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  1. pvstelsouls

    Searching TM

    I’m pretty sure you’re unable to recover any items you didn’t get after the events of the glass workstation as of E18. You’ll have to wait till E19.
  2. i’m pretty sure you can interact with the door and the rose badge should react to it.
  3. You can breed for another roggenrola, that works too
  4. pvstelsouls

    ratls guys

    He appears after you receive your 13th badge
  5. I’m pretty sure that the mega z ring isn’t in pokemon rejuvenation at the moment, I do believe that we’re going to get one soon though, maybe in the next episode.
  6. That’s alright, I thought of her the same way when I first played the game too. You’ll get more of an insight on her as you progress through the story.
  7. I had a gible wondertraded to me just before I got to Charlotte and gachomp’s been a valuable asset to my team ever since. Outrage literally destroys opponents, especially coupled with choice band. Iron head also made it so that she could deal a great amount of damage against fairies, which was especially useful against Adrienn. Things just got even better once I had access to stomping tantrum, a reliable ground stab. There were some gym battles that I definitely wouldn’t have won without her, such as Titania.
  8. This was really interesting to read! I can’t wait to see your thoughts on everyone once you finish e18. (That is, if you plan on making another tier list)
  9. This is scaring me and fuelling my hype at the same time.
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