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  1. My old PC broke and contained all of my saves and I wanted to make sure. Is it safe to download and start a new save now or should I wait until the next update releases in case of new early content?
  2. I encountered the same issue, wish I saw this before. Sadly that's way in the past and I probably don't have a save before that anymore. Hopefully there'll be a fix for it soon. Same with the Dragonite mail
  3. It does not appear so. Is there a common link with these disappearances? I didn't notice it until after I defeated the Elite 4, so I have no clue of what event could've caused it.
  4. Christmas Slowking seems to be a tad broke, their text shows up when I approach the door, but the interaction sprite doesn't appear. Love the game, by the way! It's the first one I've used a bug type from the beginning all the way up to the Elite 4 and beyond.
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