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  1. Oh. It's just Celebrate? Well, okay. Expected more....
  2. I know there’s one for Celebrate after you get the last badge. But I’m curious if there’s more. I’ve saw videos and remembered seeing mons that aren’t Delphox or Mismagius have Mystical Fire.
  3. I was going to put it in the bug reporting thing, but I found out it's a problem with the EV Overflow mod itself after I applied that patch. Seems like using the Power Anklet overrides the other EVs. Bug or intended.
  4. Where's the Celebrate Tutor? And is this really the only new move tutor ? No tutor for maybe... Swift?
  5. Erm. Which way is the floor with Snoralium -Z? Ametrine Mountain is one huge place and I don’t know how to reach the lower floors besides B4 (floor with Dratini).
  6. Sorta unbalanced team, but I couldn't be bother to train any new Pokemon asides the ones I've used in EP. 18 (Though Mence was new) another member of keep grinding until all stats except the unwanted ones are 31 or perfect any movepools. I even forgot to finish on EV training Primarina... Silvally's mainly for a the laughs against PULSE Arceus, but Megamence finished the job because Arceus rolled Dragon Type on the switch-in. When in doubt, drop the Draco. And yes, I've actually the whole Elite 4 w/o using Items with a couple attempts and luck.
  7. O__O I'm not that patient. Well, at least Gyara helped me swept Blake at Victory Road after support. LOL./
  8. Item Guide says it's in the GlassStation Workshop's puzzle. But I've completed that puzzle already thus Espeon and Glaceon aren't available anymore and wonder if I can still get or am I really locked out...
  9. I've read about to get the info for PULSE Mr. Mime. I've already defeated it, so does that mean I miss it?
  10. So I flat out missed out on the Choice Scarf because my sav just finished EP 18. Therefore, I missed the Umbreon. Any other way to get the choice scarf?
  11. It's happening. Now where is my Reborn sav file I've completed up to EP. 18. *checks all thumbdrives and found out I deleted them while clearing out stuff by accident to save space in my computer. Same with Rejuvenation savs. DAmnit. Well, I've retired from the community anyway a long time ago. Ya'll have fun.
  12. Maybe? Until the future gens shows that Frostbite is here to stay alongside Freeze.
  13. Thanks for the info! WHen this gets released, I'm tempted on a Gen 8 only run, to get myself to grow on the other Galar mons. The only ones I'm able to tolerate are the Galarian Fossils and these will probably won't be availble until later.
  14. Oh sh*t Crest suggestions are still open and will close today and I failed to notice this. yesterday Here's mine: Golisopod: Instead of switching out, Emergency Exit doubles speed instead.
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