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  1. Hiya. I need to ask a question. How are you able to get G-Corsola in the pyramid? I loaded a save that beat v12 and returned to the pyramid and found nothing in there. Day and Night. Same with the Aquarium sidequest. Is my save broken?
  2. I've tested the Vespiquen crest. The gimmick of it focuses on Attack and Defend Order. Using Defend Order will lower both offenses and raises both defenses. It also give a tiny passive healing effect. Using Attack Order will lower both defenses and raises both offenses. The opponent will lose a small amount of HP at the end of the turn. Heal Order isn't affected or other moves aren't affected. I'm not sure how it would help by the time it was obtainable. Probably a Toxic Stall set.
  3. I think something is wrong with my f4 key. When I try to select the registered item, in this case, the Good Rod, nothing happens. Alt-F4 closes the game. I thought it was a bug at first until I moved the Good Rod into another key.
  4. Wouldn't it be funny if you kept it as a Metang and bring it with you along in your journey? LOL.
  5. Red. Other notable Pokemon in this den include Dhelmise, Tropius, Solosis. But now that I think about it, I think this den won't be active until way later in the game. So close.
  6. I don't know if this is the earliest to get Rockruff, but I found it in a Rift Den in Route 4. Way on the Bottom Right. Surf isn't required to reach it. After all, I found it on a save that completed V12.
  7. I was going to ask that when I was trying to change my High IV Snom's ability to Ice Scales and it just stayed as Shield Dust. In fact, I've checked all bred Snom and none of them have Ice Scales. Only Shield Dust. Is this a bug or something or I'm just really unlucky? Not sure how can I edit scripts...
  8. Has anyone found the Galarian Fossils and Duraludon yet? Or are they in the currently unobtainable for now? Like I assume Dreepy.
  9. Only way I pulled it off is saying no to the prompt to turn on Set Mode and No Items Mode if you load a previous save in Intense Mode from V12. That's what I've tested...
  10. Thanks for the info! WHen this gets released, I'm tempted on a Gen 8 only run, to get myself to grow on the other Galar mons. The only ones I'm able to tolerate are the Galarian Fossils and these will probably won't be availble until later.
  11. Oh sh*t Crest suggestions are still open and will close today and I failed to notice this. yesterday Here's mine: Golisopod: Instead of switching out, Emergency Exit doubles speed instead.
  12. Randomizer, huh? Let me test this out... *Sees some random Meteor Grunt has a PULSE Swalot and I'm getting repetitive moves including extra Psychic moveslots. *Sees some Pokemon opponents not making a move Never mind I guess. Not really having fun.
  13. I don't think so... Discovered this randomly while I'm was testing Silvally's future potential. BTW the other Dewpider in Forlorned Cave as overworld encounters have these moves too.
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