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  1. Okay, pls don't judge me for this question, I'm aware that it might sound dumb - I just seriously don't know much about this: Is it possible to get this to play on a Wii console? I know it is possible with RPG Maker 2000/2003 games, but from what I've read, it's not possible with this. So I just wanted to make sure before I give up.
  2. Okay, which pokemon moves first is usually determined by two things: 1) its speed compared to the opposing pokemon and 2) the priority of its move. there are "priority brackets" ranging from +5 (Helping Hand) to -7 (Trick Room). most moves have 0. if a Pokemon uses a move with higher priority than the opponent's attack, then it will go first, no matter the speed of both Pokemon. Quick Claw and Custap Berry don't change the priority bracket you act in, but just move you up in the priority bracket you're already in. Earthquake, Stealth Rock and Rapid Spin all have a priority of 0, so all that matters here is speed. Now what confused me is that Custap Berry activates before Quick Claw. Quick Claw should activate first, no matter what the speed of the Pokemon is. Are you sure that's the order they got activated in? But yea, to make it short: Donphan is naturally faster than Bastiodon. Both Quick Claw and Custap have the same effect, so they basically chancel each other out here and the speed of the pokemon matters again as if there weren't any items. Edit: I also found a source for the stuff I wrote, so you don't have to blindly trust: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Priority
  3. https://pokemon-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Larvitar_Special_Encounter This should answer your question.
  4. LilyX

    LF Shiny Silvally

    Yea, no worries, shouldn't have any consequences. I just wanted to mention it, in case you consider it "cheating" and only want legitimate Shinies.
  5. LilyX

    LF Shiny Silvally

    This doesn't sound like a legitimate shiny. Considering Silvally / Type:Null can't breed. I know the Type:Null you catch comes with 31 IVs guaranteed in three stats, but the other stats are random. So this just seems like too much of a coincidence. But well, it's possible, just very unlikely - especially considering the source (Wonder Trade).
  6. Okay, these are different scenarios. - Sonic Boom always does exactly 20 hp damage (unless playing with rainbow field effect). This damage is not affected by the Pokemon's stats. As such, EVs and IVs and natures don't matter. -> If Sonic Boom did indeed do 18 damage, then a) there's something wrong with the move or b) you misremember. Try to replicate it and if it happens again, you can report it as error. - Other attacks like the Charge Beam which don't inflict fixed damage, inflict damage in a certain range. There are 16 damage rolls whenever a Pokemon uses one of those attacks, all of them being equally likely. Example: If a LV 40 Minun attacks a LV 40 Joltik with Charge Beam (and if there EVs are 0 - don't worry about this part), then these are the possible damage amounts: (16, 16, 16, 16, 17, 17, 17, 17, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 19). As you can see, the damage ranges from 16 - 19, with 18 being the most common. (https://calc.pokemonshowdown.com/ this is the tool I used to calculate the damage) - Lasty, I don't quite have enough information on the Poochyena / Igglybuff situation, but I know that Bite is NEVER able to 2hko Igglybuff if the Igglybuff is one level higher than the Poochyena. Maybe the Igglybuff's stats had been dropped before the Bite?
  7. Despite the increased odds I still find them to be special. I still remember hunting for certain shinies like Treecko, and the nice feeling when they finally showed up - which was like 2.5 years ago. So yea, not that rare, but still always a pleasure to find them.
  8. Maybe you mentioned it and I missed it: Which version are you on? 18.2?
  9. Okay, first off I think your view is quite biased because of your current frustration. In fact this game is very carefully balanced. It is "unfair" in the sense that gym leaders have access to better Pokemon, but you have to considering that you're not playing vs a human opponent. If you play vs Reborns AI with even teams, THEN it will be unbalanced - in your favour. So there has to be some sort of advantage for the gym leaders. "My friend, who brought me to Reborn, said you have switch between more pokemon in Reborn to get through. No, I do not want that." - If you do not "want that", then you can't really complain about the game being unbalanced and unfair. If I wanna win a soccer match but refuse to move around, then I won't win. But you can also limit this by doing some "research" into which good Pokemon are available early on. And regarding the level cap: If you train up multiple Pokemon, you rarely need Common Candy. I think Reborn doesn't make it a secret that it's rather difficult. But that's all it is - difficult. Not unfair, not unbalanced. If that is a big problem for you - which seems to be the case - there are some things you can do that do not include mindless grinding: - as mentioned above: "research" which good Pokemon are available early on. That way you don't have to train up a new team every gym. - figure out field effects and use them to your advantage - ask people to trade you better Pokemon - abuse the fact that you have a human brain and Reborn only has a predictable AI
  10. LilyX

    Hi Meet My Friend!

    Ah, I see you: This is your way of letting us know that we do it Insurgence-style and go to lv120. No need to confirm, no need to be ashamed
  11. You should get your facts straight, because this is just flat out wrong. Assist + Geomancy + Choice Item works exactly the same. And it makes sense too: 1. turn you choose to execute assist (so now you are locked into assist) -> this lets you call Geomancy. 2. turn you have only the option to execute Geomancy, which is impossible due to the choice item -> it fails.
  12. That´s not a glitch. That´s how the interaction is intended to work.
  13. Thank you! That´s what I assumed it was. I was just confused by the fact that there´s no custom sprites yet. So they look the same but have different typings (and possibly movepools)?
  14. Sorry if I´m being dumb, but I don´t quite understand what this is. Would you mind enlightening me? My download speed is too slow at the moment to download it.
  15. Pretty late, but since no one ever answered: " In Generation VII, if Metronome calls a multi-turn move such as Rollout or Dig and its user is holding a Choice Band, Choice Specs, or Choice Scarf, the move will activate on the first turn, but will fail and end the move on the next turn. "
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