making Revelation including the reason for my burnout. However, to be frank it's still something I'm not certain I want to do and mostly juts a plan right now. if it ever makes it to ep 2 i'll post it on the Reborn Forums. Again I'm sorry for this and I'll get a mod to to change the title. Thank you all for playing the game and again I'm sorry.......
  4. Hi! Been trying to get back into Reborn and saw you made a fan game. Played through ep 1.6 and anyway here are my thoughts! The sprite work is fantastic! I can clearly see the effort you put in sprites like Portal grunts and gym leaders. So kudos for that! The mapping is fairly...... To put it kindly I can't say much nice about it..... Like it was to the point where I expected graphical glitches to be the norm. There quite a few counter tiles where the npcs will clip right through and a few tiles that that interact fairly weirdly. For an example in the Western Waterway there's a patch of Tall Grass that isn't coded as tall grass and the player has transparency over. , Also it wasn't uncommon for me to find the edge of the map, there were at least three instances where you could walk up and see the black edge of the map:/ Outside of the graphical glitches some parts of the map felt needlessly spacious particularly the interior ones. Like the rap house in the last city, you could've really cut down on empty space and condensed the room. Regarding gameplay, the game is fairly easy. The only time I struggled was versus that trainer with the rotom fridge in the forest but besides that I haven't had much trouble. My pokemon are constantly over leveled and kind of just run through everything. Anyway here were some thoughts I had while going through your game. Overall, enjoyed it and think the game has potential but really think you should go back redo the mapping for some levels.
  5. Probably one month, I just finished finals so i can finally get back to work. I've got a lot of stuff to do but I've decided to cut a lot of it so I can get it out in time. But.... I've also got a lot of bugs to clean up so...... I'd still say roughly end of this month-ish.
  6. Dammit.... it's spaghetti code..... I'll test it tomorrow and try to find a solution but I'm not good with this kind of stuff so it might take awhile.....
  7. I tried, but after that I tried dueling there Yasou and well fed Yasou> fed Olaf and we lost the game.
  8. You get a quadra kill as Olaf and when finally catch that friggin Yasou who's eing through your minions and you reckless swing is just about to connect to finish him off YOUR LULU SUPPORT DECIDES TO AA AND STEALS THE KILL! I was so salty after that T_T.......
  9. I'll probably have 2.5 at the end of this month. It's a patch that is supposed to fix all the bugs I can find, redo most of the current VS and in game sprites, as well as open up Cascadia Port.
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