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  1. Game keeps crashing when trying to enter the church on the isle of angels. please help! Game_2.rxdata
  2. Game keeps crashing whenever i try to enter the big building(idk what its name is) on the isle of angels. Doesn't happen with any other location, just that specific building.
  3. Wow... a shiny larvitar? You're sure you really want to part with it?
  4. Ready when you are! Reply if you're online right now.
  5. Ok, I sent it just now. My online name is the same, by the way.
  6. Also, would you mind trading me another if I have incredibly bad luck and get a Baltoy? I'm pretty sure I have a Lunatone in my PC Box, and that's what you said on your request right? I could trade you that as well.
  7. Thanks. I'll send the trade request tomorrow. I have to catch one first. Or have you sent me one already?
  8. I wanted a Golett from the totem pole but got Elgyem instead. I know you can buy dolls later on (7th street) and try again, but I really want to use Golett early on, so could someone trade me some if they have any spares?
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