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  1. So I have been wondering, how do I work with these secret bladestar notes? I can't figure out what the solution is. If you know please tell me.
  2. So I'm doing the research quest but I'm missing 1 person in teila resort. So I got the one in the ranger teleport house, but where is the other person? I checked everywhere but I'm still missing them.
  3. Yes it's that quest and I need 1 more in tailor resort but can't find them. I found the one in the ranger teleport house. I don't know where the last one is and I looked everywhere I think.
  4. So I got the golden claws which are supposed to replace tm rock climb but it doesn't work. Yes I have the 7th badge which gave me tm rock climb as well. So am I crazy, is it not implemented yet or is it bugged?
  5. So I was doing the side quest in the help center and I'm stuck at the research quest. I know where to look but not what to look for. Any help is appreciated.
  6. When I change the way I look and choose skin 1 I always get the lagacy version and not the one it shows. I just wanna put this out here and want to know what you people think is going on.
  7. So the snag machine is bugged atm in my game and I want to know when it will be fixed, so I can prepare to catch more shadow pokemon. I'm also at akuwa town for if I missed it.
  8. So I have been using Spirit Shackle and it always says "the pokemon can't escape" but I had many times that they switched out. I had this happen with Narcissa's dusclops. Is this a bug or am I unaware of something?
  9. Strugs


    Wait I found it it was near the river on the right side where you had to fight that rainbow haired guy.
  10. Strugs


    Do I need surf/golden surfboard to get it?
  11. So I need the item finder, but that's in purify forest and I dont know how to get there and I feel kinda stupid.
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