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  1. You’ve reached the level cap, which stops your Pokemon from levelling up after reaching a certain level. The level cap rises after defeating a gym leader (most of the time), and your current level cap is displayed on your trainer card.
  2. I think your team is capable of defeating her. You should probably get someone with fake out, namely espurr / alolan meowth from the aqua gang hideout. Lead with it and growlithe. Use fake out on Shelly’s illumise to prevent it from setting up rain dance, and use flame burst on it to take it out. The rest of the fight should be a lot easier.
  3. It’s available at your manor. Once you unlock the shop for 10 credits, you can hire somebody who sells ev reducing berries.
  4. I think Pokemon Rejuvenation would fit your description, or even Pokemon Desolation. They’re both awesome fan games that are worth checking out!
  5. Does anyone know where I can get the heavy brass key so I can get trapinch?
  6. Are you in the Subseven Sanctum, by any chance? It causes silvally’s ability, RKS System’s type to become dark at all times.
  7. pvstelsouls

    Searching TM

    I’m pretty sure you’re unable to recover any items you didn’t get after the events of the glass workstation as of E18. You’ll have to wait till E19.
  8. i’m pretty sure you can interact with the door and the rose badge should react to it.
  9. You can breed for another roggenrola, that works too
  10. pvstelsouls

    ratls guys

    He appears after you receive your 13th badge
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