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  1. Excadrill isn't the ace of either of those trainers, though. It's just a mon they have, nothing special Garchomp could show up, I'm just saying I don't think it's very likely at all
  2. Don't really think it would make sense as anything but Dragon's Den, I think the only other fields which give serious boosts to dragons are Crystal Cave, Rainbow and New World? One of which we can pretty obviously rule out, and it's definitely not Rainbow either Primarina, Azumarill, Carbink and Mega Altaria all resist Fire but 3 of them are particularly slow (and Carbink is super weak) and the other doesn't have answers anyway, pretty sure any joe schmoe will be able to lead Mega Altaria and click Dragon Dance and there isn't a damn thing Saphira can do about it, +2 Pixilate Retur
  3. Hmm... let's see here: - Garchomp is probably a no, and Mega Garchomp is certainly a no, given it's the ace of two major trainers (Terra and Solaris) and one of those is another leader - Noivern seems very likely as the only mon that stops her getting 6-0'd by, well, opposing Noivern lol (but also Weavile, Naganadel, hail teams etc), though I suppose a Choice Scarf user works too - I don't think Dragalge is all that much of a certainty, given just how hard Fire coverage hits in the Dragon's Den field and how few Fairy types resist it, as well as its strong Water coverage being w
  4. Yep. Ability shuffling with an Ability Capsule will always go in a specific order, if you want to know it you can check the mon in question on Bulbapedia (EDIT: check the PBS files instead, I found that Hawlucha's order was mismatched between Reborn and Bulbapedia and it's possible this is the case for other mons). For example, Pachirisu is Run Away -> Pickup -> Volt Absorb (HA) -> Run Away. Hidden abilities are always the last ability. In Reborn, every ability has an equal chance of appearing, including the hidden ability. Going back to Pachirisu, when you first get it yo
  5. oh veil + snow warning is absolutely broken, it just so happens that ninetales is the only remotely fast setter for it. I think dual Ice STAB is better than ice + fairy tbh because you really want both blizzard and freeze-dry but there's an argument to be made for the coverage for sure
  6. well if we're talking any obtainable pokemon, the ultimate team is naganadel, but discounting that... you can definitely create a squad of 6 (or less, even - it's been done with 3) that'll get through the game but you need to know what you're going up against beforehand to plan out the team generally speaking, for a 6-mon approach screens (male meowstic is the go-to for most but that's mostly because it's available so early, klefki and alolan ninetales are just better imo) and blaziken are both near-mandatory, and other very strong picks include diggersby, honchkrow and
  7. Aside from ""cheese"" strategies like Perish Song, Mirror Coat, Bulldoze/Magnitude/Earthquake + Sturdy etc. there are a few ways you can just kill the Arceus: - Tailwind allows most reasonably fast mons to outspeed Arceus, and there are great setters available in either Noivern or Talonflame. One of the most notable abusers is Medicham who can nearly OHKO Arceus (81.5% - 96.7% with a perfect IV and neutral nature, with a boosting nature it even has a chance to OHKO - this is assuming Arceus has an even EV spread) with EV training. - All of Arceus' attacking moves have associat
  8. Noibat is waaaaay too weak for this fight, being an unevolved Zubat equivalent, but you can switch train (or Rare Candy) over the level cap to evolve it, then Common Candy back to 45. Medicham can't actually get a (good) Psychic move until a bit later (needs to either breed with Kadabra for Psycho Cut, or visit the relearner for Zen Headbutt), but its High Jump Kick will still hit like a freight train and it can get +3 attack using Meditate so it should still do great.
  9. You could buy a Metronome at the department store, powering up consecutive attacks. 3rd floor, I think.
  10. Facade is sold in the Game Corner over in the Onyx Ward, while rocks can be found all over the region - under the Grand Staircase, in the mountains both south of Shade's gym and north of Corey's, in the cave on the northern side of Apophyll Beach. You'll find more shortly after Kiki too, and eventually you'll get access to items which let you "retry" a particular mining rock once. When looking for a specific item from mining rocks, you can save just before trying, and reload if you don't get what you need, essentially giving you infinite tries. Although - I think I was
  11. Actually, Drapion (or really any Dark type) is amazing for this fight. All of her mons that use Strength as their Fighting STAB are helpless against it, as the move is part Psychic on this field. This includes Machamp, Gallade, and Toxicroak (and Medicham, but it also knows Drain Punch). Teach it Facade via TM to hit Toxicroak and you're golden. This turns the battle into an effective 5v3 and Blaziken should have little trouble cleaning up with Bulk Up + Speed Boost. If Drapion can't beat those mons outright for some reason, use it as a pivot to absorb Strength and heal up the rest
  12. if Chatot is your issue, try buying some Persim Berries from the department store in Obsidia, and slapping them on whatever your bulkiest mons are (in this case give Mareep a few levels, at least get it to 25 or so, if not 30 for Ampharos). Chatter's 100% confuse rate is no longer an issue as you can easily tank a Chatter and hit back without having a 50/50 chance to dunk yourself. you can also use Soundproof Loudred if you happened to pick up the Whismur event, or Own Tempo mons like Numel, Spoink/Grumpig, and Glameow/Purugly that don't need a berry. the most niche opt
  13. Hippowdon, if I remember correctly, is in... Tanzan Mountain, where you're about to fight the Steelix? At that point you're about to get access to Tauros and Swellow who give Stoutland extremely stiff and direct competition as fast, physical attacking normal types, as well as Miltank, Bewear and Bouffalant. You're not far off from Silvally either, who even without a memory is reasonably effective with Crunch, a reliable and powerful STAB in Multi-Attack, and the 2nd strongest Explosion in the game making it a great boss buster. I'll admit Stoutland is a great revenge killer but as an attacker
  14. Sand: I tend not to consider "random mon with Sand Veil" a "sand abuser" but fair enough if that's your style, it just feels like I could get the same result slapping brightpowder on without having to set weather. Lycanroc is already faster than everything without Sand Rush and Sandslash/Dugtrio kinda suck (outside of like right when you get them, since not many grounds are available then) due to having essentially mono-Ground coverage. Stoutland is outclassed by other Normal types by the time you have a sand setter. Alakazam and Clefable are just miscellaneous mons immune to Sand damage, you
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