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  1. This was really interesting to read! I can’t wait to see your thoughts on everyone once you finish e18. (That is, if you plan on making another tier list)
  2. This is scaring me and fuelling my hype at the same time.
  3. Haven’t tried this for myself, but I think so, considering the ivs are 31 at max
  4. Not sure, but I recall Shade having a shiny mimikyu, Luna having a shiny weavile and mismagius, Adrienn having a shiny florges and Hardy having a shiny archeops.
  5. Just to clarify, you only get Julia as your partner during the battle with Solaris. Florinia is still your partner for the other two battles. Perhaps you misunderstood?
  6. Frosmoth. Quiver dance + ice scales is a great combo. It has an awesome design and typing too
  7. Nidoking's a good choice! It gets earth power which is a ground type move whose damage isn't reduced by her field. I suggest training a meowstic as well, as a psychic type helps out a lot in this gym!
  8. May I adopt that mienfoo? It looks awesome! (Plus, I'm in need of a fighting type for my team)
  9. There are a lot of ways to cheese this battle, such as -using prankster murkrow + perish song -using any pokemon with destiny bond, give it a focus sash / quick claw I'm pretty sure there are more ways, but these are the ones I can think of at the moment
  10. Definitely frosmoth. I'm gonna be using one with the ability ice scales too. It'll probably sweep teams with quiver dance.
  11. Gen 1 - Lapras Gen 2 - Espeon Gen 3 - Latias Gen 4 - Leafeon Gen 5 - Hydreigon Gen 6 - Aegislash Gen 7 - Primarina Gen 8 - Frosmoth
  12. I mostly use my murkrow with the ability prankster plus perish song for fights like these
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