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  1. If I had nothing else to do, sure. But since there are other things, even other pokemon games, that I could do, I don't see why I should spend however long doing something this incredibly frustrating and obnoxious. Especially since there's going to be at least one more that's even worse. And I disagree with it being easy. It's simple, but not easy. At least not for me. If it were easy, I wouldn't consider it this frustrating.
  2. Great to hear that there's an even worse one later on. Makes me feel even better about not playing this anymore. And for some of you: I mentioned that there are save points in the maze. That implies that I knew about them and used them. And, yes, it makes the maze less poop. It's still poop, though. I'd rather do one of those horrible picture puzzles, where there's one empty square you move around. Those are horrible, but they're not frustrating on the same level.
  3. I'm not even going to try to be constructive. I hate these "puzzles". They're obnoxious and frustrating. Simple, sure, but frustrating and obnoxious. The maze was bad enough; turn off fast mode and sprint, following the red vines. Except that where the red vines were was often guesswork. And then the actual chasing bit was obnoxious and annoying, but at least there were a few places to save, so it wasn't a complete reset when you get caught. But the statue chasing bit? No. Just.. no. God-awful. Nudge the statues onto the right colour tile, then get the monster to run into the center. And if the monster touches you, you get reset. And you're on a timer. I COULD do it, but it'd take quite a while. And it'd be frustrating. And you know what? I'm just not going to do this. Especially if there are more "puzzles" like this. 0/10 I'm not playing anymore. (addendum: tried to make this topic with the title "The Chrysalis "puzzles" suck", but it wasn't getting posted. Could be lag, or a bug, or you're not allowed to make a topic that includes the word "sucks" in it. Apologies if this gets double-posted)
  4. Sorry for being drunk and lazy, in case someone mentioned this before. Upon entering Iolia Valley, the conversation includes "...this saturday night babeh, id like to take you out, knowwhatimean nudge nudge" It's a very, VERY minor error, but still. Capitalization and whatnot is key to proper grammar. ...I feel like I should add a "harrumph" somewhere. So there. ...edit: As I continue this conversation, this may have been intentional. But still.
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