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  1. I'll keep in mind of this for my next playthrough. Thank you for your responses!
  2. Been trying to figure out how to encounter Karen in Alamissa Urben to continue the Hidden Library stuff. I went back and double checked to see if I have completed Hidden library 1-3, and for Hidden Library 2 it says "this request can no longer be completed." Is there something else I am supposed to be doing to get Karen to appear, or am I screwed unless I go all the way back to try and complete it?
  3. Very well done!! Gotta love Goomink, haha.
  4. Multiple times throughout the randomizer I have been experiencing "script is taking too long to respond" and "the script is hanging" messages. This mostly occurs either when a wild encounter is about to be revealed or the first turn of a battle is about to commence. Is it certain pokemon/moves that are causing the problem? (I did a completely random setting changing pokemon, movesets, and abilities. I am also having trouble chasing after Nim since a different tm replaces rock smash.)
  5. I keep getting the following error whenever I get an encounter in Goldenleaf Forest and anywhere near Goldenleaf Town: Script: PokemonEncounters' line 331: NoMethodError ocurred. undefined method 'blackFluteUsed': for nil:NilClass Game.rxdata
  6. I managed to fix my issue from before and I am loving Pokemon Spork so far! The story, sprites, and especially the music! What is the name of the music used during the gym battles? I need a soundtrack of it lol!
  7. I am having trouble downloading the game. Every time I attempt to, it stops at 99% followed by a network error. What can I do?
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