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  1. You can also forgo said items entirely in favor of abilities like Prankster and Sturdy, or even just Intimidate. Air Balloon + Dragon resist works wonders too, and I've personally experienced Aromatisse tanking an Earthquake outright. That being said, there's a Focus Sash under the Grand Staircase and in the Bysbyxion secret tunnel, and a Quick Claw in the Onyx Ward.
  2. Light Ball Pikachu hits stupid hard, especially with Volt Tackle, but it's always had the problem of being too frail, and, frankly, too slow (90 base speed hasn't been impressive since Gen 4). Both forms of Raichu perform much more consistently and effectively against almost everything. It is, however, very satisfying to OHKO even resists with Volt Tackle on a NFE 'mon.
  3. Gogoat, Gogoat, and more Gogoat. Aside from our lord and savior (Gogoat), keep an eye out for stuff like Shroomish, Snivy, and Bulbasaur in the late game. Mid game is a tad barren for good grass 'mons it feels, but you can still make use of Tangrowth, Roserade and Shiinotic from earlier in the game. As for Flying, Swellow, Noivern and Crobat are some of the best offensive powerhouses, and the latter 2 are pretty tough to take down too. Noctowl is a good screens setter with a surprisingly vast offensive movepool (but relatively weak stats), and some other weird picks like Sigilyph and Altaria have their niches.
  4. I actually don't think full physical is the way to go. Arcanine works best in Doubles and even without EV investment, missing out on Heat Wave there is a huge mistake. Flare Blitz/Heat Wave/Close Combat for necessities, and then the last slot can be any of Thunder Fang, Crunch or Extreme Speed. If you do want to go full physical anyway, then Heat Wave can be replaced by Extreme Speed and the last slot becomes a choice of 2 moves. As for items, Assault Vest once you get it is amazing. Boosting a bulky Pokemon's effective Defense and Special Defense by 50% immediately on switching in is super strong and lets you get away with some really, really dumb stuff. The only real alternatives are Leftovers and Charcoal/Flame Plate since everything else has too big a downside.
  5. Ninetales is also her ace, meaning she sends it out last. Proper management of her team will make it a 2v1 scenario, and at that point the sun is irrelevant.
  6. Lycanroc when properly EV trained is faster than all of Charlotte's mons, which lets you essentially just spam Rock Slide and win (though I doubt Lycanroc quite OHKOs Ninetales or Rotom like Archeops does), but if you're not looking to EV train then Gigalith's defenses are a more reliable choice. Mind you, there's nothing really stopping you bringing both If neither works for you, Walrein is an amazing choice for this gym, you can change the field and set Rain on turn 1 and then spam Surf, with Thick Fat making up for not being resistant to Fire.
  7. For Hardy, I just sent out Steelix with a seed, spammed Curse and let my other 'mons die as fodder while Steelix became invincible. the original plan was to have Swampert also spam Curse but uhhhhh it died turn one
  8. That's not really a great way to think about it? It's like saying Amaria's Mega Swampert isn't a threat because you can bring Shedinja. More relevantly, it's like saying Dragonite isn't a threat because you can use Destiny Bond and be done with it. If Conkeldurr ends up being Saphira's bane then so be it. SOMETHING is gonna be good against her, otherwise it wouldn't be a good battle, right? And Tyrantrum does have things going for it. It has more open moveslots, a different typing that better abuses the fields offensively, and hits MUCH harder thanks to Head Smash and having room to run Outrage (and, potentially, Choice Band).
  9. Cofagrigus is an amazing offensive Trick Room setter (and arguably one of the best Ghosts in Reborn), with amazing physical defense, good special defense, terrible speed, decent special attack and access to Nasty Plot. Reuniclus is an option, with Regenerator, very high Special attack, and access to Calm Mind and lots of good special moves. Typing is underwhelming, though - pure Psychic isn't great. If you want another Grass-type to replace Exeggutor, you could consider Gourgeist. Great support movepool and even better bulk than Cofagrigus. Bronzong's already been mentioned as a very nice setter, but I'd like to mention that it also gets dual screens AND stealth rock so it's very customizable. Aromatisse is noteworthy as not only the sole viable Fairy type Trick Room setter, but also the only one that's immune to Taunt and Encore. It's not great otherwise, but it's worth a mention.
