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  1. This is an idea I had when I saw someone talking about who might die, one of them said that MC will probably survive, unless we play as Aelita and she inherits MC's pokemon and boxes etc in the post game, which made me think of a certain Persona game where the MC did die. After every evil team is defeated, there's a big party to celebrate, with almost every character, main or sidequest, there. You get a chance to talk to everyone, see how they're doing, the surviving members of the main cast make some speeches, then MC may get a turn as well. Then the MC start to feel off. Sleepy. They wander off to a corner, where the lady that gave us the Interceptor powers explain that our overuse of the Interceptor's true power is causing our soul to break down. Before we pass, a text box pop up, giving us three options, the names of the characters we have highest relationship points with. The character we select with come in, we'll have our last words with them, before falling asleep and fading away. The Aelita post game happens a few weeks after this.
  2. I been thinking about the sidequests, and if I should write them into this fanfic, I see three options: 1. Ignore the sidequests, focus only on the main story. 2. Do some sidequests, ones I think will be fun or that I can easily integrate into the plot within much issue. 3. Write all the sidequest. Of course, I'll try and make sure the sidequest will not break the flow of the story. Personally, I kinda want to do 2. I think it will be a fun challenge. Or make this story into a complete clusterfuck. But what are your thoughts? Leave your opinion below
  3. Prologue: Part 6Nancy's POV I didn't want to sneak up on Lia like this, but i couldn't risk her alerting those things running amok. "Come dear, be careful, take it slow." She didn't struggle as I slowly guide her over to a room, filled with storage containers. It seems mostly undamaged. I let her go, and she immediately spin around and hugs me. "Mom!" "Shhh!" I raise a finger to her lips, then embrace her. "Mom you're safe!" She spoke in a more quiet tone, still a bit louder than I wanted it to be, but she can't help herself when she gets excited. "What are you doing here? I thought Crescent send away to somewhere safe." "Crescent? You mean-" Lia stopped talking, looking over my shoulder at something. "Who's that?" I turned around, and there stood a woman with purple hair, wearing sunglasses and a odd gray and pink uniform. "Lia, get behind me." I took out a pokeball, staring down this woman. "Who are you?" "Who I am is not important. I'm just here for you." "For me?" "That's right. Did you think our target was Liavyre or something? But since I found you two together, might as well take her back to HQ as well." With a snap of her fingers, one of those things appears in front- "M-mom, help!" I heard screams and turn around, there was another one behind me, and it grabbed Lia! "Let go of her! Vestele, Iron Head!" I send out Vestele, who leap into the air and nailed the creature right in the head, causing it to let her go and fade away. "Lia, listen to me. There might not be hope left for this ship, or anyone else on board. But I will create hope for you, at least." Vestele then jumps and attacks the creature behind me. "W-what are you talking about?" "The time we spend together, I'll never forget a second of it. Run Lia, I'll hold her off." "But what about you?!" She cries out, she looks conflicted. A part of her wants to help, but another is saying to run. "I'll be fine. Even when all seems dark, grim, and hopeless, you keep on. It is through that pursuit of hope that opportunity shines through. Wherever you end up, find new friends, opportunity, and love. Know that no matter where you are, or what you're doing, I'm looking upon you. Smiling, protecting. That is my love for you. A mother's love." More of those creature appear and surround me. Lia runs for the door, but before she leaves, she gave me one last look. "I promise....I promise I'll save you one day!" I smile. "I'll be awaiting that day. Go, my child, run." With that, she bolts off. I look at the pokemon surrounding us, then at Vestele, who gave a nod, and I look to the woman in the eyes. "I won't let you or your monstrosities lay a finger on her." ---------------------------------------- Lia's POV Apart of me is screaming to go back and help, but I have no pokemon or battling experience. Mom's gonna be ok, right? She has to be. That lady said something about bringing us back to HQ, so she'll won't be hurt, I hope. As I round a corner, I saw one of those monsters, hovering in the hallway, our eyes meet, and it prepares to lunge towards me, before a piano suddenly falls right on it! "Go kid, get out of here!" I heard the voice of the piano lady above, from a giant hole in the celling. "T-thank you!" I continue to run, after a few more corridors, I can see it! The outside, maybe they'll be a life raft- "Vikavolt, Thunder Wave." Was all I heard before a jolt of electricity hit the left side of my body and I fall to the ground. There was a man, a old tall man, with gray buzzcut hair and beard. Beside him was a Vikavolt. He was walking towards me, and I tried to crawl away, I couldn't move my left arm or leg. Before he could reach me however, there was