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  1. Yup, Delcatty has Wonder Skin. Just means all status moves get reduced by 50%.
  2. This is Rejuvenation, not Reborn. Also. Blue and Green make Teal.
  3. Hey, you asked not me. And besides, there ain't any context behind my words, only what to do in order to actually use Fly. If you still think it's spoilers, then that's fine too i'm good either way.
  4. You need to progress the story until you have beaten Ren outside of Sashila Village, then go back to Route 9 with Damian and he'll give you Fly.
  5. If you're stuck like that, go back to a previous save file to before you first fought the garbodor.
  6. I'm all over the place today. Network goes out, then after a few hours comes back, then goes away again. Wish this would end soon, cause it ain't funny. 😓

    1. UnkleUno


      Also, to my reaction with Byleth joining smash: I'm not surprised. After the seen reviews of Three Houses, they were getting added regardless. As a matter of fact, I couldn't be more excited. Never really got to play Three Houses (Gives me more reason to even play it in the first place), but this comes close to the actual thing, so i'm pumped for it when they release in about 2 weeks.

  7. Just started a rejuvenation bug mono, and cant seem to find caterpie or weedle, were they moved in this version?

    1. UnkleUno


      They're in the same locations as before. Caterpie - Gearen (Top Floor of the Hotel in the grass.). Weedle - Gearen (Dunno the exact location, so search until you find it.).

  8. Can't have both in the same save file unless you find them outside of the starter room, meaning some starters are not accessible to us. I.E. Froakie, Torchic, Treeko, Chespin, etc. Refer to this guide as to which starters are available and which aren't.
  9. Every mono type run is possible. Just gotta have a strategy for each battle when going forward with the run.
  10. To get the TM Crawli's talking about, you need to be able to use Rock Climb, which can be usable post Angie.
  11. The exp share is in Melia's room in Gearen Laboratory, which you need the room id card for, which is in the same place you found her "dead". There's also the Exp. Share All which can be gotten from Chrisola Hotel's casino for 30 AP.
  12. Use a rare candy while you're near the mossy rock and it should evolve into Leafeon.
  13. First time I fought Ryland/Flora, I used a standard team involving some gen 5 mons. (Simipour for Rain Dance/Scald, Serperior for physical coil strats and Galvantula for webs (Although, webs only mattered during some points in the battle, since Excadrill is just so fast even -1 doesn't slow it down.).) Strat was to set up rain on the lead who always went for toxic spikes first turn, then scald to oh'ko said lead. From there, big bad crested Torterra came in and he was webs setup for Galv. After that, I sacked off Galv to Torterra and sent out Armaldo, rock slide the Tort trying to deal as much damage as I could hoping to get a flinch to prevent it from using Desert's Mark (If Tort flinched, went for another rock slide, then after I used dig. If it didn't, straight up dig for heavy damage since Armaldo turns into a ground type thanks to Desert's Mark.). Basically, it was just back and forth with both sides losing mons until I get to the Excadrill. Serp comes in, telluric seed on it, proceeded to coil set up and tank a hit from Excadrill. Serp then just swept through the remainder of their team until there was nothing left. So, yeah. Pretty good fight overall for me, though did take me several times to figure out.
  14. Correction: Torterra's crest doesn't affect immunities, only weaknesses and resistances. So, it's only 2x weak to rock and ground with the crest.
  15. Egg Tutor in Sheridan/Shopping District in GDC can help you with that. Provided you've done the ??? sidequest in Kristiline.
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