  10. At least one Scarf user is practically guaranteed, as Naganadel would outspeed any other possible Dragon besides Noivern (as long as it's above level 94) and uh, Mega Sceptile lol. Garchomp would be the best user of this, since it also covers Steel types that don't mind a Fire attack (Empoleon, Aggron, Bronzong etc), and has moves to abuse the Cave field; however, Garchomp is already the ace of two major trainers, so it's more likely we'll see Flygon or Kommo-o. Mega Charizard X would make sense as the mega given the Dragon's Den field boosts, the neutrality to Fairy attacks and Charizard's resemblance to a dragon even in its base form. Noivern seems likely as not only does it outspeed Naganadel and, so long as it's level 97 or higher, Weavile, but it also works in the Cave field (one Hydro Vortex away) with Boomburst. That being said, Ciel has one of these already, so we'll see. Dragonite is already confirmed and is more than likely her ace. You can bet your ass it's running Roost and there's a decent chance it's running Dragon Dance too, so that leaves Dragon STAB and the obvious Fire coverage. It's not impossible that we see Earthquake or something, I just don't think it's all that likely. Apart from this, it's a matter of coverage and field abuse. Dragalge covers fairies, but its Hydro Pump is weakened in the Dragon's Den. Turtonator shares a typing with Charizard X and is slow, relatively weak, and specially frail. Goodra... just doesn't seem like something Saphira would use. Kingdra, same problem as Dragalge but without the benefits. So who else can get in? - Tyrantrum is a great Dragon Dance user and abuses both Dragon's Den and Cave fields to their fullest extent with Strong Jaw + Fire Fang, Head Smash/Stone Edge/Rock Slide, and Dragon Claw/Outrage. - Salamence is set apart from Dragonite with higher speed and sweeping potential, but doesn't abuse the field nearly as well. I'd mostly expect to see this one if we get bamboozled and Charizard actually isn't the mega. - Hydreigon is the single hardest-hitting 'mon Saphira could possibly use besides based Drampa, though I don't think this is likely to appear as it's Lin's ace and the two of them aren't exactly best buds. - Haxorus might make an appearance as the least noteworthy 'mon on her team. Hits hard, at least. - Whichever of Flygon and Kommo-o didn't get the Scarf slot. Let's keep in mind too - not all her 'mons need to have a direct counterplay to Fairy types, and it's okay (and probably a good thing, from a game design standpoint) for some to be very vulnerable to them. Most good Fairy types are under base 80 speed, and of those that aren't, which ones hard enough to OHKO bulky Dragons? Don't say Ribombee. Not to mention, Saphira has the level advantage too. I'd be more worried about covering field changes (while still retaining the ability to abuse Dragon's Den), which would mean dealing with Rock and Ice types. I'd be super disappointed if Saphira didn't have any Rock counters because it would be far, far too easy to Hydro Vortex and let monsters like Rhyperior, Aggron, and especially Minior go to work. That's just my take on it, anyway. I wasn't considering themes super hard (come on, Ciel had a hunk of rock and a ball of fluff as two of her most threatening 'mons) but didn't want to ignore them outright. A different take might try to craft the perfect battle team, or carefully consider which 'mons make sense given Saphira's character and ties to other characters, or try to cover as many field effects as possible. I'm sure we'll all be wrong anyway, but that's the beauty of it, isn't it?
  11. Ludicolo and Shedinja both meme all over Amaria if you want an easy out. Other than that, try changing the field, and make sure your fast 'mons are floating or flying in some way so they don't have a speed penalty (Air Balloon can work). Greninja, Metagross and Flygon are all not great choices for this fight, I'd invest in a Grass type, or an Ice type with Freeze Dry + Blizzard (for changing the field, Vanilluxe gets both, sets Hail on switchin, and has very high Special Attack)
  12. You could probably handle the one catch per area (if a player's captured pokemon is from an area, disable balls in that area, or something along those lines - then disable releasing pokemon, and have a dedicated death box) and nickname rules too, although it may not be desirable to do the latter. Dupes clause could probably be enforced in a similar way to one catch per area. Still nothing stopping a player from resetting if something goes wrong though. Honestly though, just having one single "Nuzlocke mode" is either too restrictive or does too little to be worthwhile. Too many variations on the challenge nowadays. Might've worked 20 years ago...
  13. It's not an option. Nuzlocke is a self-imposed challenge, some fangames make it an option (Reborn will in the future in some way, I believe) but usually you still have to impose certain restrictions on yourself to make it a "full" nuzlocke experience
  14. I've also seen people say they can but don't have to skip duplicates, though I'm not certain how much benefit there really is to that, and most people just end up skipping dupes anyway.
  15. also, lots of people for Reborn-style fangames in particular limit themselves to one wild AND one event/trade/gift per uniquely-named area, so as to not either get too few or too many event encounters. other optional rules include: - all Shade/Anna relationship points - set mode - no items in battle - one I personally use is to not use Torchic as a starter, since it runs over half the gyms in the game singlehandedly
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