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  1. Thx for the report, I'm aware of this bug, it's pretty much the same as for the ability randomizer, I will come with a fix for both soon.
  2. Okay, I tested it again and yeah I thought I fixed it but it breaks and I hate it because I know how to fix it but It'll be so much more tricky to do
  3. It should be fixed now ! If somehow it still crashes your game, tell me. I added extra checks so it should be fixed now (note that once you generated randomized abilities you won't be able to do it again after saving (you could do it with debug mode and turn off a certain switch (1467) and go back to your pokemon summary again.)
  4. Thx for redownloading, I can see on your screenshot the precise line that causes the crash (You had a previous version and the error message showed wrongs lines.). I'll start to work on it when i'm free. Should be fixed now ! (Tell me if it's fixed as I often upload wrong files).
  5. Are you using the last version of the challenge pack ? I'm replaying the game with almost the same settings you're using but I didn't encounter this crash.
  6. Hey ! It should be fixed ! Also, after updating your game, when you'll go to your pokemon summary you'll have to wait 1-2 minutes (It'll just happen once, just to load every randomized abilities on all pokemons/forms).
  7. Yeah, I messed up while uploading, I re-uploaded it, can you try again and tell me if you still encounter this problem ?
  8. Hey ! It should be fixed now ! What are your settings ? Move randomizer should be working fine, as for abilities it should be fine as well. If possible show me a screenshot of your error message so I have a better insight of what's happening, ty!
  9. Nuzlocke only blocks pokemons from being healed by using the pokemon center, you can still use revive items (I can block them but It's not necessary imo and can be useful for those type of fight where you're not supposed to "win"). The nuzlocke ends when you blackout, and most of unwinnable battles don't trigger that blackout. (Your run still continue tho, it just disables nuzlocke afterward)
  10. You mean the pokemon's sprite doesn't change right ? I don't encounter this bug but you can refresh the sprite by pressing CTRL 2 times.
  11. That's pretty strange, I download a fresh 13.0.5 rejuvenation game, and then I installed the challenge pack and it works well, the game doesn't ask you if you want to do a challenge run right after you choose your difficulty (right after you've done the prologue or if you skipped it) ? Also, the pokemon randomizer has multiple options, you can randomize wild pokemon and trainer's team as well.
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