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  1. There's a bunch of perfect Dittos out there, since manipulating IVs in Reborn is pretty easy. So it's basically just a question of whether you accept those as 'legitimate' or not. I know a bunch of people who don't wanna edit the IVs of every single Pokemon, but still accept a little bit of 'cheating' by using a perfect Ditto. But yea, if you wanna go completely 'legal', then your best bet is to get a combination of 7 Pokemon with perfect IVs to cover all Egg Groups and use those as parents instead of a Ditto.
  2. Let me know when you're around to trade. I gotta find the safe file with the Ditto. And yea, as the post above said, there's a mod that allows you to instantly breed / hatch, while keeping all other breeding mechanics as they were. But breeding a perfect IV Shiny is so much more rewarding when you had to walk around for a good while first :D Maybe it's something you wanna use to get the 'mons to cover all egg groups though, since those are more of a 'tool' than companions.
  3. Did you follow the guide? You gotta locate the safe file folder on your PC, remove the 'Game.rxdata' file (your current safe file), and then rename one of the backups to 'Game.rxdata'
  4. How are you attempting to open other save files? Are you properly renaming them?
  5. It kinda depends on how 'legal' you want it to be. Getting a natural 6x31 IV Ditto is obviously not realistic. The alternative to a perfect Ditto is having certain Pokemon to cover all egg groups (You'd need a combination of 7 Pokemon to achieve this). So to answer your question: Yes, it's possible to get a perfect Ditto, getting it legitimately is not realistic though. I personally would never consider manipulating IVs or Shiny status outside of breeding / items if they get introduced (so basically in-game methods) - because it kinda takes the value out of the real deal, yet even I decided to
  6. Where did you get this data? Because I didn't use any of them and completed it within the first week of the final update, meaning my data should be included. Or was it rounded to 100%? Regarding the game, I actually enjoyed it more than a 4/10, but a lot of your criticism is accurate. One thing that stood out to me was poor pacing, meaning sometimes the level curve was super flat, just to be super steep right after. And it's just overall not quite as clean as Reborn for example, with many little oversights - but I think especially those will get fixed in the final update (which btw
  7. If you want you can post a copy of your safe file and I'll try to find a step-by-step solution.
  8. Poipole is by far the rarest shiny in the game, and you can't breed it, so I won't be giving mine away. I think I have a Gastly though
  9. Sorry, I was busy over the weekend. I'm around whenever, just let me know
  10. 'so if anyone is ready to trade me a shiny type null or silvally' - so Silvally should be fine. The second one looks super good, but if it's all the same to you, then we can just let @Vis32pro pick the one they prefer
  11. Thanks for the offer, but as long as I keep my original one I don't really mind. What IVs does your Type: Null have - we can give away the better one. 31/31/31/20/29/8 is the one I have
  12. Okay, I happen to have two shiny type: null... I never wanted to give them away, since it would be unfair towards the others who want to have them too... But I guess with Christmas coming up I can make an exception - let me know when you're around to trade :)
  13. I've seen a few people ask for shiny Type: Null, and so far it hasn't looked like anyone would wanna trade theirs. Which is kinda understandable - why would you reset for a shiny just to trade the only available one away. That being said, what would you be willing to trade? There's no other Pokemon except shiny Poipole with a comparable value. So it would have to be something valuable like rare Items / (multiple) shiny starters, etc.
  14. LilyX

    shiny type null

    Hm, has been a while since I played, but iirc there was a moment after she talks before the battle starts where you can safe. That would speed things up. Otherwise there's not much you can do. But 3/100 isn't too bad, that's 1 shiny in 33 tries on average. Even if you get super unlucky you shouldn't have to try more than 100 times
  15. LilyX

    shiny type null

    Do you mind telling me how exactly you're hunting it / where you have saved the game?
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