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  1. @Aeodynsent me an .exe that works. The related text is here. I'll leave it to him to explain further, but I'm tagging him as a reminder and as thanks.
  2. My apologies. As is my want, I was somewhat far from sober. It is indeed GDI, not GDI1. But, to your point: I did not upgrade from Vista. I did, if I remember correctly, upgrade from the Windows 7 beta (or something of the sort. I had some sort of pre-release version, then bought it when it was released. Since then, everything has been replaced). The difference is, I expect, small. But still. I have updated my driver (though the previous version was from the 14th of this month, so hardly outdated), yet it has no effect. (I'm using a fairly recent AMD Radeon RX 5700) enableBlitting is on by default, but I activated subImageFix . As expected, given the description, it had no effect. Perhaps this is yet another example of an update that break games for Windows 7. I'm starting to suspect that Microsoft is bribing software developers to do this in order to pressure people into "upgrading" to Windows 10.
  3. Decided to get the latest version, because the lag was getting annoying. Now game-z no longer works. When I try to run it it gives the following error: game-z.exe - Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point ScriptFreeCache could not be located in the dynamic link library GDI132.dll. The weird thing is that I could run the previous version's game-z, and I can run Desolation's game-z. The normal .exe works. I have re-downloaded and re-installed, and placed the new install into its own folder, both from Google Drive and Mega. (In both cases, desktop.ini doesn't transfer from the .rar, which is weird to me but probably normal.) Oh, and I'm running Windows 7.
  4. Sorry for being drunk and lazy, in case someone mentioned this before. Upon entering Iolia Valley, the conversation includes "...this saturday night babeh, id like to take you out, knowwhatimean nudge nudge" It's a very, VERY minor error, but still. Capitalization and whatnot is key to proper grammar. ...I feel like I should add a "harrumph" somewhere. So there. ...edit: As I continue this conversation, this may have been intentional. But still.
  5. Risakisa


    SIGH. While I appreciate that the authors are queer, or queer-obsessed, and I find Cain to be my favourite character in any pokémon game ever.. "Xe said that xyr Gym was at a port." I'm sorry, but.. SIGH. I mean, yeah, some of us don't feel terribly masculine of feminine, and some people find themselves constricted by gender nouns. But.. xyr? Xe? This sounds like a 4chan troll to be honest. What's wrong with just using they/them? I just.. christ, I'm getting old. I don't know why this bothers me. I know it shouldn't, but it's just.. gah. Makes me want to use profanity. What the heck even is "xe"? What in the what-what-what-WHAT is going on. I'm confused. And frustrated. And a bit drunk, it must be said. But still. Look, the writers can do whatever they want. That's their right, and they make a good story & game, so whatever. But this bit, this tiny little bit. I just.. I'm at a loss for words. I'm not quite a senile old man, but feel free to think of me as such. Gods know I feel like it right now.
  6. Save game works. I'm going to use it to walk around, see if I can get it to freeze. -ADDENDUM- Well, that didn't take long. Walked out of the gym, and went south until I found a gatehouse that led somewhere else. I got into the gatehouse, but the game froze when I tried to zone into whatever's on the other side.
  7. My computer is more than enough to handle this, unless it's somehow a hundred times more demanding than any other fan-game. But, yes, I do have other stuff running, and I'll try to have the window be "small". -ADDENDUM- Tried your save file, this time with the "small" window. Same (lack of) results. -ADDENDUM 2 (because multi-posting is bad)- If you're willing to be super thorough in testing it, could you perhaps send me a save-file that's past that opening area, and/or re-download the files and seeing if you get a freeze there as well? If you can get through on a brand-new download, it'd at least confirm that it's not the file-sharing website that corrupted some file, and if I can run a save file that's beyond it, that'd confirm that whatever the problem is, it's on that area.
  8. It doesn't actually crash. Just freezes; unresponsive. I've even given it half an hour or so to work, but it didn't.
  9. Thanks for trying, but it's still not working. Are you using the direct, full downloads from the main page, or an older copy with patches applied on top of that? Perhaps the game files got corrupted on the upload servers or something.
  10. Thanks. I'm assuming it's this file. And, yes, I am delightfully immature when it comes to names. Game.rxdata
  11. I've only seen one other person in this thread with it, and ducking it up didn't help. After re-installing, re-downloading from both sources, trying different display settings, running as an admin, and starting a new game, I still am unable to complete the prologue. After discovering the bomb, confronting the chick on the boat, the game freezes once I get smacked to wake up. Using the latest version (downloaded yesterday), on a 64-bit Windows 7 OS. Any help would be appreciated.
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