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  1. Hi! Been trying to get back into Reborn and saw you made a fan game. Played through ep 1.6 and anyway here are my thoughts! The sprite work is fantastic! I can clearly see the effort you put in sprites like Portal grunts and gym leaders. So kudos for that! The mapping is fairly...... To put it kindly I can't say much nice about it..... Like it was to the point where I expected graphical glitches to be the norm. There quite a few counter tiles where the npcs will clip right through and a few tiles that that interact fairly weirdly. For an example in the Western Waterway there's a patch of Tall Grass that isn't coded as tall grass and the player has transparency over. , Also it wasn't uncommon for me to find the edge of the map, there were at least three instances where you could walk up and see the black edge of the map:/ Outside of the graphical glitches some parts of the map felt needlessly spacious particularly the interior ones. Like the rap house in the last city, you could've really cut down on empty space and condensed the room. Regarding gameplay, the game is fairly easy. The only time I struggled was versus that trainer with the rotom fridge in the forest but besides that I haven't had much trouble. My pokemon are constantly over leveled and kind of just run through everything. Anyway here were some thoughts I had while going through your game. Overall, enjoyed it and think the game has potential but really think you should go back redo the mapping for some levels.
  2. Ep 2.3 of Pokemon Revelation has been released!

    1. mde2001
    2. Ojama Yellow

      Ojama Yellow


      I have yet to try it out though, maybe today

  3. My first shiny was a shiny tentacool in Emerald. Which I killed with a crit low kick from machop....... My second one was a shiny aipom in the safari zone. I had to throw a gold pokeblox to make it stay but i caught it:) My first shiny I actually hunted for was shiny abra. I went to the reward shop in the firered casino, set my A to R and spammed R for an entire week. Eventually I got a shiny Abra named AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
  4. Serene grace with coil roost headbutt glare says hi. But as for my worst I would say castform. The poor thing has so much potential but sadly never gets exploited. Its whole gimick is to change type based on the weather but by doing so it has to sacrifice moveslots for weather moves which limits its movepool. If you try and focus on one weather than why don't you just use a pokemon of that type? You don't have to sacrifice a slot for weather and chances are your pokemon has better base stats or at least a better movepool. Pokemon like mothim and sunflora at least they have a gimmick that can work even though others do it better(quiver danve and sun sweeper). Castform's gimmick is literally broken by the nature of the game.
  5. Yeah the changed treed look really nice, might start adding that to my own maps. Oh and the transparency is there because I'm still working on both maps.
  6. Because its actually a trade for a lombre:/ Just beat Connor with a monograss team + a meowth
  7. Btw quick question do you mind if I reference your game in my own? I've got a port area coming up in the future and I think it would be cool to have exotic objects from other regions being traded there like your overpriced pint of paint for an instamce:P
  8. Kk personally I'm trying to use spirtes/tilesets that only I made though most of them look pretty bad:/ Idk I just feel weird taking some one else work. When I was playing through rejuvenation I kind of got obsessed with grass types. When I got to the bug gym my team was half grass and I had plans to add more. I figured if the majority of my team is going to be grass I might as well do a grass monorun onn the next fangame I played. I really hope I'm not going to regreat this....
  9. So I thought it would be a good idea to do a grass mono run in this game XD Connor please have mercy. Anyway so far the game looks pretty nice:D Though I find it a bit unoriginal that a large part of your sprites seem to be taken from rejuvenation......But what you did make yourself looks pretty good.
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