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  1. I just entered Hardy's gym for the first time and, well.. how are people supposed to do it without audio, other than brute force or looking up a guide? Are people who, for whatever reason, can't hear whatever's being played just effed? Obviously since it can be brute-forced, there's no hard requirement to being able to hear. But still, I would've expected some sort of.. leeway, I guess? for people who can't hear. Nevermind people who don't know musical notes or can't tell them apart. I'm not demanding it should change, it's just rather jarring, given the, eh.. pro-diversity thing the devs are rocking. But it's kinda peeving that it's a puzzle that some people literally can't do without looking up the solution for or brute-forcing it. (for the record, I'm mostly not deaf. I do however have hearing problems, and if I didn't have a guide I'd just give up until someone solved this gym for me) Actually, I'm going to be somewhat more hostile than I intended: this puzzle is exactly the same as having a colour puzzle without consideration for colour-blind people. Taking the extra step so that a handful of people with disabilities can play your game is, IMO, a thing people should do if they can.
  2. here is another verision it's still great still spine-compressing "It would be useless to describe the playing of Erich Zann on that dreadful night. It was more horrible than anything I had ever overheard, because I could now see the expression of his face, and could realise that this time the motive was stark fear. He was trying to make a noise; to ward something off or drown something out—what, I could not imagine, awesome though I felt it must be. The playing grew fantastic, delirious, and hysterical, yet kept to the last the qualities of supreme genius which I knew this strange old man possessed."
  3. this man is absolutely amazing he conjures such amazing horror and unspekable tension from the chello it is mortifying, petrifying, electrifying! I mean this is legit effing art terrifying, nerve-wracking, immersive, complete ART and, yes, this is just one young dude on a cello in a little art gallery thing in front of a tiny audience that don't deserve him
  4. ame just posted on discord Hype +19
  5. I choose to live dangerously. Hype +1
  6. refreshing every half an hour or so this is healthy
  7. was hoping I'd not have to, but I suppose you're right. If I need to send the savefile or send screenshots, I'll do my best to remember to censor anything inappropriate. (and, yes, I did read the guidelines. I don't like them, but when in rome etc.) on an unrelated note, I am looking forwards to this so much that I can't get my focus to study. I just go back to this website and refresh. glad I'm not using a school and am only beholden to myself, but still. even if I'm not going to see much in the way of new content for potentially well over a 100 hours, I can't stop fidgeting in anticipation to going to an even better reborn.
  8. because that's just how I am? I don't have this "slurs=hate" thing going on; I refer to people with slurs when I feel friendly towards them. Likewise, when I like a given pokémon, my heart wants to name them appropriately. It actually takes a degree of effort on my part to not use foul language or slurs. Heck, look at the OP, where she said "we're just two bitches" or something of the sort. Don't get me wrong, most of my pokémon aren't named as slurs. But certain pokémon are always named as slurs, and that's just what my subconscious has decided. (some pokémon, like tentacool/tentacruel are always named Hentai, for example. that's just been decided, and that's just how it is)
  9. not sure I follow. tbf it's 3:30 and I just finished rejuvenation and a teensy bit of wine I'd use the debug mode to give myself masterballs and change the EVs and IVs of my pokemon, maybe cheat in some max revives and such. I'd let you guys know I had debug mode on, obviously, but still. unless the debug mode is bugged or weird, I don't use RPG maker...... yet. also, on a less related topic, how would my bug reports etc. be taken if I have excessively vulgar names? as in slurs. as in I tend to name pretty pink and good pokemon f-word (used for homosexual men) because that's just how I am. I'd also use the n-word if I felt it fitting for a pokemon. Various references to genitalia and bodily functions. would I need to censor it for bug reports, or should I just not send any?
  10. Cats and dogs living together!? DOOM IS UPON US! THE END IS NIGH! AND SO ON! On a less serious note, if I were to participate in the beta, and use the debug menu to give myself master balls and set the IVs & EVs etc, would my bug reports still be considered valid? I'd like to contribute/participate, but I've played pokémon since yellow, and I've spent far too much time trying to catch pokémon, let alone doing training and breeding.
  11. I am so not ok with this. Once we get our grubby little hands on this update, every other pokémon game will just be trash by comparison. The game already makes 99% of pokémon games look bad, but now the difference will be insurmountable. Jeez, you people are like drug dealers. Get us hooked on your high-quality product, making sure that we'll not experience any joy from anything else. What next? Episode 20 in 5 years, installing it will turn our PCs into robotic maids with soft yet firm hands with which they'll give us full-body massages, scrub all the hard-to-reach places when we bathe, cook for us, pay our bills and exercise for us? It'll be so good that we abandon humanity for good, living a life of luxurious & blissful idleness in the ever-loving hands of our robotic servitors?
  12. I vote no, because I don't like change. I looked up the effect of frostbite, and am neutral towards it. But I think it's an unnecessary change, so my vote remains.
  13. This may be an unpopular opinion, and I hope I don't get into any trouble for saying this, but.. I'm kinda looking forwards to this update, not gonna lie. That's just my personal preference, though, don't get mad. (This is my attempt at being funny)
  14. Why live in such a society of ants? Get up, work for some international, faceless cabal, return to your cube. Own nothing, do nothing, have no say in your life. This vision of the future is absolutely horrible, even though it looks it's on the horizon. Even then, such a dystopian nightmare is optimistic. IMO there is no solution. You can go full hunter-gatherer and potentially have a society that lasts forever.. but you'd be at the mercy of societies that progress scientifically. Just as it is now, and has been for centuries, the only societies that last in perpetuity are the primitive ones that are entirely unchanging. But they are only allowed to exist as long as "we" allow them; they could be wiped out at any moment for any reason. If you go, as we did, with technology and progress, you'll end up with disaster, as I said. People become comfortable, and aren't constantly reminded of their impending doom, and so don't have the same need to have children. The upper classes are hit first, and the dysgenic death spiral begins. Of course, any attempt to force a solution will not work. Same with political ideologies: you're dealing with people, who are fickle, make mistakes, and are often corrupt. Even if you manage to find the GLORIOUS LEADER, the cabal of philosopher kings, or the committee of total goodness, there's always the next generation of leaders. Furthermore, having power means that certain types of people will seek it out, and those people are usually more concerned with power than with, y'know, doing good. So, eventually, however you organize society, it will be ruled by power-hungry jerks. I'm reminded of a wonderful quote by Douglas Adams: And that's not getting into the actual workability of any system, the competence required to manage it, how the people will accept it, its economic efficiency, and so on. And then there's the unintended consequences of any decree, and the consequences of trying to rectify those consequences, and so on. In sum, any artificial society is doomed to fail. Natural societies are at the mercy of the artificial ones, since the artificial ones will, for a time, have the power to wipe out the natural societies. There is no solution in sight, especially not any ideological or unnatural ones. I'd propose an experiment; abolish all international everything, and let every prefecture, town, city, municipality, etc. organize themselves in whatever manner they think works, and see what happens. But I know how this experiment will go, as it's what we did in the past: the strong & clever people will conquer their neighbors, expand, become rich, fall into decadence and collapse. Repeat until we've a similar system as we do now, a few steps away from a one-world-government of rich, immoral jerkwads, shepherding humanity off a cliff. Repeat until extinction.
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