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  1. Don't mind me, I'm moving to another computer. Game - 801 - Okezie - 98h 41m - 14 badges.rxdata
  2. Ok thanks. I managed to do it now. I'll post this on another place.
  3. Jan, If your listening to this can you tell me how to fix this bug. So I'm in Eclypsia Pyramid and I'm doing the first stage of the puzzle, the thing is that when I need Ren to go on the red triangle, nothing happens. Pls tell me how to fix this since I know you are very busy because I really love this game. Also, do you know how to change a nature. I want my metagross to have a nature which is not minus special defence. Byeee
  4. Can someone help me with eclypsia pyramid puzzle. I watched a vid and did it but I didn't save so had to start again. Now that I do it. Ren isn't able to activate the red triangle at the first stage help pls Nvm I managed to do it.
  5. Oh and also does anyone know where I can get my hands on a pseudo legendary. Any one is fine but just not hydreigon since my level cap is 55 at the moment. Thx in advance. Actually sorry. I found out it's behind the waterfall.
  6. Hello, I'm new to this. So I just did the thing where we find out that Cera was tricking us in the Garufra Ruins and was making a stalling plan. We went back to talk to The Eldest and Aelita and I talked to her. The Eldest then asks us whether we should go straight away or whether the protagonist should come later. I wanted to do some training so I said I'll come later. When I eventually went to Texen's house, there were two ladies saying Texen isn't ready at the moment so no one could go into the gym. They were infront of the doors which means no one can go in. Please help me. I've gone to my
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