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  1. Is there any way you can put the v12 download link back up? I want to check out the v12 version
  2. Navigate into the file you downloaded and note the name of the script files in the data/mods folder for me Did they appear in the data/mods folder in your game folder?
  3. This would not be the correct spot. I would look for the post were you downloaded the mod or reach out to the dev of the mod Some notes that will help What version is the mod for? If this was a mod for v12 then you are probably not going to be able to use it. You might want to try completely re-downloading everything to see if that resolves the issue.
  4. Q is currently page up W is currently page down It should be possible to map these to pageup and down as well, but I am not all that interested in doing so.
  5. Whenever I change my lead Pokémon, the name used by the following Pokémon changes but the Pokémon itself doesn't. I tried switching between a leafeon and an umbreon for example. Changing maps doesn't fix this.
  6. Just note, turning the debug mode flag on does A LOT more than just adding the debug option to the menu and Pokémon, so be careful and make sure you know what you are getting into. It is useful when creating mods or other additions though.
  7. PLEASE REDOWNLOAD THE SPEEDUP MOD A bug, unrelated to my code strangely enough, caused newly caught wild pokemon to not appear in your box. Sorry for the inconvenience, Gym
  8. image.png.07a9e1820ee4e9c597435be2dc08bb60.png

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    2. stan and kyleh

      stan and kyleh

      I had installed the mod.image.png.fb6dcaea3a84ebb4a09cf61c79f57fd1.png

      But when I press the Debug button, I don‘t know which is the modification of Pokemon's IVs.


    3. EvGym


      Sorry for the late reply. There is a debug option on the Pokémon it'self.
      Menu - > pokemon -> click on the pokemon -> debug

    4. stan and kyleh

      stan and kyleh

      Thanks! I have solved the problem.

  9. Updated clock control. The back button now works. I am going to add versions to these in the future to make it easier to tell if you have the latest version. I plan on adding weather control to clock control.
  10. HELLO AND WELCOME TO GYM'S MOD EMPOREUM IF YOU USE MODS YOU MAY BREAK THE GAME (updated for version 13.0.5) Current Mods: Time Control Today is every day no registered speedups other mods: If you were using my AutoSpeedup Mod (it is in the mod pack), please redownload it. A bug caused new wild pokemon you caught to not appear in your box. - strangely enough, this wasn't caused by my code at all, and the same bug would occur if you copy and pasted the pokeBattle_Battle.rb file into your mods folder. Fellow modders beware! Make sure you are only including class, modules, and functions you are actually modifying. HOW TO INSTALL: 1. Extract the mod (auto speedup used as an example) 2. navigate inside the folder named after the mod 3. Drag and drop the "Data" folder into your "Rejuvination - v13" folder. 4. Double check that you now have a "Mods" folder in your data folder to ensure it is installed correctly 5. Restart your game (your computer if you are using a mac) 6. Enjoy! (that is an order!) Time Control This mod adds a new menu into your cyber nav that lets you set the time of day. I have not tested this with every cutscene so be careful. Default will set you back onto your normal clock. ClockControl.zip Today is Every Day Did you know there are certain events that require it to be a specific day of the week? What if it was always that day of the week? Well look no further! This has not been fully tested. It shouldn't break anything but you have been warned. TodayEveryday.zip No Registered Speedups When you press left alt, it speed ups the game and activates your f3 registered item. This mod stops the speed up part I can guarantee this won't cause any bugs in the game. In fact this mod may be removed later because it might get implemented, or it's reasoning otherwise made pointless. BoundKeySpeedup.zip MOD PACK! This installs all mods listed here and the battle speedup mod on my other page. THIS DOESN'T INCLUDE DEBUG. You will have to install that separately. I hope you enjoy! and more mods to come! I will make them as I have time to. Currently looking at a mod that allows you to skip all non shiny and non new wild encounters. You just can't put a price on convenience. GymsModPack.zip (updated due to having an incorrect file)
  11. Everything goes into the scripts file and they both live on separate files. They are 100% compatible. The only way a mod will be incompatible is if they replace the same scripts file. All .rb files go into the scripts folder.
  12. It will probably involve just replacing the sprites in your graphics folder
  13. It appears the PBS files are missing all the data on mega pokemon. That or I am looking at the wrong places for their stats and abilities but I can't find it anywhere
  14. Another idea comes to mind. Load a backup and re-go through the saki event. Tedious but it might fix it. They should be located in your saves folder
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