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  1. Im pretty unsure since I haven't played for a long time but it really depends on your Vulpix's current level. As Ninetales can't learn any moves upon leveling up, besides Dazzling Gleam, wich is learned upon evolving. I guess Vulpix learns Ice Beam at lv 32, and learns Blizzard at lv 56. So I would evolve Vulpix after it has learned Ice Beam, as it's a game changing move. If you still want one I might help you out
  2. Im kinda surprised how often somebody loses its exp-share hereūüė¶¬†nearly every day I see about one or two posts about asking for a new one.

    So Imma be ya mom now and tell you all to watch your stuff and keep it together! Oh and don't forget to take your lunch with you while¬†leaving. I don't want you to get hungry out thereūüĎ©‚Äćūüć≥

    1. Lucas4362


      Thanks mom.

      ( You can't really blame them since they have to level up and evolve a Pokemon from scratch just to give it away to an NPC)

    2. mcpershing


      It's totally fine ^^ I'm glad this forum full of helpful people exist. I was just flashed by the amount of the cases 

  3. I wonder where to check my current relation points? I played two runs with over 200h each but I don't know where I could look them up And it's too long ago to remember all small details
  4. Hope it's ok and you welcome to ask for anything you need ^^
  5. Im ready. Name is mcpershing, you can request if you're ready
  6. You go to the menu and then to Pokégear. Afterwards you click on online, create an account and then you able to trade I start breeding rn now
  7. Try what fits your team better. It really depends on how you play but I wouldn't take a weak but fast slugma if I have a fast growlithe tho It's definetly not 'easy' enough to do whatever you want. But you don't need to look for the perfect team neither. It's good to own a balanced team from up to 8 or 9 Pokémon that contain most of the types or attacks to counter any gym leader. So if you like water Pokémon the most and do a full water run you will definetly struggle during your progress. It's still possible for sure but I would recommend you to took at least each important type or at leas
  8. I could breed you one if you reeeeeeally need it right now and can't wait because you can get one much later in the game anyway. I don't need anything at all
  9. Im thinking and thinking which Pokémon my HERO was (first playthrough)…. and I can't decide. Was it my sweeper Swoobat with Focus sash + endeavor & air Slash/psychic? Definetly in some battles like Solaris. Was it my shiny Golem tank with Sturdy + rockblast/earthquake? Definetly in Team battles with Swoobat or alone against fast and strong enemies. Was it my shniy magenzone with sturdy? definetly, exactly like yours But i think not.... it could also be my simisear (yea, really) which was just fast af and smashed so many enemies with acrobatics. It could also be my Swalot (toxic/ yawn,
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