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  1. Simple answer is none. The only option besides Oranguru is evolving into Porygon-Z at level 1.
  2. I just wish the choices were a bit more... nuanced. Like in Reborn. Telling Amaria about the truth of her and Titania relashionships or Battling Taka in Water center are still VERY tough life choices with consequences, and they do not have a right answer to them. Here we have: "Friendship will beat all evil, by the power of good and all that is friendship, i friend you to being my friend!" or "Look, i eat babies on breakfast, elderly for lunch, and i like being bad cause im bad, mkay? Im evil and thats final" The game just wasnt written with bad path in mind, this is why it's just so detached from everything.
  3. That title is very insightful, im so glad it allowed me to see the core of the issue without entering the topic.
  4. It's a separate download. Go to downloads for Rejuvenation and at the bottom there is a download named Where Love Lies. This is the one.
  5. I have a feeling everything about Crescent will make sense after we will learn her motives and what she's been doing. She is in our custody atm, no way we wont question her.
  6. I am perfectly calm, if you are trying to say im too harsh or something similar, yes i am. And i will not be less harsh towards people who want to insert their "oh well it's easy you just do that" whenever it is unwanted, unwarranted and unasked. If you have something else to say about my disposition, write it into personal messages, not in here.
  7. wcv was talking generally about gen 8 and why Aegi fell down.
  8. Because no one asked for help nor needed it in this topic, nor there was any impications about needing it. However in every topic like this people still come with their "actually, it's very easy, you just do that and that". Yeah, everyone know. This discussion isnt about that.
  9. I like how in every topic there is a bunch of those "experts" that try to show off their basic pokemon knowledge. Yeah, everyone is aware there are counters and ways to beat it, yeah, everyone has done that. It doesnt make a fight fair or well design.
  10. Its not that it became weak, it's just meta changed. Do not make a common mistake of directly comparing smogon tier with power. It is based on usage, meaning he is just used less, there are many reasons for that, like gen 8 pokemon being a very bad environment for him and others.
  11. The entire fight is a travesty thanks to the Field, but yeah, im fairly sure shouting should be directed to Azery. Shouldnt he still, like, approve them or something?
  12. Mix of planning, cheese and suffering. I did play it on Intense Set/No items and it's probably the worst fight in the game because of the field, yeah. Naturally there are ways to win but this fight is just objectively bad because of the field.
  13. It's much more simple. Pupper master owns everything everyone have a nightmare about in GDC. Melia just had a nightmare about Zetta so he appeared in his domain. It's not real Zetta, just a dream about him.
  14. Very unlikely, from a lot of big and small points. Unknown age is simply because knowing whether she time traveled or aged naturally would reveal things to us. Her pokemon team includes Deoxys at least, and she lost to Nancy, and argument that she did that intentionally would be nonsensical. It is also very easy to tell Zumi is a weeb (in a most positive sense) and her inspiration for glasses lies in the character design i will submit. Ana's sunglasses is some old junk Dylan pulled out of his ass. Not to mention skin colour, hair, overall character and attitude e.t.c. I can say with 100% probability that Anastasia cannot be Madame X. Truck Daddy is more likely to be Madame X.
  15. Well i dont remember exactly, my bad if its 85.
  16. Yes and yes, however be aware that mega ring is in the very beginning of the latest version, meaning VERY late into the game.
  17. He is doing mighty fine in Crescent's team though. And chances are if they turned Zetta into human once they can do it again.
  18. It couldnt have been too long. Remember, on Terajuma, when she saved Saki and we found her immediately after, she was human enough. Since then we only had couple of gyms and later on a break with Erick, after that went right to GDC. So yeah, couldnt have been more than like a month or so. Chances are she turned into Puppet Master during our break with Erick.
  19. Fairly sure it will be removed, it's an unintentional oversight, yes.
  20. By the way, for those who are interested, i decided to replay as Ana to see if it matters this time, and actually something does happen. In chapter 3 Marianette gives you a nickname, and after she give you your normal one for the character that you replace with Ana, she actually reacts to us having Ana's sprite and give us nickname Hope. Which is something extremely interesting, since now it is not just a cosmetic easter egg. The game now actually knows we play as Ana.
  21. Im 100% certain Ren cannot be a part of light prophecy, since whatever happens with him his dad banged his mom and Ren appeared. He was born from man, and he can be third alien, third storm 9 and third android and will not fit criteria for light prophecy anyway.
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