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  1. If you want you can post your safe file here, and I'll figure out a way to beat her, and describe it step by step. It's easier than to theorize with the sets you have posted.
  2. Do you mind linking it? Because I got my info from the wiki as well.
  3. she has 31 speed IVs, and 252 EVs
  4. Okay, pls don't judge me for this question, I'm aware that it might sound dumb - I just seriously don't know much about this: Is it possible to get this to play on a Wii console? I know it is possible with RPG Maker 2000/2003 games, but from what I've read, it's not possible with this. So I just wanted to make sure before I give up.
  5. Ah, I see you: This is your way of letting us know that we do it Insurgence-style and go to lv120. No need to confirm, no need to be ashamed
  6. Thank you! That´s what I assumed it was. I was just confused by the fact that there´s no custom sprites yet. So they look the same but have different typings (and possibly movepools)?
  7. Sorry if I´m being dumb, but I don´t quite understand what this is. Would you mind enlightening me? My download speed is too slow at the moment to download it.
  8. This banner looks awesome! One little blunder: "- In order to begin E17's story, you will need to head to Calcenon City~ "
  9. Oh, I never knew that. Thanks for the clarification!
  10. I like your story Just two questions: Forest´s Curse *adds* the grass-typing, so it should be a water/normal/grass type and Phantom Force should not hit anyways. So the AI applying Forest´s Curse can´t really be the main problem. Or am I wrong? And how can Soaks code be the same? It´s different than Forest´s Curse and Trick-or-Treat since it actually makes the target a pure water type instead of adding grass/ghost.
  11. That is amazing, we need more people like you on wondertrade! One more Bidoof and I´m going crazy =)
  12. Hey, not entirely stuck since I can still use Waterfall. But that´s all I can do. Can´t even use Escape Rope or initiate a battle to faint my Pokemon =( Game.rxdata
  13. Can give you: froakie all mystery egg pokemons non-capturing in other ways -> Larvesta all past episodes pokemons removed -> don´t remember which ones got removed. Do you have examples sviny charmander bubassaur mudkip squirtle misdreavus Looking for: umbreon gothielle archen audino thror sandslash farfetch'd weepimbel ariados ponyta donphan scatterbug trubbish poliwag poochyena
  14. Would you even include mareep?
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