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  1. my fav fields are bewitched woods, rainbow, deep earth, and infernal :3 my fav battles... hmmmh i guess pt much every main fight in chapter 15 tbh lol. a least fav is angel of death (hell.) not answering 3rd bc i feel it implies way too much abt the future </3 <3 yeah but it's so funny for like 75% of the questions being blatant ones asking for spoiler answers despite the main post saying we literally cannot answer those lol 1. im more of a friend-shipper / "wow i wish these characters talked more" person than a creator of romantic ships. in terms of canon stuff, nymiera/vitus and martin/kreiss are pt slay for something that isn't canon? i don't know, i guess like ... ok this is just a crackship because it's funny and i don't feel like getting shot today. V/Eizen lmfao 2. jan made a pt much up to date list in response to an ask on tumblr already. the redacted characters are .5 charas (V for genderfluid, Partricia for trans.) as far as i know. it was never actually meant to be there lol. that was her set up position for a later event that was just, accidentally there early. 1. thematics come before smth being on a team just to be smth strong on the team. the mons are generally thought of on vibes of "does this fit the character", then "can we make this work on this field". Mostly those two; it's pretty rare that stuff is added Just for overpowered fluff unlike a lot of mods and the like that are made for the various games. 2. Vitus and Madame X zzzzzzzzzzzz 2.1. yea sure 3. the cleffa has many connections and if you see any of them it is too late for you 1. Giving Alexandra a break for sure. the others are on their own 2. theoretically i cannot answer this canonically but i'd like to join the train for souls tasting differently. No because at this stage of the game that would take so, so much time and involve going back and editing. Every. Single time a main chara talks which is a Lot especially in rejuv. So too much time to do All of those talking sprites (like. There are like over 100 characters that would need them.) and so much time + extremely tedious to Implement them at every stage. Too much work, not enough reward. Also Rejuv has a lot of animated cutscenes and I think the emotion/mood already shows through wonderfully there. Yeah, there's already tons of fanart and fanfics. Have fun. Do whatever you want forever 1. Eizen 2. watch someone else's playthrough, there's at least 3 on yt 3. Eizen 4. Eizen I hope so. Nymiera has canonically gone to a bunch of other regions as well. She seems to enjoy Sinnoh. Saki also has been to Sinnoh- Hearthome specifically iirc. I'm not sure she Particularly enjoys it though? She might but she definitely prefers Aevium. Talon has definitely been somewhere else before, being a cartographer and all. Considering he's from poke-australia I could see him having been to Ayrith (pokemon desolation region, NZ influences iirc) or any of paldea, kalos, galar. Maybe orre if we're feeling silly. I think he'd like Unova and Kalos personally. Do I think so? I want to think so. Even if it isn't canon. So i'll leave thee with Rika and V or Tesla + Lavender and Tate/Liza as possibilities 1. Very Normal 2. Someone else can answer better here to answer the flowers and the flowers only (just because I dont know the answers to anything else here) (i mean either jan or zumi once somewhat answered the music one on tumblr already for a few charas; in terms of genres at least.) Blue Dahlias in particular for Crescent's growth(tm). Pink carnations for Rune's whole thing. Cherry blossoms are VERY heavily associated w Vivian's line and all of their stories just bc, yeah. yeah. that tree.............. Roses for Flora and Cassandra's rules- but like, the ones that mean u hate someone lmao V - Inkling or the ghost thing | Dylan - Yoshi | Patricia - Bowser or Isabelle | Ana - Peach or Waluigi i dont actually know what im doing (making educated guesses) Wonder Guard Trust <33333 (wasn't for me but trust me im soooo good at abilities <3333333333333) shop zzzzz 1. idk/meow 2. I hope not 3. I hope so. But what would they even Do is the problem </3 --- :3
  2. hi hiiiiiiiiiii rejuvnation~ anywy for this one i'll just list my top 5 from the sorter??? that being nymiera, alexandra, nim, crescent, and v specifically alexandra, cres, and v i think but i just like so many it's hard to choose lmao probably when i get to do the few cg arts i have. spriting is still fun but also very tedious and harder than some might think! so i don't like doing it as much, but regardless. arts (and any designing...!!!) Aevian Milotic was Zumiiiiiiii I believeeeeeeeeeeeeeee??? (just checked. yeah was zumi) Aevian Gastrodon was done by both Crim and Myself, with Crim doing the "West"/Kristilline one (the more colorful and pointy) and me doing the "East"/Route 6 one (the more monochrome and round) And then we also did the shinies for one another's slug. No <3333333333333333333333333333333333 Now I'm not calling the sidequest itself annoying. But the sheer fear of trying to draw something vaguely castle looking for the registeel cgs -> help. (skill issue on my part tho LOL) Ok so anyone else can feel free to correct me on this lol -> but afaik, no rejuv fanmerch is allowed to be sold by anyone besides devs (at this time). it can be made for personal usage and devs (aka. just zumi rn lmao) can sell but mostly due to i presume copyright worries etc, tend to avoid allowing the selling of them. giveaways would probably be fine I'm guessing? especially because iirc you only make the characters and not their mons with them, so tagging them without the pokemon ip is easy enough. shipping is also a thing(tm) to think about w so many plushies, but yea selling probably isn't an option (unless you end up receiving an individual private offer for a certain chara, in which case i guess there's nothing particularly stopping them from being sold...? just can't really be mass produced atm/public w/ the ip/pokemon ip attached afaik.) But that's just what i can think of right now. 1. bouncing off the Walls 2. 