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  1. Hello question :have all the gym leader including the reserve leaders have been mentioned?
  2. if you meant that intense is being removed in 13.5 then i heard about it
  3. wait only in intense i thought . im really sorry for the wrong info
  4. i think your team really need a centiscorch or volcorona i think volcorana is good due to quiver and fiery dance.it is really powerful bug team
  5. you should then get the pokedex filled if you dont know the location of mon ask or need any ask here and btw arent going too fight for fifth gym.it will give a lot of new pokemon to capture including some starters i think like treecko
  6. I meant that you could moon and sunstone without mining by using compound eye thief stratergy in the moon field area in phasial cave
  7. ah wait i just realised if you have surf you could get moon stone and sun stone without mining
  8. i think you shouldnt worry about the stones they are available anyways catch all the pokemon. you can .i finished 783/813 all the pokemon i saw and caught
  9. if you meant can a mining rock contain more than one evo stones of the same type i think its possible but is extremely rare i think two different stones ca appear too
  10. if you are completing the pokedex then in the approx 13 gym you will be able to buy the elementary stone(fire ,water, leaf and thunder)will be buyable along with sun and moon the others are available with some games except ice stone which is only one
  11. i think it increase with each completion for example tired feet is no of steps you walk so we complete along with the story it keeps on increase the number stages you reach in tiired feet you have 10 stage
  12. moon and sunstone unlimited but the dusk ,dawn ,ice and shiny stones are rare i agree the mining rock to be respawnable it will mke things really easier.but at this point in time i dont think its possible
  13. since your at this stage of the game you could get some really sool crest which can very useful for your success
  14. Wow the arts are so good i like Amber and Erin especially Erin looks so cool in her demon form i thought she would be close to how melia looks but this makes her a much more different which is really cool reminds me of Elsa from frozen for some odd reason .and amber is very cool with her confident smile.the other are cool in their own right .
  15. or if you are in around gym -above you can use to teach eggmoves with the movelearner
  16. so that was really cool the art is good and saw froakie for the first time like how realistic it was like how both the mons talking to each other. the conversion of jay even though not in game was really neat and with the flow like if the mc was a normal person.and good work as always and cant wait to see when robin and froakie meet the next time
  17. help i could not get to floor 8 in gdc store i completed all the quests getting to itGame_4.rxdata
  18. good luck destroy that guy ice shard might be good for sceptile
  19. in intense i used a seed even in the the two grunts eli\sharon battle to get tailwind
  20. i think its good one early i think .and if you are playing then you get a special items not far from there after the badge four
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