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  1. Earthquake on that field gains an additional Rock typing, and Steelix is 4x resistant to rock, resulting in an overall 2x resistance to Earthquake.
  2. Apart from the advice Lorane gave, I'd just like to suggest some new movesets: It's a bit of work, but you can breed Close Combat onto Arcanine for a powerful option against Rock types. This makes both Bulldoze and Iron Head somewhat redundant, giving you room to run Crunch and then either Heat Wave for doubles, Fire Fang as a more reliable physical STAB, Thunder Fang for Water types, or Extreme Speed like you have now. Cincinno starts to lack in raw power in the late game, so giving it some utility moves might not be a bad idea, to abuse its massive speed stat. Knock Off is a great start, but consider replacing one of Rock Blast or Bullet Seed with Encore to lock opponents into status moves and give yourself free turns. Sing is also an option, but smart use of Encore makes it mostly obsolete, and its accuracy leaves something to be desired. If you go full physical on Lucario, I'd recommend a set with Close Combat, Meteor Mash, Extreme Speed and Swords Dance. Close Combat should OHKO anything that doesn't resist after a boost, Meteor Mash hits Fairy types, and Extreme Speed is for anything faster than Lucario. Full special, you could run a similar set with Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon, Nasty Plot and either Agility or a coverage move like Dark Pulse or Shadow Ball. Mixed is also an option but isn't the strongest IMO; you lack either coverage or power, or both if it's not built just right. The most I'd do with a mixed set is run Hidden Power Ice on a physical set to deal with something like Gliscor or Garchomp that might live an unboosted Ice Punch.
  3. Seel The Deal


    I'd just explore, make sure you didn't miss any major quests or event 'mons (clear out Aventurine Woods, finish the frankenstein quest down on 7th street, etc). If you do that, you shouldn't even really have much reason to go back until you're given the chance anyway. Some notable things you might have missed (spoilered just in case):
  4. - Destiny Bond + Quick Claw - Perish Song + Prankster - 3x Bulldoze/Earthquake/Magnitude + Sturdy - Paralysis -> throw bodies at it until it dies - PP stall with Ghost (lures Shadow Ball) + Normal (lures Focus Blast + Judgement) - Toxic - Strong, fast/specially bulky EV trained attackers e.g. Noivern (Boomburst, Super Fang), A-Raichu (Psychic), Ampharos (Power Gem), Medicham (High Jump Kick, this should OHKO cleanly if you land it) These are all the ways I've either seen done or done myself, though there may be more. Tanking strats aren't really a thing because Judgement is field boosted super hard and it has perfect neutral coverage, but overpowering it is entirely possible with a well raised set of attackers near the level cap, and outsmarting it is doable in a number of ways.
  5. Well, beyond just in-game RNG rolls, there's also what moves the opponent uses and what 'mon they target in Doubles - so I guess just "RNG manipulation" doesn't really cover it, more of a "battle sandbox" would be needed. Hmm, field effect alteration... not quite the same, but now I'm imagining a run where the field effect changes every turn. Would be very possible to mod I'd assume, and although it probably wouldn't be super difficult it would be pretty chaotic and silly and would be very entertaining to see
  6. I started a run a while ago (never finished, didn't have the motivation) where every battle had to be completed in 6 turns or less, and additional "soft" rules for using as few 'mons as possible and not overleveling. The early game is pretty whatever with stuff like Kricketune and Mightyena existing but later battles take quite some strategy (although I never finished the run, I did plan out a large chunk of it - special mentions to mixed Blaziken and intentionally not max speed Dugtrio for making their appearances). Although there is one battle which may not be doable at all, but ehhhhhhhhhhh I also have to wonder: if there were some external tool to manipulate the RNG, would a Worst Luck Possible run be at all doable? Given the standard rules for that run you'd have to consider: - Nuzlocke = variable encounters, so your only guaranteed powerhouse early on is your starter (Kricketune can't use Fury Cutter without an X Accuracy!) - Chance-based field effects are brutal (e.g. Aster+Eclipse under the stairway, your Rock attacks are useless and theirs are most likely super effective + guaranteed crits and flinches) - No "suicide cheese" like DBond Murkrow, as WLP rules state you can only make sacrifices if there is no way to prevent a death - Similarly, rotations aren't as strong because you can only swap 'mons if it would prevent a death Mind you I imagine some of the rules would be toned down for a Reborn version, plus there are some advantages e.g. early anti-crit ability with Turtwig, early Lucky Chant users, lots of early bugs with Shield Dust etc. Still would be a brutal experience, and very likely not possible to fully complete - but seeing how far you could go would be interesting.
