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  1. A pretty accessible strategy is to bait out the z-move with a ghost or psychic type, and either toxic or curse with said ghost type turn 1, then stall out with protect/switch-outs. Trevenant is a great option due to getting all 3 of protect/leech seed/curse in its movepool. You will likely have to put a quick claw or focus sash on it though since you'll be getting outsped without it. Aside from that, misty terrain shuts down the ralts and kirlia, and if you don't have that, putting a chesto berry on everything helps too. Really just wait until the gardevoir goes down, then there's
  2. Probably the two hardest fights for me, across many playthroughs, have been Zetta + Geara on top of Valor Mt, and Narcissa's gym. The former is mainly just because the field complements their teams so well, when so far you've really only had to deal with fields that benefit a monotype gym leader in some way. When you can use one move to change a field and it completely cripples the leader's strategy, and have a reliable type resist on top of that, that tends to end whatever challenge has been designed. Zetta and Geara, however, actually have diverse teams that aren't completely ne
  3. Possibly, maybe I just had turned the music off when I played through the game last, or I just wasn't paying enough attention. Nevermind then
  4. Not a crash, but something weird I've noticed- the music will suddenly halve itself in tempo and drop an octave or too in some areas that I'm pretty sure it didn't when I was running it with Wine. Like Shelly's bedroom, Beryl graveyard, etc. Might just be an 18.3 change, and it gives off a pretty cool vibe for the graveyard in particular, but yeah, not sure if it's intended.
  5. Might not be the thread for this, but fn+arrow keys replaces pgup/pgdown functions for me for scrolling through maps while flying. Could be worth it to give that a shot, I'm playing on a macbook.
  6. My favorite line of the game award has gotta go to "Tell that to my boney Japanese ass!"
  7. These are amazing! My favorite has gotta be Eli and Sharlene. Shannon particularly looks just like I imagined.
  8. Madame X and Nastasia would agree with you, I'm fairly sure that's why he was recruited to Team Xen in the first place.
  9. I'm digging the Reina-is-Crescent theory. Crescent seems to be a pure psychic trainer- Gothitelle, "Dranna" the Mewtwo, and... and Reina's "ace" being Swoobat adds to that. Though Reina also having a Honchkrow and Rimbombee in the one time we fight her doesn't exactly support that. Or maybe Crescent is just gonna be one of the elite 8, given the monotype and how powerful she's made to be.
  10. I'm just holding out for the hope that v13 will finally be the update where Truckguy becomes a romance option Oh, and this a suuuuper minor thing, but also hoping for the field to be changed for some of the later-game audino trainers. Secret power putting you to sleep 30% (?) of the time can be quite tedious when you're trying to do a 1-85 grind.
  11. I can see Saki with a Duraludon if we get her gym in V13. Steel/dragon type maybe with some kind of field/seed nullifying ground-type attacks.
  12. Here I am having hatched 250 Larvesta eggs, in preparation for v13, with no shiny to speak of. But after seeing what shiny volc does look like... definitely just got re-motivated to keep at it.
  13. Doom Desire also isn't working for me- I think the game is re-randomizing it when it's supposed to deal damage. In-game message says "(pokemon name) took the Milk Drink attack!"
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