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  1. PSA: There is a certain line on Trainers.txt that will cause the game to crash because the internal name of the attack is spelled incorrectly. If you Ctrl+F this line: EMOLGA,42,WISEGLASSES,THUNDERBOLT,AIRSLASH,SOLARBEAM,HIDDERPOWERFIR,2,,,,TIMID,31,,,,,0,0,0,252,252,4 You'll see that Hidden Power Fire is HIDDERPOWERFIR when it's supposed to be HIDDENPOWER, replacing the R with N. (And yes, Emolga DOES learn Solarbeam via Sword/Shield TM/TRs). EMOLGA,42,WISEGLASSES,THUNDERBOLT,AIRSLASH,SOLARBEAM,HIDDENPOWERFIR,2,,,,TIMID,31,,,,,0,0,0,252,252,4 It was when I realized the error popped up due to syntax errors. Sorry for the inconvenience. Other than that error, once you changed the letter, you should be fine when playtesting in RPG Maker.
  2. E9.1 re-upload: -Some minor map revamps. Do not save in any of those areas: Tinder Village Poke Center (that place no longer exists. Pretty sure the error will pop up if you load a save inside an nonexistent location), Shrine of Purification (you'll get stuck on some logs), Tinder Woods (again, you'll get stuck on some logs), Mt. Steam Crater (you'll get stuck in magma). -Added a little bit of dialogues in some of the idle characters that don't converse before and/or after the event. -Added a small prologue that happens before landing on player's house. -Some of the AI's Pokemon roster undergo some changes in regards to EV, IV, Ability, Nature, and Moves. -EV Training rooms are in the backyard of Tinder Resthouse (which replaced Tinder Poke Center), and each of the room represent a certain stat so that you don't have to guess which breeder it is. -Added type based Gems in Tullborn Lobby to shop. -Some places have boulders to indicate that I will expand on such places much later on. -Vince should disappear from Eevee Palace and Tinder Apex since he said he'd logged out. Bonnie and Nancy also disappears. Ryoken will take his place as an optional battle. -"Splash" image redrawn based on current episode in the title screen (just look at page 1 of this post). -Relationship values are being implemented. So far, Lime and Sylveon has counters. -Frank & Sierran just got sprite updated (for Trainer card purposes), this time sampling Jan's Aevis & Aevia poses (picture above this post). The previous copy of E9 was rushed as I was too excited to test out various double battles. After that was done, I can relax and look back at existing content to see if it would need some remodeling or not. No, there's still no plans to replicating temple missions since my interest seems to weave in and out of life. I also am occasionally surfing around the Spork bug reporting thread to look at solvable scripting, and I should be modifying some of the script if I can. This script in this side story runs the same engine as Spork 8 even though I may have implemented one item that isn't in Spork 8 (Dark Candy being one of them).
  3. Most of the time where the player walked on trees, those are some of the hardest decision I made regarding passability. If I block the trees like this: xxx xxx xxx xxx then there might be some areas where you can’t get by. While with 000 xxx xxx xxx you can get past tight areas, but you’ll see the player “walk thru walls” on trees.
  4. So, uh yeah! Starting to polish some older content, and Tinder Village's Pokemon Center has been overhauled. The room is where you heal your team, buy some healing items (the healthier kind), and lets you go to the backyard! The OST for those locations is from Pokemon Sun/Moon's "Taking a break in the cafe." This track used to be on Rejuvenation V10's PokeCenters until it changed to USUM Lillie's remix on V11 onwards. Pokemon Breeders with specified EVs are relocated in training rooms so that you don't have to guess which ones. Buoy and Grill sprites are sampled via Jan's Aevis and Aevia trainer card sprites, and will replace some of my older drawings in SporkEnhancements folder. As always, those pictures won't be there forever if I were to clean up my attachments so that I have memory space. My limit is still 4.88 MB in Reborn fourms.
  5. Sure thing. Take your time. I happen to have extra work piled on me regarding this side story as well. More eventing and mapping...but I’m trying to divide my workload so that I don’t get stressed out. I’ll be looking through old content and might do a few map revamps. Based on some sketches that I’ve made, Tinder Village’s Pokemon Center is going to be remodeled as well as adding EV training rooms so that you don’t have to guess which one (and having to soft reset if you talked to the wrong breeder). This kind of room is gonna be extremely similar to Pokemon Rejuvenation’s East Gearen Laboratory. I also managed to find a desired soundtrack by asking Jan on twitter because I couldn’t remember what it was. V11 and V12 PokeCenters was USUM Lillie remix while the V10 PokeCenter uses a track from Sun/Moon “Taking a break in the cafe.” (ICSW, if you’re interested on this soundtrack for PokeCenter and PokeMart, I’ll be searching for that track and convert it to mp3.) Also, if you’ve play Pokémon Mystery Dungeon before, then you’ll see some areas that have multiple floors.
  6. I don’t know how to automatically enable debug. I guess you have to have RPG Maker program to actually playtest. ICSW’s Spork 8 used to not enable debug until she did around 3-4 months ago. Similar to Reborn and Rejuvenation hence why the game loads within seconds. Steffi customized the breeder sprites to have multiple colors, but sadly still doesn’t indicate which stat until you talk to them.
  7. Thanks. Like I’ve said earlier, the errors are gonna be the same ones from Spork 8 due to using the same script, so I might examine the other bugs from the troubleshooting thread. Since I saw you have the capability to debug, if you want Cyberse Sylveon in its final form, then change the friendship from 0 to 255 and then level it up to evolve.
  8. The errors that you see from Spork 8 are probably the same on Forest Guardian side story (Aegislash’s Kong’s Shield being one of them), so it might take some time for me to compare the Script between Forest Guardian and Spork 8.