  7. Reborn: The attack on Agate City. Felt good to wipe Meteor off the map there, even if shit hit the fan with Lin afterwards. Rejuvenation: Haven't played through all the way and don't plan to anytime soon, but for now probably the help quests. They're a nice way to encourage exploration and reward the player for it at the same time, and that's a design choice I can get behind.
  8. Well, what does Whimsicott do besides set Tailwind? It doesn't get Rain Dance or Sandstorm (for Swampert/Excadrill respectively), it doesn't get Taunt, its only offensive niche is the highly unreliable Prankster Nature Power, so... Light Screen + Charm? Memento, if you want that in one slot? If you run a hyper offense that could work, but Togekiss is generally outclassed by faster Flying types that can abuse stronger moves without setup like Brave Bird and Hurricane on those archetypes. You could run Sunny Day on Whimsicott, but then you'd have to wonder why you're spending two slots on Togekiss and Whimsicott on a sun team that already gets to abuse huge threats like mixed Growth Venusaur, Charizard, and Mega Houndoom. I'd recommend Scizor (benefits from Tailwind itself immensely, replacing strong priority with doubled speed; resists Ice and Poison and smashes Rock types) or Gliscor (it's another Flying type BUT, it only shares the Ice weakness, it's very effective against Rock, Electric, Steel AND Poison, it's one of the bulkiest 'mons you can get your hands on, and gets Swords Dance naturally for a double dance set; unfortunately it has to rely on Bulldoze and Aerial Ace/Sky Attack for dual STAB (or Acrobatics, if you're willing to forgo the insane survivability boost from Toxic Orb and use a Flying Gem instead)). It's worth nothing, though, that Togekiss can totally run Tailwind on its own. It wouldn't work for a pure support set with Heal Bell, but Nasty Plot sets could pull it off with an attack combo of Air Slash and Aura Sphere, and support sets not running Heal Bell and Thunder Wave can make great use of it. (That being said, I don't think Heal Bell is any good outside of competitive play; when the name of the game is balanced offense you don't see too much crippling status flying around - mostly just 10% burn/para chances from stuff that kills in 2-3 hits anyway.)
  9. Really there's nothing wrong with max speed Togekiss, keep in mind it has a massive base 120 special attack and will absolutely tear things apart even before Nasty Plot, and that its natural bulk will let it live weaker SE hits and strong neutral ones more often than not. I wouldn't recommend Thunder Wave with max speed though, better to go with Aura Sphere or Flamethrower as coverage to hit Steel types, as Thunder Wave's main use is for bulkier setups to outspeed for flinch hax. I will say though, max HP has a lot of merit as a Wish user, with a set like Wish/Thunder Wave/Air Slash/Protect, Roost, Flamethrower, etc. I don't recommend dual STAB for a defensive set, as then you either give up utility or coverage against Steel types. Your choice at that point to invest in defense or special attack for the other 252 EVs (wouldn't recommend special defense myself, it's pretty overkill). Offensive Togekiss goes really well with a Sticky Web user like Galvantula and appreciates teammates that deal with Electric and Poison types like Excadrill (who ALSO happens to be almost as good with webs as it is with sand) or Nidoking. A core like that would be able to cover most of your team's offensive needs, with a few rare exceptions like Gliscor. Alternatively, a Tailwind setter can give it the speed it needs against faster teams, but most Tailwind users share its Flying type so you have to be wary about what partners you choose. Defensive Togekiss prefers partners that have good type synergy, so something that's bulky, benefits greatly from Wish support and a Fighting resist, and resists Steel, Ice or Electric, and Rock is ideal - something like Steelix or Mega Aggron would be good.