a rumble, before the wooden floorboards burst open, and raising out of it, the shiny Gothitelle floats up, looking at me, sudden I was lifted off the ground and fling outside! I landed on the deck of the ship, hard. I slide across the wet floor as I land, nearby falling into a hole in the deck. "Ow...couldn't have she teleported me out? At least I got away. Maybe someone can help me to a life raft now." A figure jumps out of a hole and landed before me. It was that purple hair lady! "Nowhere to run now. It's over." "W-wait!" M-maybe I can fall into one of the holes in the deck, and circle back around to here- A boot stomp on my hand, causing me to cry out in pain. I look up, and it's the man with the Vikavolt. "Enough running." "No, no, nononono..." After all that, it's going to end like this?! It can't...it just can't... "Your mother made a heartfelt speech, but this is the real world. Now come quietly." Before they could do anything else, we all heard the sounds of ship, like it was right next to the S.S Oceana. Suddenly, I felt something grip my shoulders, and I was lifted up to the air, this time by a Talonflame! "What?!" The man stepped off my hand, turning to his Vikavolt "Shoot it down, Thunderbolt!" Several arcs of lightning streak past me, some barely missing. The Talonflame was fast, and quickly, the S.S Oceana became smaller and smaller... ----------------------------------------- As the Talonflame was carrying me away, I saw the boat that was next to the S.S Oceana. It looked a yacht. It was dark. I was pretty much alone, with just my thoughts. Who were those terrorists? Why did they wanted mom captured so badly? Did she worked for them in the past or something? What were those strange pokemon under the purple hair lady's command? After some time I saw something in the distant. A light. Then several lights. I assume that's Gearen City. I was dropped on a pier, with the yacht stopping near. At least the Thunder Wave wore off, although my arms and legs still feel stiff. A woman got out of the yacht. She had red hair and eyes, 2 or 3 decades older than me if I had to guess. She recalls the Talonflame looks to me with a worried expression. "Oh dear...let's get you out of this rain. You're shivering quite badly." I didn't notice it until now, but my clothes were soaked, and my hands were shaking. "O-ok..." She lead me into a nearby building. Inside seems to be some sort of checkpoint gate to the city. "What happened on that ship?" "U-uh, there were these people...dressed in these weird uniforms with Xs all over...they blew up the ship, and then pokemon that looked like nothing I ever seen before showed up, controlled by a purple hair lady, a-and she said she were dragging people away to their HQ, wherever that is...including my mom..." No matter what I did, I couldn't stop my voice from coming out as trembling and high. "I see...I'm sorry you had to go through that. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Things will work themselves out with time. From the description, it sounds like you were attacked by Team Xen." "You know who they are?" I spoke with a bit more steadiness in my voice. "Only a little. They seem to appear in Aevium out of nowhere. But they're usually known to be incompetent or rarely active. I believe this is their first actual attack." She stopped talking, pondering something before someone call out to us. "Tesla? I though you were heading back to the resort." Approaching us is a tall man with blonde hair a white lab coat, a red shirt underneath with dark red stripes, and black pants and shoes. He looks down at me with a raised eyebrow before turning to Tesla. "Jenner." She follow his gaze and glance to me. "I received a distress signal from the S.S Oceania on my way to Terajuma, and I rescued her from a attack from Team Xen." "Team Xen? Are you sure?" He sounds a bit surprised. "Wait, are you Liavyre?" I nod. "Yeah...I heard about you from my mom...she got kidnapped." "Well...this means you have nowhere to go now right? Do you want to stay with me, in the meantime?" The surprise in his voice had quickly faded away. I blink. "Wait...really?" He's right...I can't exactly go anywhere...plus, he's friends with mom, so he can't be bad, right? "Jenner, are you sure about this?" "Well we can't just leave her alone, and it'll just temporary housing, until her mother turns up." "W-wow....thank you. Thank you so much!" "Well, now that's sorted, I'll head back to the ship to looks for survivors. He'll take good care of you." Tesla looks at me, with a warm smile. "We'll meet again, Liavyre was it? A lovely name. I'm Tesla von Brandt." "Goodbye miss Brandt, stay safe!" I wave her farewell as she left. I could hear the sound of the wings flapping, growing distant and gone in a matter of seconds. "Come, let's get you home." He walks into the city, and I follow after him. Next Part
  4. Alright. After finishing Chapter 15, I decided to continue this. I'll be replaying the game as I write this. Also I'll do some rewrite and retcon as new info and ideas comes to me. I'll do the rewrites later, I'll list the retcons here if you don't wanna reread: Vestele is a Mawile instead of a Sylveon. Part 2 has Lia getting a odd headache after meeting Crescent, as well as her taking the picture without asking and overall acting less friendly to Lia.