    Since you did a wonderful job locating various errors, I was wondering if you’re able to test out the difficulty of Forest Guardian to see if the battles are too hard or not. Some unusual moves found on some Pokémon are either related to STABmon (common, Eruption Charizard, Boomburst Sylveon, and Water Spout Greninja are some examples) or blatantly illegal (very, very few).

    1. Shadowarceus950


      ok i will try to test that out forest guardian as soon as i can, and yeah those 3 pokemon has illegal moves and i also located some moves that didnt exist in vanilla pokemon games like pix is no where to be found on serebii

    2. Vince&Sylveon


      Pix is actually a customized move made by ICSW, and I recall it’s side effect is similar to Tri Attack’s 10% chance of a status condition.

  9. I recall ICSW mention somewhere on the update that Cute Charm now works against any gender regardless. So I guess Attract and other move (forgot what it’s called that lowers SpA by 2 stages) are probably intentional.
  10. That’s interesting. I almost wanted to make a double battle in Spork Forest Guardian regarding those weather trio, but because I just realize I just saw a couple minutes ago, luckily I’ve already made them into single battles. But yeah, hopefully she knows how to fix that.
  11. And then we get to moves that may have been duplicated such as Sacred Sword and Surf. One of them is the correct type while the other is a Normal Type move without battle animations.
  12. I decided to put 11 of those Double Battle videos. But for this post, I’m only going to put the final round because this particular Double Battle is the only battle where I actually experience multiple feelings. Anxiety, prepared, and nerve wracking...these are some of the things that I feel. I mean, this is two strongest trainers in Spork Forest Guardian. Facing one is hard enough, but facing two of them at once seems like extremely difficult. Not to mention that my AI is heavily handicapped due to their typing. Decode Talkers easily prey on Steel weakness found on Fairy and Ice types. Mega Charizard Y’s Eruption, Greninja’s Water Spout, Special attacking Mega Salamence, Yveltal, Shaymin Hax, Hydreigon Fakemon, and others. I don’t know if this particular battle can be beatable without items (maybe DemICE might prove otherwise, since he did it with his Grass monorun in Rejuvenation). At the end of the day, this battle is still beatable. You just need the right Pokémon to do the job, even if you’re staring down a big adversary, which I had on this recording.
  13. Like what the others said, I really liked the redesign of Goldenwood Town; it looks far more realistic! And looks like we get to control Melia again for a while. Hope the battles aren’t too hard (level wise) since the level cap is still stuck at 85.
  14. Lost Tinder Forest is being showcased here. Also leads you exactly where you're supposed to go.
  15. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed Pokemon Spork. ICSW will also be glad to hear this. Also, if you haven’t already, There are some side stories related to Spork made by ICSW: -Delicia’s Delicious Dreamland -Delicia’s Return to Dreamland made by me: -Forest Guardian (the difficulty of this side story is much harder) Stay strong. Things will eventually get better with time.
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