  10. I'm not saying you have a problem with Fairy types, but that you could use one to patch up a Dragon weakness
  11. Golem can be replaced by Rhyperior very soon, or Alolan Golem right now, and both are pretty much straight upgrades. Other than that you have a complete lack of Dragon resists so a Fairy type like Sylveon, Clefable (soon) or Ribombee could be good to invest in; alternatively, a Steel type like Aggron or Steelix would be a good addition.
  12. Nidoqueen/king actually don't mind the lack of TMs. They get Earth Power naturally and Sludge Wave pretty early, queen gets Superpower, Toxic Spikes and Crunch naturally, and Flamethrower and Surf are very viable options. Thunderbolt is also available now actually, just before Hardy. For Sharpedo, I personally like a set of Waterfall/Crunch/Ice Fang/Destiny Bond, but Poison Fang, Psychic Fangs, Protect and Aqua Jet are good options too. As an aside, I'm gonna go against the grain here since people are mentioning this: I wouldn't say Arcanine is a wasted slot with Blaziken. They perform very different roles and Arcanine is generally just better in doubles. (edit for clarity: not saying it should be a main member of the team but it's worth swapping in sometimes still)
  13. Male Meowstic is one of the best support 'mons in Reborn (prankster dual screens + misty terrain + fake out/psychic) and goes especially well with Blaziken, but if you end up wanting something more offensive you can evolve that Eevee into an Espeon, wait for Abra, or just keep Starmie around. They all need TMs for screens (except Abra who gets Reflect naturally) but are otherwise great alternative choices with much better special attack and a base speed increase of 6, 16 and 11 respectively. I'd recommend adding in Durant or Escavalier rather than Klinklang. Better typings, better moves, hit like monster trucks, and the former is super fast while the latter is bulky and reliable throughout a fight. If you end up replacing Starmie and keeping Meowstic, you'll want something that can handle ground types, since your team right now is bad enough against them with Starmie, let alone if you're gonna add one or more Steel types. Gogoat is pretty good and available very soon after Noel, and that Lotad you have in your box will put in work as long as you don't evolve it too early and miss out on moves like Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Knock Off and Hydro Pump.
  14. Depends. Rhyperior is practically invincible physically, even tanking weaker physical Grass and Water moves from full health with Solid Rock, or supporting teammates like Gyarados in Doubles with Lightning Rod. It also hits a bit harder than Mamoswine with stronger moves and higher Attack, but has a worse STAB combo and thus needs to dedicate all its moveslots to attacking, and its low speed means anything that threatens it forces it out. Mamoswine has more freedom with its moveslots since it only misses out on Shedinja, Araquanid and Golisopod, and it's also much faster which allows it to nuke certain things that threaten it before they can move. Good options, apart from the obligatory Icicle Crash and Earthquake, include Stealth Rock, Superpower, Ice Shard, and Bulldoze/Rock Tomb (Stealth Rock and Superpower I believe you don't get yet but will fairly soon). Also worth noting, since you said you've just beat Terra, that Mamoswine has an overall better matchup against the upcoming leaders aside from Hardy.
  15. A physical ground type like Dugtrio or Sandslash will do massive damage before it gets its first attack, and after that you just need to react to what type Protean shifts it to and nail it with SE attacks from the rest of your team (you can cover every type it switches to - Ground, Poison, Water, Electric). You're mostly struggling because your team is primarily special attackers - PULSE Muk has special bulk eclipsing Blissey's, so you basically have to set up to +6 beforehand to do any damage with special attackers.
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