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  1. You say that, and yet it seems I have. And I'm fairly diligent about exploration. I already lost that fight, and I'm not sure if I can go back.
  2. It's in Phasial cave, but it's not an item but a weird spot on the ground. Walk over it, and you get the thing you need.
  3. I don't play with audio, so I skipped this entirely. Is it worth doing?
  4. Same here. I was just about to open a new topic. Given how long it has been, I'm not expecting a fix.
  5. I honestly feel like I don't deserve this. I found some guy on youtube who won using ONLY Honchkrow and Blaziken. Rag, the female Toxapex. Her toxic spikes won the day. Literally. Yuri, the male Aloan Ninetales. His aurora veil was useful at some point, I guess. Diarrhoea, the male Swampert. I think he got off some rock slides and earthquakes. Pfizer the Naganadel. Its Draco Meteor (dragonium-z) was used, but I mostly want to show off that I got the Naganadel before the E4. And, the real stars of the show: daBirb, the shiny male Honchkrow. With moxie, a choice band, and sucker punch he did most of the work. Sir MissALot, the shiny male Blaziken. With the blazikenite... he was still somewhat disappointing, missing very critical High Jump Kicks. He earned his name AFTER the E4. It's silly how strong Honchkrow is. I'm leaving the pair of them in the PC until I need them, or the game will be way too easy.
  6. As the title said, I'm adjusting the stats of pokémon, so that all pokémon without any further evolutions have a total of 550 (if they didn't already have higher). It's a simple % increase; if the pokémon's total base stats need to be improved by 20% to be 550, then all of its stats are increased by 20%, with absolutely 0 thought put into it. (except I noticed I was doing shedinja, and I made sure to keep its base HP at 1) So, anyone know what, if any pokémon would be way OP having its base stats increased? As in, it's a very good pokémon as it is, and increasing its stats would be entirely broken. I can't think of any, but I know that I'm bad so me not thinking of any means very little. Oh, and if anyone has any further warnings etc. about why making pokémon more balanced in this way is a terrible, counter-productive idea, please let me know ASAP so I have an excuse to not do this. (apologies if this is the wrong section to post this in) ..actually, turns out that what I thought would work doesn't. I've downloaded the PBS files, put them in a folder called PBS in the main directory, and I edited the pokemon.txt file there. Then I opened the game.exe with debug on, and told it to compile all data. After it was done, I reset the game and... no changes visible. Someone named karvanha said, in a topic called "How to Mod E19" by Feng Lei, that this was the method for editing player battles, and I figured that the base stats for pokemon would be edited in the same way, since it, too, was a part of these PBS files. So.. how do I put my edited stats into the game? :)
  7. Here's a website for you. It allows you to generate what's more-or-less the same sort of puzzle, and you can customize the number of things you need to solve, and the clues you have. I absolutely LOVE these puzzles. When I discovered the website some years ago when I was in high school, I'd have it generate big puzzles, print them out, and then spend my breaks doing them (I obviously had no friends). Enjoy this, what is possibly my first not-terrible post on this forum.
  8. I just entered Hardy's gym for the first time and, well.. how are people supposed to do it without audio, other than brute force or looking up a guide? Are people who, for whatever reason, can't hear whatever's being played just effed? Obviously since it can be brute-forced, there's no hard requirement to being able to hear. But still, I would've expected some sort of.. leeway, I guess? for people who can't hear. Nevermind people who don't know musical notes or can't tell them apart. I'm not demanding it should change, it's just rather jarring, given the, eh.. pro-diversity thing the devs are rocking. But it's kinda peeving that it's a puzzle that some people literally can't do without looking up the solution for or brute-forcing it. (for the record, I'm mostly not deaf. I do however have hearing problems, and if I didn't have a guide I'd just give up until someone solved this gym for me) Actually, I'm going to be somewhat more hostile than I intended: this puzzle is exactly the same as having a colour puzzle without consideration for colour-blind people. Taking the extra step so that a handful of people with disabilities can play your game is, IMO, a thing people should do if they can.
  9. here is another verision it's still great still spine-compressing "It would be useless to describe the playing of Erich Zann on that dreadful night. It was more horrible than anything I had ever overheard, because I could now see the expression of his face, and could realise that this time the motive was stark fear. He was trying to make a noise; to ward something off or drown something out—what, I could not imagine, awesome though I felt it must be. The playing grew fantastic, delirious, and hysterical, yet kept to the last the qualities of supreme genius which I knew this strange old man possessed."
  10. this man is absolutely amazing he conjures such amazing horror and unspekable tension from the chello it is mortifying, petrifying, electrifying! I mean this is legit effing art terrifying, nerve-wracking, immersive, complete ART and, yes, this is just one young dude on a cello in a little art gallery thing in front of a tiny audience that don't deserve him
  11. ame just posted on discord Hype +19
  12. I choose to live dangerously. Hype +1
  13. refreshing every half an hour or so this is healthy
  14. was hoping I'd not have to, but I suppose you're right. If I need to send the savefile or send screenshots, I'll do my best to remember to censor anything inappropriate. (and, yes, I did read the guidelines. I don't like them, but when in rome etc.) on an unrelated note, I am looking forwards to this so much that I can't get my focus to study. I just go back to this website and refresh. glad I'm not using a school and am only beholden to myself, but still. even if I'm not going to see much in the way of new content for potentially well over a 100 hours, I can't stop fidgeting in anticipation to going to an even better reborn.
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