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  1. Randomizer, huh? Let me test this out... *Sees some random Meteor Grunt has a PULSE Swalot and I'm getting repetitive moves including extra Psychic moveslots. *Sees some Pokemon opponents not making a move Never mind I guess. Not really having fun.
  2. I don't think so... Discovered this randomly while I'm was testing Silvally's future potential. BTW the other Dewpider in Forlorned Cave as overworld encounters have these moves too.
  3. Umm... Apparently, the Dewpider encounter in Forlorned Cave thinks it's a Vulpix?
  4. "Dufaux health brought down from 1000 to 500. :c" No wonder my attacks seems to do nothing vs her. (Thank you Scolipede with Toxic. You saved my Intense Bug Life from getting wiped.)
  5. I'm thinking... it swaps both offenses and defenses? I fail to see how this can be an improvement for Infernape. Maybe it's meant a bulky support set? Like I'm thinking: Stealth Rock, Slack Off, Will-O-Wisp and I guess throw in a STAB move or U-Turn. I might make analyses for each crest and potential sets in the future.
  6. I think I broke the Spector Quest since I've forgot about it before leaving for GDC. Says its no longer time dependent and yet I can't find him anywhere.
  7. Ariados Crest make Ariados a bit faster and always crits the opponent if its poisoned apparently. (Basically it gains a hidden Merciless ability.) Though its still pretty slow (unless it's because I didn't max out the Speed stat?) and need Toxic Spikes and Sticky Web support to work properly.
  8. For Hail, I believe it gains Slush Rush. I test on a wild high level Oricirio and Castform outsped despite quiet nature and sandstorm? Doubt it has one because it doesn't have a sandstorm form.
  9. What a way to get trapped permanently. Never mind. Didn't know you can exit the labyrinth from this exit. Sorry for wasting tome posting this.
  10. The Pokeball Conundrum quest is unbeatable in this version because the key for the lock door is not in the room mentioned in the guide. Have to revert to V11.
  11. Not sure if this counts as major but after clearing the first part of the pyramid puzzle just before your fight with the defense mechanism, I have to reset positions due to my team not prepare for this and I suddenly started at the second part, skipping that fight entirely. Lol sequence break! (Of course, I didn't go that direction and just withdraw Volcarona and Heracross to beat the crap out of them. I go intense Bug Mono.)
  12. [Pokemon Rejuvenation V12] Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `>' for nil:NilClass PokeBattle_Battle:3960:in `pbOnActiveOne' PokeBattle_Battle:3030:in `pbRecallAndReplace' PokeBattle_Battle:2658:in `pbSwitch' PokeBattle_Battle:2616:in `each' PokeBattle_Battle:2616:in `pbSwitch' PokeBattle_Battle:6964:in `__clauses__pbEndOfRoundPhase' PokeBattle_Clauses:42:in `pbEndOfRoundPhase' PokeBattle_Battle:4698:in `pbStartBattleCore' PokeBattle_Battle:4697:in `logonerr' PokeBattle_Battle:4697:in `pbStartBattleCore' This "NoMethodError" popped up when Adam sends out his Gigalith and it got "injured" by the inverted! Stealth Rocks. And by that I mean his Gigalith didn't get injured by the Stealth Rocks.
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