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  1. Imagine if Grassy Terrain added in this:


    ”The grass cushioned the impact!”

    -The following moves suffer a 0.5 loss of base power: Rock Slide, Ancientpower, Power Gem, Stone Edge.


    Earthquake and Surf already suffers a 0.5 loss in base power, so the Fire types that are weak to those types, that terrain covers them to some extent.



    I can’t say that I went though multiple episodes unscathed. From Saturday to Sunday I slept at 5am, then Sunday to Monday at 2am, Monday to Tuesday 2am, and Tuesday to Wednesday 5:30am. All four mornings I woke up at 8:30. Factoring in getting home from work at 8pm, this is when I went to my PC. During those near sleepless nights my left hand was vibrating/shaking, and my eyes were fixed on the screen. But I’m going to rest more since all of that is over with.

  3. I’m currently busy during the night recording gameplay at the moment, but looking at those who are ahead of me, it seems that I’m not too far from the goal.

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      I subscribed last night.

  4. (Link removed)
    V4 Reupload
    The past month since the last upload has been pretty slow, as there were days where I've been AFK. Between last month thru today, I went over some older content, such as expanding Lumiose City's surrounding areas and adding new areas so that I can create at least 25 theme teams in the city (they're using level 5 Pokemon). I feel that by adding more trainers early game, players can at least grind their team should they decide not to use any of the Sylveon forms or five others. Also, when players defeat certain trainers in hard mode, they'll give you six items instead of five (Full Restore, Sacred Ash, Max Revive, Max Repel, Max Elixir, Nugget/Big Nugget, and the sixth item being Master Ball). Also added a "warning" text before facing the Abandoned Mansion Gauntlet. Also updated some spriting, the big one being both player characters' back sprite and the male player's main sprite. ScaldBurner14 has been helpful so far via play testing and has recorded ten episodes of his advneture, though he hasn't tried all the hard challenges, yet. He might plan to take on hard challenges to see if they're manageable or not. All previous links are now invalidated due to constantly deleting previous files.
  5. I've been looking through my own script and I wonder if I've been doing it correctly on "PokemonTrainers" when it comes to changing the cap of EVs from opponent's Pokemon. What I did was to change from "if evsum<=252 && evsum>0" to "if evsum<=1512 && evsum>0". It felt like it was the only thing to change.


    I even did some damage calcs in Smogon's website and so far, it was pretty spot on. Though the only sample size is me comparing my Ribombee with 252 SpA, 4 SpD, and 252 Spe against a Drapion with 252 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Def, 252 SpD, and 252 Speed. That's the only experimentation I've done so far, but I might have to test it with other opponents that I've made in Pokemon Virtualization whose Pokemon surpass over 510 evs to see if it worked as intended.

  6. Hmm…this seems like a fun topic for me to share what I currently have. Pokémon Virtualization “Just when you thought the Kalos region is at peace, Team Flare continues to stir up trouble again after ten years since Lysandre’s absence. Lumiose City had undergo major structural changes and is the largest city in the Kalos region. Team Flare is trying to ruin every aspect of this city one by one. The region needs another hero! Experience the thrill of intense trainer battles as well as finding the truth of the past. Only then shall the hero finally moves forward.” -Blends certain aspects from two anime series: Pokémon XYZ (making up events after XY140) and Yugioh VRAINS (plot wise). -Contains Pokémon up to Gen VIII as well as few CAP (Create-A-Pokémon). There are few exceptions… -Mega Evolution and Z-Moves enabled. -New and familiar faces (albeit time-skipping does change appearance physical wise). -STABmons mode (this is probably the biggest feature): All opponents will have Pokémon with access to some moves based on their own type (I.e. Venusaur can use any poison and grass type moves since it is Grass/Poison type. It could get moves like Sludge Wave, Seed Flare, Spore, etc.) (Another example is Sylveon, which can get access to any Normal or Fairy moves due to it’s pre-evolved form. It could even have Geomancy and Boomburst!!!) -Runs in two applications (RMXP and MKXP), though you can pick either one. I remember starting this project around June 2021 and currently now is at V4 (just uploaded it this morning.)
  7. The amount of hype surpasses Amber’s club that she needed more room for those trainers to join it. Looking forward till the day the final chapter is released. Seems like a pretty huge climax, so I gotta prepare grinding my team.
  8. That would be incredible. Have you uploaded files before in Mediafire?
  9. That's good to know. Does this work on other fan games that run on RPG Maker besides Pokemon Reborn?
  10. https://www.mediafire.com/file/mp1ej3fguqllxqb/xyz.zip/file


    I hope you all had a great Christmas today!


    V3 happened to be finished as well story-wise (and can be played now if you like), but I might also plan to focus on other aesthetics and older content before moving on to V4, so I consider my progress to be temporarily halted. Here's what happened between uploads.


    -Badge position has been shifted, with the normal-type badge becoming the first badge, while Clemont is 2nd, Kindel is 3rd, and Ariel is 4th.


    -Dungeons imported from Spork Adventure are remodeled and renamed: Tinder Forest becomes Eon Forest, Eon Desert is still named Eon Desert, and Tullborn Sea is renamed to Aquarium Park (you know, the same zone as Sonic Colors, and luckily "Outside 2" tileset helped recreate some things).


    -New areas surrounding Water Institute has been made as part of the episode (Water Institute Sewers, Ariel's Gym)


    -Gift Pokemon has been changed. You'll get Hydreigon, Staraptor, and Ribombee much earlier in the game. But the others that the classmates used to give you becomes Lilligant, Darmanitan, and Boltund instead. That's still a net positive of three more gift Pokemon!


    -Major dialogue implementions based on episodes watched in Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS, and might imitate the same plot as the series.

  11. ScaldBurner14’s attempt of challenging the fourth gym leader of Adventures of XYZ VS Ariel (Normal and Hard).


    I barely started working on Episode 3 last night. It’ll take a long while to finish, except for one thing; Scald14 enjoyed hard Pokémon battles, so he requested me to make that specific battle.

  12. Just to make sure, in the Desert Field and constant Sandstorm, if I were to use Golem or Rhyperior, is their special defense get boosted twice? 1.5x due to being a ground type via field effect AND another 1.5x boost for being a Rock type under Sandstorm?

    1. Amethyst


      in general, no, it doesn't stack

    2. Vince&Sylveon


      Oh, that’s unfortunate. It’s also nice to know that it doesn’t stack. Would’ve been a nightmare to find that a 4x effective move would do almost nothing.

  13. It seems like I haven't been active here due to everyday life and other stuff, but besides working, I've been also silently making a fan game on the side. If you're interested, you can try it out.


    xyz (mediafire.com)


    This is Adventures of XYZ, a adventure set years after the events of XY and taking on some challenges along the way. This only covers two badges at the moment.

  14. ScaldBurner14’s attempt of battling Kindel (2nd gym battle) in Adventures of XYZ. 


  15. The V13 intense mode was a fascinating concept because with no items and set mode, it looks like as if I was playing Pokémon post-game’s Battle Tower equivalent. But I guess I’m not too sad that intense mode is removed because I have not attempted this mode, and probably won’t be ready for the foreseeable future.
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