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  1. Also make sure you're using the optimal abilities and at the best not natures that hinder your pokemon's abilities. For example your cinderace it's considered a really strong pokemon but its considerably weaker if you aren't running Liberoo, proper EV spreads and jolly or at least adamant nature. I don't know how many of the EV training cards you have but i would higly suggest EV training and farming heartscales, if you don't have enough, since later in the game you can change your pokemons nature to whatever you want it to be.
  2. Anyone knows how much red essence the beldum den needs to spawn the beldum? I've dumped almost 30k at this point. The guide says 15k and a rift fragment but that's apparently wrong
  3. Yeah i just tried it anyway and it failed. Sucks though since we miss some strong TMs still.
  4. Can we breed moves that are learnt via TM or moves that are learnt only through tutors like stealth rock?. For example u-turn to Cinderace and stealth rock to torkoal
  5. I have 12 badges and it's working fine for me. Check the den above wispy path's entrance, save when you get a blue beam and keep resetting until you get a ditto.
  6. Where is it exactly that you go to maximize EV/IVS? Is it the PC with the nurse on the right because she says for me that her services are unavailable
  7. False swipe and paralysis makes it very easy to catch rift den pokemon
  8. It was working fine before 13.0.3 and it doesn't occur at 4x speed. Also I had no issues with v12 and I have downloaded the game twice so I don't think it's me
  9. I can't find the bug submiting form so i'll just post it here. When in turbo mode battles (wild encounters and trainers fights) never start. They get stuck in the loading screen.
  10. It's what someone said above. It's not the difficulty it's that some of the fights feels unfair and that they are just trying to annoy the player. I've finished a playthorugh on intense in v12 and now i'm playing on casual on v13 and when i found out that enemy mons can exceed the EV cap in intense it genuinely didn't feel like a challenge more like the game is bending its own rules and just trying to see how far it can go until it's unbeatable. And now im reading about megas being able to hold items as well? Maybe some times more difficulty doesn't mean more challenging just makes it a chore imo.
  11. So for example lets say i only have a MALE Cinderace that i want to IV breed and pass on the egg moves high jump kick and sucker punch. Since cinderace is unique and cant be found in the wild i will need a ditto to breed with until i get a female scorbunny. After that i find suitable male parents to pass on the egg moves until again i have a female scorbunny that knows HJK and sucker punch and then lastly i breed for IVs with my male Cinderace. Is that correct or is there an easier and less time consuming way?
  12. What IV items are you referring to exaclty? Cause i found the power items in the EV rooms but those promote EV growth, they have nothing to do with IVs
  13. Now that dittoo seem to be from dens only with fixed IVs how will you breed for IVs
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