  5. Sorry I haven't been updating this, busying playing V13 Although, the main reason why I started this fic was because I felt like the main issue I had with the game was the fact that the MC was just a blank slate. And with the MC talking way more in the update, I feel like this is...unneeded, I guess? Like I can't really add anything substantial to the story. I'll have to think about it more.
  6. Prologue: Part 5 Third Person Huff...huff...huff... Both girls ran and ran, until they ended up in a bar area, where other passengers are hiding. They were out of breath by this point, Lia less so. "Liavyre!" Lia's eyes light up, and she turn around. "Uncle Angustus! You're ok!" In her joy, she ran to him and embrace the captain, nearly knocking the man off his feet. "Sorry this trip took quite the sharp turn Lia." "Where's mom? Have you seen her?" Angustus expression turn sour. "I saw her fall through one of the holes made by the explosion, straight into the cargo bay. I tried to go after her, but these...things stopped me. Like nothing I ever seen before." This made Liavyre very nervous. She knows Angustus has been sailing the seas for a long time, probably before she was even born. "What do you mean? Oh god..." She bolted out of the room in a flash. "Lia! Come back!" Angustus shout, but she wasn't stopping, descending the stairs, even running pass a burly sailor who tried to block her path. Lia's POV I ran down, lower and lower. I can hear uncle calling for my name, getting further and further away. I didn't want to run away like that, but mom could be in trouble! I take a short breather, leaning against a wall. Now that I stopped, I can tell that the floor is tilted. I can hear two people talking right around the corner, so I peak over to see. There appears to be two teenagers, talking before rising pool of water. "Dude, I swear there was something here!" "It's probably just a pokemon that swam in here through the hole! Stop worrying about it!" "Nah man, I saw it's shadow, it was like nothin' I seen! Help me catch it!" "Frank I-" The teen that wasn't interested suddenly squint his eyes. "Wait I think I see it." Then, something burst out of the waters! It was mostly reddish-orange, with some part of it light blue, I think? It's hard to tell, with the lights out. It's tentacles wrap around the two of them, trying to drag them away! I took a few steps back, I can't just leave them to be taken, but what if mom is in danger too? She might be a experience trainer, but uncle said they gave him trouble. I notice to sounds of the struggle was gone. I peak over, to see that they had disappeared. Before I could do anything else, I was grabbed! Someone had their hand over my mouth! They whisper in my ear. "Shhh, I'm here, honey, I'm here. You're safe." Next Part
  7. Prologue: Part 4 Third Person Lia woke up, sometime later, laying on the floor. "Ugh, where am I?" The light was out, the sounds of rain were clear, a mild downpour. She got out her phone, checking the time- "It's seven forty-two?! I've been out for that long!?" She got up, looking around. Using the flashlight on her phone, she appears to be in the captain's quarter. Liavyre wasted no time, walking out the door and descending down the nearest flight of stairs. "Mom? Where are you?" Lia calls out as she wanders the hallways of ship, and soon, encountering another passenger. "Hey, aren't you the kid that got teleported out of the dining room?" It was the piano lady. She nods. "Yep, have you seen my mom? She has pink hair like me!" Shining the light on herself, showing off her long, glossy hair. The piano lady shakes her head. "No, after the explosion it was chaos, nearly got trampled, and the tentacles didn't help matters." Lia blinks. "The wha-" Right on cue, orange tentacles burst out from the floorboards. The piano lady takes her hand, dragging her away. "Run!" "Wah! W-what are these things!?" "I don't know and I don't intend to find out!" Lia was dragged away, further down the ship, passing by more tentacles, all seems to be watching for something... Next Part
  8. Trying this POV style where the scene is descried in character wise, instead of constantly third person. Might rewrite the second part from Crescent's POV. Also sorry for being slow to start, I want to get into the later moments in the story but it doesn't feel right to just rush past the start.
