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  1. So I saw an archived post of someone posting Spork Appreciation (5/27/2019), and I felt like posting a similar one this year! “I remember the day I downloaded Pokémon Spork on mid-June 2019. Seems like it was yesterday, but it’s 11 months ago! I was looking at other fan games besides Reborn and Rejuvenation that it would be relaxing to play and not worry about optimizing my Pokémon team just to get past a certain part of the game. The fact that there were no level caps and field effects showed a lot of promise, and it was the most fun I ever had than most of the core series Pokémon games. 18 badges that represent every type for each badge means that my adventure length has effectively doubled. But there was one thing Spork had that Reborn and Rejuvenation didn’t. Automatic PBS files and the ability to edit a project in RPG Maker. Granted, tampering some of the events can alter the situation of the game. So I didn’t touch any part of Spork 8, just looking at it as a reference. Then I turn into my eventful side story project. I needed one of the maps from Spork 8 as a starting point, and based on one of my artwork, Tinder Village fits the bill. From that point on, I just put in random chapters that didn’t have to follow the story, if there even was one. It’s just another fun thing to make something after being brave enough to delve into the engine (after backing out a little over 2 years ago) (I seriously got back into the program on July 2019). I don’t think there are other fan games besides Spork atm that could get me heavily invested. I am still looking for ways to make a game I liked the best they can be, whatever it takes. Sure, life gets in the way during the day, but nothing can stop us from enjoying what we like. Here’s to another year of enjoyment.”
  2. Re-uploaded Forest Guardian (in the middle of the night @ 1 AM) Been doing a cleanup by deleting unused stuff to reduce file size (BGMs are partially the bulk of the file size, with some of them being 5 MB per BGM, so I removed around 100 MB to not make the file too big). If there's any BGM that's missing, let me know. I haven't made another chapter or implementing Ice Temple missions yet since I've been AFK for at least 2-3 weeks due to exhausting work schedules, but I did have enough energy on a few nights to make those dungeons. Might as well put out what I have done before I go to Oildroll City next week. Town Map still hasn't updated to include areas surrounding Eevee Village atm. Some Intro pictures have been put into effect. -Mystery Dungeons added: (Tinder Woods 3F, Branching Cave 4F, Norall Mountain 4F, Tullborn Sea 3F, Mt. Steam Volcano 3F, and Team Portal HQ 8F) Small eventing changes. Kyogre will be battled after you explored Tullborn Sea. Likewise, Groudon can be fought after exploring Mt. Steam Volcano. And the Gauntlet is after exploring Team Portal HQ Mirror (though after you cleared that dungeon, the mirror close to that bed will take you straight into a room instead of doing 8 floors all over again). I was gonna mention not to save at Mt. Steam, but because I didn’t block any passage while adding stairs to feel like you’re hiking around the volcanic mountain, you won’t be trapped anyways. There’s a chance I could be wrong though.
  3. Been AFK for at least 2 weeks due to busy working schedule and nearly running out of energy to do anything else in the night (and maybe AFK again next week due to Judge Raymond from Oildroll City). I have been thinking about several things that I still have to do such as Ice Temple missions and more dungeons. But recently, I also have plans to make another Team Portal admin to be exclusive to Forest Guardian and he might be used for a certain chapter that I don't have in mind yet. No image at the moment, but the admin that I'll create is called Portal Blader Chris. He'll have a sword on his back like a warrior and is dressed mostly green and has a team of Pokémon that either naturally learns Leaf Blade via level up or breeding. So Pokémon like Sceptile, Gallade, Kartana, and maybe 5 others are eligible to be on the team. Before I do that, though, I gotta explore new stuff made on Spork 8 that was reuploaded today. The dungeons I've made on Forest Guardian besides Emotion Forest and Eon Desert includes: Tinder Woods (3 floors) Branching Cave (4 floors) Norall Mountain (might have to edit and update tilesets only IF I saw Norall areas being revamped) (4 floors) Tullborn Sea (still working on) (3 floors) Mt. Steam (3 floors) Portal HQ (8 floors)