11 for sure and we must bear every second of it (affectionately) (answering 2 and 3) 2. i mean i kinda answered it above but i'll give a bonus 10 from my sorter results yippee. | Nymiera, Alexandra, Nim, Crescent, V | Erin, Madame X, Kieran, Puppet Master, Eizen | Talon, Kreiss, Damien, Karen, Vitus | 3. i think if you see it out of jail.... it's already over for you ........... 1. what everyone else said. nopeeeee 2. Axelllllll! ... and that's lowkey it hJHHJSHJS. 3. 15 + .karma + 12 (spicy i know) + 13 + 7 (i really like all of terajuma now tbh i always feel like i gotta put one of those chapters when answering this but i rotate between which one) ALEXANDRA IS UNDERRATED AND I STAND BY THAT. SO MUCH Crescent used to be underrated but with .5 people have warmed up drastically so also Nymiera and Vitus are underrated; for story reasons. not bc theyre good people. sidequest wise... mmmmmm.... Alexandra's sidequests. if you couldnt tell there appears to be a Pattern (answering 1) Okay even i can agree that the moth (aevian volcarona) is definitely... something. it ESPECIALLY overperformed before it got nerfed (we thought intimidate was a good idea on it. and by we i mena it was entirely my fault at first) Even know it's known for causing mayhem. Froslass also 'kind of' overperforms. And by kinda I mean, adaptability water spout IS a bit insane, albeit just curbed enough by Froslass only having 85 spatk), but the problem is that despite all its utility it does kinda Lose its niche and start to Underperform if you were to remove it bc it doesn't have enough bulk really to do some other silly things. (Like I know Soak/Giga Drain is popular, etc). Only slightly though, but it still drags it down a little more than it should if it Were to lose the insanity. Underperformed.... Musharna and the Palossands... they're so cool design wise and tough claws is a really nice ability for Musharna but they just. Simply Do Not Vibe w the state of the world. I would've said Parasect for overperforms too but I feel as if that is biased and I am the Only one with Beef with that Mushroom. karma is just petty and doesn't like being called mean things :((((((((((((((( that's bullying. you kick karma???? you kick karma like football???? jail for melia, jail for 1000 years [that's all for now :3 until someone asks something else I can answer,,,,]
  3. Hello hello to all whom gather! My name is Cerise. And many others, but like, the most common is Cerise. I've been doing digital art and design for approximately 8.5 years, and proper commissions themselves for around two. More often now that I got the big boi bills to pay. I specialize in general digital art, as well as character/creature design and concept art in general! Figured I'd plop these down here in case anyone would be interested. Please make sure to read the following links properly! and stuff. ═ ❀•°❀°•❀ ═ PRICINGS/EXAMPLES ═ TOS ═ Carrd/Portfolio ═ ❀•°❀°•❀ ═ You MUST read and agree to the TOS in order for me to accept your commission. The consequences of breaking TOS, etc, are located within the document itself. You may also find more consistent example updates on my Twitter (CeriseCrescent) or tumblr (cerise-moon). I do make sure to consistently update the portfolio and document with newer material when I can, however. Designs are something that will be discussed in more detail! If a design already has a bit of a ref to work off of (i.e. with alternative Pokemon forms, or 'character creation' type sites/apps), it will likely cost much less than making a design completely from scratch. Prices are "base starting" or "average" prices. They won't go up that much more, however, provided the character being drawn is not extremely complicated or specifically has some design aspect that will take longer to draw. ═ ❀•°❀°•❀ ═ *I'm also still working on honing pixel art skills + animation skills, so I may offer those in the future as well! ═ ❀•°❀°•❀ ═ ═ ❀•°❀°•❀ ═ Thank you for reading/considering, and I look forward to working with anyone whom may choose to! ^^ If you are interested, I recommend you contact me either through Discord (CeriseCrescent#6540) or email (ceriseblossome@gmail.com) Twitter and tumblr are also options if it is necessary, however Twitter is broken to hell and back right now and tumblr is full of less professionalism, more clownery. *Additional Note : payment through Ko-Fi is also an option should the client not wish to use PayPal due to privacy reasons! ᓚᘏᗢ :3
  4. Happy birthday Ceri!! I really hope you'll have a wonderful day 🤗🎂

  5. Aevis - Willow Axel - Silver Ariana - Cherry Aevia - Blossom Alain - Snow ( not Snowball. ) Aero - Eagle Ana - Hope
  6. Rejuvenation does not have any online features; which also means no trading.
  7. Turns out to get better at spriting I gotta actually sprite things???? Wack

  8. ( Note- do not try to eat them. trust me. i tried. you will regret it )
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