  9. Prologue: Part 3 Lia's POV People are filtering into the dinning room, it's a fancy place, with a buffet, with stuff like steak and crab legs being offered, and a lady is playing the piano on stage. I'm sitting with mom, talking about what we're gonna do in Gearen City. "I have a good friend in East Gearen, Jenner, he has a daughter named Melia, and I think you two would make for good friends." "Really? Is she nice?" "Yes, she also has quite the collection of shiny pokemons, I'm sure you love them." "She sounds cool!" "Greetings everyone!" Uncle Angustus announced, standing on the stage. "It is my pleasure to host this lovely banquet on this magnificent night! This marks the end of our journey together. I hope this trip will stay in your memory forever, and perhaps we shall see each other again! With that all said and done, I'd like the banquet to commence!" With that, I rockets off, running off to grab as many things as I could fit onto my bowl, some fried rice, sausages, deep fried shrimps, seafood gumbo- BANG The door is kicked is kicked down, and in comes these weirdoes. They have these gray and red uniforms, with a green gem on their chest, oh and red Xs. Lots of Xs. on their chest, and back, and boots, just everywhere. "What's the meaning of this? Who are you three?" Angustus gets off the stage, stepping in front of the group. "We're going to need everyone all of you to stay put and listen very carefully. We have explosives on board this ship." Everyone in the room who ignored these people, now turn to them. "Any acts of rebellion will result in a calamity none of you can afford. So let's just get through this nice and easy, okay?" The woman in the weird outfit, with a very smug expression on her face. "Y-you're hijacking the ship!?" Uncle sounds a bit afraid... "Hijacking? No, no, that's too barbaric. We're to pick someone up." "Mom..." I made it back to the table, and mom turn to me. "Sweetie run." Mom spoke in a low, hush tone, but the woman picked up on it still. "Don't make any funny movement! No one is leaving this room, you hear?" Someone gets up. It's the lady that took a picture of me! "Hey I said don't move!" The lead terrorist holds up a remote looking device, no doubt the detonator. Mom turns to the camera lady. "Get Liavyre out of here now!" She snaps her finger. "Gothitelle, you know what to do." I felt a weird energy surrounding me, making my hair stand on ends. "Mom!" I reach out for her, almost touching her, before everything bends and shift. The last thing I heard was the terrorist yelling "You're going to regret this!" And the click of a button. Next Part
  10. Prologue: Part 2 An hour later... "Ladies and gentlemen, it's down to the wire!" In a lobby of the S.S Oceana, small crowd has gathered, watching a television. On it was a Haxorus and Aegislash, both seem to be on their last legs. Liavyre and Vestele were sitting next to each other. "Aegislash is going for a Shadow Sneak! Is this it?" The Haxorus stumbles, nearly falling...before suddenly surging forward, grabbing the Aegislash and firing off a Fire Blast point blank! While some of the crowd cheers, and the others jeers, Lia cringed when the Aegislash was taken out. She never liked pokemon battles, she always felt bad for the mons when they got hurt... She pats the head of Vestele, cheering herself up, prepare to explore more of the ship- Suddenly, she hear the snap of a camera. She looks to the source of the sound. There was a woman, with wavy black hair that falls just below her shoulders, falling into a fringe on the left side of her face and wrapping around behind her head. A rosy pink flower rests in her hair on the right side of her head, and she has red eyes as well. She was holding a camera. "Hello there!" Lia greets the woman and smiles, a genuine, cheerful smile. "You took a picture of me right?" "..." The woman didn't respond, focusing on only her camera. Lia notice the shiny Gothitelle that was accompanying the woman, but before she could ask about it, she got a headache, a minor one. She...looks a bit familiar... "Liavyre, it's almost time for the feast, You didn't forget, did you?" Lia's train of thought was derailed by her mother's voice and she sheepishly grins. "O-of course not! I would never!" Nancy let out a amused sigh, before looking to the woman with the camera, they exchanged glances, with a slight tension and uncomfortableness filling the room. "A-anyway, we should get going." Lia got up, with Vestele hoping off and following the two of them as Nancy leads Lia away. The young girl doesn't catch it, the woman looks at the picture she took, with a bittersweet smile... Next Part
