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  1. ANA quest begins via the Missing Children help center quest in GDC. Zorrialyn Labyrinth can be explored without doing any other sidequests before it, but the bulk of it (with the spiciest rewards) comes with part 4 of the Hidden Library sidequest, which requires HL 1-3 as prerequisites.
  2. Some more specifics would be helpful, but I'm guessing you're referring to one of the Kristiline Town help quests? If you know where to look, talk to every NPC in those areas.
  3. Possibly, maybe I just had turned the music off when I played through the game last, or I just wasn't paying enough attention. Nevermind then
  4. Not a crash, but something weird I've noticed- the music will suddenly halve itself in tempo and drop an octave or too in some areas that I'm pretty sure it didn't when I was running it with Wine. Like Shelly's bedroom, Beryl graveyard, etc. Might just be an 18.3 change, and it gives off a pretty cool vibe for the graveyard in particular, but yeah, not sure if it's intended.
  5. Might not be the thread for this, but fn+arrow keys replaces pgup/pgdown functions for me for scrolling through maps while flying. Could be worth it to give that a shot, I'm playing on a macbook.
  6. My favorite line of the game award has gotta go to "Tell that to my boney Japanese ass!"
  7. For the parts of Nim's team that aren't Solrock/Lunatone, I'd suggest picking up a Simple Swoobat from the Gearen sewers if you're still stuck. Won't be able to touch the Solrock/Lunatone, but Calm Mind in psychic field with Simple takes you to +4/+4 in one turn, which is nuts. If you're worried about rock slide ohko'ing, you might be able to tempt some psywaves instead with your other mon being fighting or poison, which Swoobat resists. Swoobat is even more helpful for another fight against Nim later on, when you can teach it shadowball by TM and wipe her field one by one after a single calm mind.
  8. These are amazing! My favorite has gotta be Eli and Sharlene. Shannon particularly looks just like I imagined.
  9. Erick fights on a water surface field, right? Either that or a murky surface. So I think all ground moves are nullified to begin with, even like mud-slap and such. Yeah, best bet is probably to freeze the field over with blizzard first, then a second field-changing move so you can freely EQ spam. If you caught the shadow vanillite way back when, it gets blizzard by levelup. Also, give Cheri berries to as many team members as possible since Thunderpulse seems to have a 100% paralysis rate.
  10. Nah, definitely works, it's the "add item" option in the debug menu.
  11. I had issues finding the right thread too, maybe this will help someone: It's the v11 one, but it works fine for v12, as long as you make sure you save in a spot that didn't change between v11 and v12 before enabling it. Gearen lab is safe, for example, but I wouldn't try to do so anywhere around Zone Zero. And yeah, with great power comes great responsibility, yadda yadda. Resist the urge to plop a mega ring and some related stones into your bag, it'll make your playthroughs a lot less fun if you do.
  12. Madame X and Nastasia would agree with you, I'm fairly sure that's why he was recruited to Team Xen in the first place.
  13. I'm digging the Reina-is-Crescent theory. Crescent seems to be a pure psychic trainer- Gothitelle, "Dranna" the Mewtwo, and... and Reina's "ace" being Swoobat adds to that. Though Reina also having a Honchkrow and Rimbombee in the one time we fight her doesn't exactly support that. Or maybe Crescent is just gonna be one of the elite 8, given the monotype and how powerful she's made to be.
  14. I'm just holding out for the hope that v13 will finally be the update where Truckguy becomes a romance option Oh, and this a suuuuper minor thing, but also hoping for the field to be changed for some of the later-game audino trainers. Secret power putting you to sleep 30% (?) of the time can be quite tedious when you're trying to do a 1-85 grind.
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