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  1. For Waterfall, you need a Pokémon in your party that can learn the Waterfall HM in order to scale up the waterfall. The terrain tag is set in a way where you need a HM move.
  2. I would probably save at Grand Dream City residential area since that’s where V12 ended just in case. I would also have to prepare grinding up some of my Pokémon despite playing casual mode while I wait. Not sure what surprises await, but I’ll find out eventually when it’s out.
  3. Looks like it’s been a very, very long while since I’ve last posted anything here. So, about me mentioning about making a trainers.txt file of casual difficulty, I decided that I’m going to wait until I have listed each and every trainer that I’ve added. So until then, this side game will be under extreme difficulty. Second, I’m still making one of my posts archived since my Moonblast only run is about to expire around April unless I post something there, but I won’t. The only thing I’ll say regarding this ongoing adventure is that I actually made a couple more episodes
  4. A few days ago, I downloaded Pokémon Daybreak because after watching the first episode of some YouTubers getting Eevee as a starter and can potentially evolve into Sylveon, I just got excited. Though with IRL schedule I don’t know if I have the energy to be on the computer every night after work is over.


    Even though I haven’t extracted this folder, There’s also another side of me trying to soft reset this game frantically trying to get the ideal Nature and IV (I tried not to, but I guess that’s one reason why I didn’t enjoy playing Pokémon as much; 2013-14 has completely changed how I play the game due to XY) but otherwise would have been a totally blind playthrough because I haven’t watched them all, so it might take a while to get used to the plot.

  5. So, I haven’t been posting a lot on this forums due to several factors, but I still occasionally surf around Reborn forums to see what’s new. Based on the scoreboard, Rejuvenation is almost done, so I gotta prepare to pull an all-nighter recording as much as I can when the time comes. My playthrough is still under casual difficulty and my team is still sub-par, so I may find myself stuck in some areas.


    Certain factors that led to being inactive is due to IRL stuff and the ongoing project of Spork Adventure, which is still not under public release at the moment. The player base for the side story is pretty small, with maybe around 5 players playing this atrociously hard game (myself, ScaldBurner14, and at least three others). The reason why this game is made to be very hard is that I made the trainers utilize STABmons movesets.


    That’s about it. Just wanted to stop by and give a status update on my inactivity.

  6. This is probably something I’ve used to enjoy back in the days of Emerald or Platinum: taking on battle facilities and hope to get the symbol/prints. Though, my in-game team lacked the stats and moves to handle against those facilities, so getting the reward is harder than I thought. Now, with some of my Pokémon from Reborn that has good to great IVs, I’m ready to handle anything!
  7. Is this the revamped dungeon you’re taking about? In this case, you have to pick the correct door to progress. It’s similar to FireRed/Leafgreen’s Lost Cave. This will take several guesses.....well, not that many; there’s only two of those maps in Dark Dungeon to guess.
  8. Looks like this isn’t the first time I get to control a different character other than the player. Hopefully I can manage in Casual difficulty.
  9. I think the new content will have more impact than looking at previous one, so I chose “new”. And the new is now at 67%!
  10. I was looking through my Trainers.txt for Adventures and I realize with the countless STABmons movesets that I kept throwing that it might turn off trainers from progressing, so I decided to put myself extra workload: I’m making a Casual Mode for Adventure! On this mode, I’ll be toning down certain aspects that made it extremely hard in the first place: reduced levels, trainers using less Pokémon, less emphasis on STABmons movesets and Mega Evolutions, no EV/IV/Nature, also most of the Pokémon won’t have held items unless I need something to Mega Evolve or if there’s a
  11. “Gen VIII moves cue usage” Generation VIII has been out for over a year, but in terms of what I have, my moves.txt is out of date, as the recent file I acquired was back in late May of this year. There are a few Gen VIII attacks on that file (not Scorching Sands, though). Despite that, in this Adventure, the only Gen VIII attacks I’ve used so far for AI opponents are: -Body Press And -Pyro Ball There are other attacks, but I don’t think there’s any application for using new moves because of STABmon play style. Since the metagame state
  12. “Hello? We’re experiencing a surge of trainers equipping Assault Vest to several of their Pokémon. Is something wrong here?” “Not really. From the perspective of the A.I., this might be a good thing.” So, I haven’t started to make new content at the moment due to usual routing IRL stuff that I have to deal with before calling it a day and enjoy midnight activity. My goal is to quietly re-upload Adventure around Christmas holidays. The surrounding areas of Tinder Village has been recolored to contain light blue grass and moderate blue trees to make it winter themed, and
  13. ————————————————————— “So, I noticed that it’s been exactly one year that I’ve started working on with this side story, and while that much time has passed, I still have motivation to continue working on this side story because I still have some work to do. But there are some rocky moments that I had to deal with regarding this side story. Before I go on, I am glad of the work I’ve accomplished to this point instead of either being intimidated due to how many features RPG Maker has or stressing myself out regarding future workload. But to say that I spent exactly one ye
  14. With Aerodactyl being in Sword & Shield’s DLC of The Crown Tundra, I was able to look at the moves it can learn in Smogon’s Gen VIII, and one thing that caught my eye was Dragon Dance. Yes, Aerodactyl can learn Dragon Dance, bolstering it’s already high Speed stat as well as improving its Physical attack even further. I’ve been using Aerodactyl several times in various AI opponents in Spork Adventure, but the problem that I have myself to deal with is trying to fit in Dragon Dance in those movesets. For regular Aerodactyl, with possible abilities such as Rock Head and Pressure,
  15. STABmon spotlight: Garchomp! When it comes to AI trainer rosters, there were times where I wanted a certain to have a specific moveset, but it doesn’t have to be defined in a certain moveset as they can fulfill other roles. I’m going to share one example of a Pokémon under STABmons moveset: Setup Physical Attacker Garchomp (in single battles/double battles) -Dragon Dance -Dragon Hammer -Earthquake (Precipice Blades) -Stone Edge (Rock Slide) Item: Rocky Helmet Ability: Rough Skin Jolly nature 252 Atk, 4 Def, 252 Spe
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