  11. Prologue: Part 1 "Come on Vestele!" A young girl was running in the halls of a ship, followed by a Mawile. She had long pink hair, reaching all the way down to her waist. Her eyes were pink as well, almost the same shade, but just a bit darker. She was wearing a simple white T-shirt, navy blue skirt and black leggings, as well as hot pink sneakers. The Mawile following her slower, taking her time but still keeping the excited girl within sight. "Now dear, be careful, don't bump into anyone." Behind them both, was an older woman, late fifty or early sixty, with the same hot pink hair. "And remember, be back by seven for the feast." "I will mom!" The young girl waves to her, walking backwards and waving goodbye as she turns the corner...and bumps right into someone, and would have fallen flat on her face if not for getting caught by the man she bumped into. "Liavyre, you grown so much!" Liavyre perks up, turning around and giving the man a hug. "Uncle Angustus!" Well, the man wasn't actually her uncle, but she called him that ever since she was six, and never stopped since. Angustus hugs her back. "You should really listen to your mother. You're always so full of energy. Run along now, I'm sure you're eager to explore the ship." He lets her go, and she gave him a nod, before running off in the same speed, not slowing down one bit, as the Mawile sighs and follows after her. Angustus smiles as she ran, then turns to the older woman. "Isn't she a little old to be acting like that, Nancy? Lia is turning 18 this year, no?" Nancy nods. "Perhaps she is, but you only get to be young once, let her mature at her own pace." The old man sighs. "You're right. Anyway, let's catch on how have you been?" The two of them walk off, letting Lia explore the ship on her own... Next Part
  12. Well time to throw my hat into the ring, first time writing a fanfic. This is basically "What if the MC had a personality?" fic, with some minor changes. Maybe. Prologue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Chapter 1: Shipwrecked EP 1
  13. After playing Rejuv, I can't stop thinking about. I want to write about it, problem is that I'm not too familiar with the formatting on this site, I want to make it clean and presentable. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. Zetta was made with Melia's DNA, right? And the Light, seems to be a power passed by blood, as Erin, Allen and Alice can use it. So, what if, Zetta's power is a twisted version of The Light? And Zetta mentions that after he was given a glove, he was able to control the rifts, so maybe if Melia obtain the same glove, she would not have to be in danger in order to use the Light?
  15. I think the Archetype is inside of them. Notice how Melia has the rings of Arceus around her when she uses the power of the light. Now I think they have pieces of the Archetype inside of them, in various sizes. The one with the biggest piece of the Archetype is Alice, with her being able to control and change the world quite easily. Second biggest belongs to Melia, being unable to use the power at will like Alice does. Third is Erin, she manages to protect herself, Alice and Allen with the light, although sustaining fatal wounds, where as Melia manages to survive falling off Blacksteeple Castle without a scratch. Lastly, Allen. He hasn't shown off any powers yet, except for destroying the machines in the pyramid, which might have been created by Alice in he first place.
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