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  1. POG bluetowel you're the best. my only constructive criticism is: is it at all possible to make the lighting in the Vanhanen "mirror world" easier to see? the shader on the map kinda makes it hard to make out details IMO. Hope everything with the meds n the recovery n whatnot is going well. <3
  2. Good Lord. You ever just look back at your profile after not checking it for 5+ years? Yea. Yeesh. 

  3. Hey Bluetowel (or anyone) can i get some help with the bad eevee event? The only part of the quest I have encountered is I only came across the Vanhanen puzzle because i was scrolling through the maps in the debug menu and found it and now I really want to try and solve it, but I have no idea how to continue or even start the quest. Also I don't need a full explanation if one already exists, if there is a guide or hints i could read, i would gladly do the research myself.
  4. Hey Bluetowel, what is the name of the variable i am changing to "fix" the Dreepy event, and what should I change it to? When i break the red crystal wall and the event starts, i get locked in and don't have any way to open the debug menu.
  5. Thanks for the relatively quick response bluetowel, Luckily I can just debug in a scorbunny and Dreepy for myself since the events are kinda broken, so it's not a massive issue. But I appreciate the thoughtfulness nonetheless. But I will still try debugging my way through the Dreepy event. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. I have the exact same problem. walk in, event starts, get stuck. If anyone knows a solution to this, i would be pleased to hear it.
  7. Hey Bluetowel I could go on and on about the praise for this game but i'll cut right to the chase. Scorbunny in the desert poke spot, doesn't run in a circuit, he just goes to the top of the map, and i can't see him unless I go to the out-of-bounds line and i can barely see his sprite but he's not moving at all. even if i go in the cave at the top and back out, he does the exact same thing, just runs from the top of the rock to outside the map bounds. I doubt this is intended. Any hints for a fix? TBH i just used debug mode to give myself one
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  9. Guess who's baaaaaack 

  10. AHHHHH WAYNOLT tyvm you're awesome dude. Now if only there were a way to teach Kyurem Ice Punch or Icicle Crash
  11. Hey Waynolt, is there any way to add Ultra Necrozma to the mod pack? I think the code for ultra necrozma is in place, just we don't have access to the items. If you could somehow add the merging items and the z-stones for necrozma that would be amazing. But no pressure. I understand you updated this solely for a convenience standpoint and not from a dev standpoint, so your current contribution is already fantastic.
  12. The fucking bagon event literally had me rofling. 

  13. damn, i'm like never on here and i've gotten over 42 thousand profile visits. I hope nobodies been looking for me....

  14. Greetings Modders (if this needs to be spoiler shielded or something please let me know, it's been a while since i've been on the forum.) I have 2 questions about this mod. But to preface this, in episode 17, i have gotten this sandbox mod, the follower pokemon mod, AND the modular mod pack to work together all on a single save file. and i am on a mac, so i packaged all of this into a wineskin and it still runs smoothly (with the occasional crash, but thats to be expected). 1. What is the main source of the mod file in this mod? is it an edited main data? iirc i thoug
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