  4. Update from previous frustration post. Upon testing against other trainers such as myself, Felicia, and others, they all have been assigned properly. Used Double Edge numerous times to see the recoil damage and determine if it took the appropriate amount of damage. Some Pokémon actually outspeed and overpower my teams. several examples Vince LV 50 Staraptor 31 IV 4 EV HP (161 HP): 54 recoil LV 50 Lycanroc 31 IV HP (150 HP): 50 recoil LV 50 Greninja 31 IV HP (147 HP): 49 recoil LV 50 Charizard 31 IV HP (153 HP) : 51 recoil My level 70 Staraptor 31 IV HP: 220 > 166 > 116 > 67 > 16 Aromage Lime LV 50 Shiinotic 31 IV 4 EV HP (136 HP): 45 recoil LV 50 Meganium 31 IV 252 EV HP (187 HP): 62 recoil My level 70 Staraptor 31 IV HP: 220 > 175 > 113 Felicia LV 65 Sylveon 31 IV HP (218 HP): 72 recoil (tanked Double Edge due to Focus Sash, taking 217 damage instead). My level 70 Staraptor 31 IV HP: 220 > 148 (before being defeated by boomburst). It's just that particular Dedenne that's owned by a Sylveon is giving me problems. Everything else is fine based on testing against other trainers besides that Sylveon from Emotion Forest. ^_^ Tried one more time against Intertwining Sylveon Forget Dedenne!!! LV 65 Primarina 31 IV HP (198 HP): 66 recoil LV 71 Sylveon 31 IV 252 EV HP (282 HP): 94 recoil (or it would've been, Double Edge didn't OHKO it, but it showed enough recoil that I believe in) yup, the rest of her team has accurately assigned stats. Now I have no fear except for the few Pokémon that I can't process why it didn't work. Edit 1: Never mind, I spotted the syntax issue on the Dedenne. Had six commas between the fourth attack name and the nature. Dedenne finally worked as intended! That frustration post shouldn't have been made, but I'll decide to keep that post just so that I can laugh at myself for not catching that syntax sooner. DEDENNE,63,CHOICESCARF,NUZZLE,NUZZLE,NUZZLE,NUZZLE,,,,,,JOLLY,31,,,,,252,4,0,252,0,0,31,31,31,31,31,31 (lol six commmas)
  5. So, I went back to RPG Maker to test out some trainer battles, and there's one battle in particular in which I express my upmost disappointment to the engine (meaning that I assume because of this one battle that ALL of my other trainers are downgraded as well). It seemed that despite trying to implement IVs and EVs on the script (on Compiler and PTrainer_NPCTrainers), they have been set to 0 whatsoever on both EV and IV. Zero!!! Meaning the difficulty that I dreamed to make is a complete joke with worse possible stats like this. I tested out with my Level 70 Staraptor against a Level 63 Dedenne. I do not care about Nuzzle atm, but Double Edge helped me realize that I did not properly set up EVs and IVs when I saw how much recoil damage Staraptor took. Level 63 Dedenne 0 EV 0 IV HP: 157. Double Edge makes Staraptor take 52 recoil. Level 63 Dedenne 252 EV 31 IV HP: 216. Double Edge makes Staraptor take 72 recoil. Staraptor was SUPPOSED to take 72 recoil damage, but it keeps taking 52 recoil instead. My supposed line was this: DEDENNE,63,CHOICESCARF,NUZZLE,NUZZLE,NUZZLE,NUZZLE,,,,,,JOLLY,31,,,,,252,4,0,252,0,0,31,31,31,31,31,31 That's not the only stat that failed, let's look at another one... intentional speed comparison Opponent's Level 63 Jolly Nature Dedenne: 252 EV 31 IV: 210 speed My Level 70 Adamant Nature Staraptor: 244 EV 31 IV: 209 speed Let's ignore Choice Scarf for a moment. Dedenne was SUPPOSED to outspeed Staraptor, but it didn't! That's another instance of failed EV/IV implementation. I honestly don't know what to do at this point beyond giving Pokémon movesets with STABMONs (meaning a Pokémon can use any move of the same type, even if it doesn't learn them, see Charizard Eruption or Sylveon Boomburst) (which is the only final straw of increasing difficulty when EV/IV implementation is dead). And because other stats like 0 IV 0 EV Defense and HP means I can OHKO Dedenne with Double Edge (it actually still OHKOs even with 252 EV 31 IV HP and 0 IV 0 EV Defense investment, tested on Smogon's damage calc). Just wanted to vent my frustration on the skies since I haven't felt something like this for quite a while. But on the bright side, I just turned 28 today, so I should be celebrating and relaxing instead of being a workaholic, and maybe eventually I may be able to figure it out. And if I still can't, then I'll be putting a lot on emphasis on STABmons movesets and held items on my txt files. ——————————————————- The battle in question that I tested is in Emotion Forest Clearing when I battle against Sylveon’s team. Dedenne was the first Pokémon to send out, so I assume that if one Pokémon has uninvested stats then the rest of the team is underpowered. I haven’t done several others yet. Edit 1: So I’ve read certain forums saying that Essentials sets the EVs (and or IVs) to zero instead of using the formula even though I already specified the EVs and IVs given to every trainer’s Pokemon. I need to figure out how to keep utilizing that formula instead of being ignored. “As with the other fields, you don't have to give every trainer's pokemon specially defined EVs, or even extend commas that far. They'll default to 0 in every EV instead of the weird inflated formula vanilla Essentials uses, though.”
  6. Hmm, I’m not sure. There’s some scenarios regarding route 9 1. The guards tell the player that the scholar district is under lockdown 2. The guards left and Erin appears on almost that same spot after you finished chapter 12. 3. You already talked to Erin and Melia and proceeded , or about to proceed, to the Scholar district library and beyond. Number 3 is most likely the case if you already talked to Erin on route 9 and she no longer appears.
