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  1. Temtem is just in a very early state so a lot of this stuff and problems temtem currently have will be iron out or fixed with each coming update, like the grinding or the lack of stuff to do.
  2. New Pokemon-like game goes into Early Access in a couple of weeks. Thoughts?
  3. Honestly, All we can do is hope that Gen 9 goes a lot smoother than SHSW, a LOT smoother
  4. I feel guilty for wanting to enjoy the games, I still see some value in them, even with all the controversy
  5. I'll be completely honest, I'm fine with the starters evos. I can't get too upset cause I feel like it's the same cycle all over again with every other gen... This is the cycle I'm referring to: Perhaps they are much better or decent in motion rather than standing still, Felt like it's been like this since gen 5 and onward...
  6. I can't stand the Gen 1 pandering, but I don't hate any mons for it... I'm just glad that their is a bunch of stuff that we don't know about... During Sun/Moon hype train, during the same time we had a trailer that show us EVERTHING, and we saw everything except Alaloan Geodude and the evolutionary line for it. Now we know so much and yet... so little at the same time
  7. I'm glad I wasn't the only one. Maybe it's a way to tell genders?
  8. I would love to test the game if given the option
  9. May I ask how does the Weather mod works. I downloaded it, but I kept the old script data in case I mess something up. I don't know exactly what to do cause I want to use the mod.
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