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  1. Yo! I have a charmander I can send over :) My id thingy is 0987. I'll be on for a while, getting bullied by a hiker lol
  2. Hey team, looking for a Machop to complete the pokedex. Uh, if there's anything you want in return let me know and I'll see if I can trade it as well. No preference on gender or stats, I'm just here for the existence. I suppose its evos are ok as well :)
  3. I joined aqua. I found Maxie! I didn't look hard enough lol. I can finally do the sidequest oh my god. Anyway, thank you so much!
  4. Yeah, in 7th street? This guy's Maxie right
  5. I'm having the same problem as well; where is this lower side room?
  6. oops, sorry for such a late reply. yes, i did that quest
  7. I want to do the Aqua gang sidequest because I just so want that disgustingly designed Litten (and the Choice item hehe) but Archer isn't in the 7th street spot he's supposed to be in. Additionally, the girl at Apophyll Academy won't give me her application and the guy at the train station for the Construction Railroad isn't here either. I haven't renovated the slums yet and I have already did the Azurine Center and the Railnet Reconstruction. What should I do? Looking back, maybe I should've joined Magma lmao
  8. Oh hey! Thanks! I set it up. If you're still here my username is myriadium
  9. Hey team, so I already got Solrock under the Bridge in the city, and I was looking forward to get the Lunatone in Tanzan Mountain, but it straight up isn't there. I check over and over again up until the point I left to Agate. At this point I'm convinced that my game is just buggin' (haha) I'm asking if I could just trade for it? I'll even accept an egg lol. I don't really care about evs and ivs, this is for collection :) idrk how to do this or what to offer, this is the first time i'm doing this. Thank you!
  10. I'm quite annoyed to hear that Alain is the least popular of the protags. I decided to draw them and changed up their outfit
  11. I think there have been a few people talk about this one issue; basically when you're fighting the virtual elite four, you're fighting with your own team on a normal field instead of a glitch field. However, there's been a problem with mine? I rearranged my team before going into the fight but after I won, my team got deleted and got replaced with my old team, meaning that now I have a copy of everyone on my old team while my original team that I used to fight the E4 with is now deleted. is there anyway of fixing this?
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