  7. Did you try to go to the south of route 9 close to the gate that leads to Scholar District?
  8. So I had a brief convo with someone about some of the nicknames I gave to A.I. Trainers and one of them was fascinating: ”Hey, Vince. So there was a certain nickname you gave to one of Idol Sierran’s Pokemon.” What is it? ”A Sylveon with the nickname Chloe.” What about her? ”That nickname became an official name in the Pokémon Anime.” How so? ”You remember that long magenta hair girl in the new series with her Yamper? Has the Japanese name Koharu?” Yeah, I remember. ”Recently, it had westernized names like Professor Cerise and Chloe was one of them.” (Frantically looks up that character.) OMG, what are the odds? I did not expect that name to be officially used. Do I have to rename Sylveon to something else. ”Up to you.” End convo.
  9. Tweet (as if I’m in Twitter, but I’m not): Depending on what kind of tileset that they used on Pokémon Present, this may affect the layout of Norall Mountain mystery dungeon, but I’ll get the hang of it eventually. I may have to reposition some trainers around that I’ve made.
  10. Cute artwork on Ballerina Ashley! Is that art gonna be in DeviantArt?
  11. New background for the intro when Litwick helps you start your adventure! 512x384 and will put a link on DeviantArt soon as pictures posted here won't last forever! https://www.deviantart.com/chilup2007/art/Pokemon-Spork-Litwick-intro-background-841613873?ga_submit_new=10%3A1589355947 https://www.deviantart.com/chilup2007/art/Pokemon-Spork-Character-Select-screen-841709663 Edit: link is finally here! As for next reupload: Map revamps (dungeons taking over some transitions from existing maps): 100% (Tinder Woods, Branching Cave, Norall Mountain, Mt. Steam, Team Portal HQ) Ice Temple: 0 of 4 maps done. No new chapter at the moment unless I think of one.
  12. I’ll look into this file when I get home from work, but I can try to briefly explain why that error sometimes happened. So, it has something to do with a certain event in RPG Maker AND the trainers.txt file. The “adding a trainer” happens because I made a new trainer class/name on the event but there’s no info on that said trainer on trainers.txt or that I’ve made a misspelling on the trainer class/name. Happens to me most of the time when I playtest stuff on Spork Forest Guardian/DX. But the way it sounded like is that you’re stuck with this error when you reboot the game. You have to send your save file from your Saved Games folder, which is called “Game.exe”. Don’t delete the trainers.txt yet, I’ll try to compare what you have with my copy of Spork 8. Edit: it seems like you got it to work. Enjoy your adventure!
  13. So, I was browsing around pages 75-79 of Pokémon Spork main post and one of the post that caught my eye was ICSW’s Gen VIII plans. For DX, as soon as she re-uploads with Gen 8 Pokémon and Norall revamps, I will also be putting those Pokémon in as well. I haven’t seen the entirety of revamped maps Norall Mountain and Snorunt Village (just small glimpses), but even if the entire map is there, I’m not ready to part with my old map...yet. As far as team composition, there may or may not be team member swaps from some of my characters. -Vince: Aegislash changed to Grimmsnarl -Ryoken: ??? (Maybe Incineroar) changed to Dragapult -Aromage Lime: no change (those Gen 8 Grass Pokemon didn’t caught my eye, and adding Rillaboom means Lime has 3 Grass starters!) -Idol Frank: ??? changed to Cinderace (wow, he’s eventually getting two fire starters!) -Idol Sierran: ??? changed to Hatterene or Alcremie -Idol Spade: ??? changed to Barraskewda (Meanwhile Judge Raymond is awaiting my arrival in Oildroll City in a couple weeks. Not that it affects my ability to pull an all-nighter). I have not tried to enable “Dungeon” in metadata, but I think that the map that I’ve made is big enough (both Emotion Forest and Eon Desert map size is 100x100) that not everyone would memorize where the stairs are. Additional upcoming mystery dungeons like Branching Cave, Mt. Steam, and Norall Mountain will follow suit to make their maps just as big. That’s pretty much all I have in my mind for tonight!
  14. So, I’ve been contemplating regarding about the change in title because Not only I felt that Pokémon Spork Forest Guardian is such a long title, but because the entire adventure isn’t 100% Celebi related. That side game was meant to end on Tinder Mountain’s reopening, but because I had so much in store, I wanted to continue making random chapters just to keep the adventure going. So, for the title, I’m going to change from Forest Guardian to Pokemon Spork DX. The DX, as in deluxe, are trying to reminisce features from previous Pokémon titles that rarely or no longer implemented. Pokémon Ranger series has been long discontinued for almost a decade and Mystery Dungeon series has occasionally be on and off in terms of release (there weren’t any Mystery Dungeon games with gen 7 Pokémon) (and rescue team DX only covers 386 Pokémon).
  15. To do list for next reupload (possible more depending on mood): Ice Temple missions (gotta research by watching Pichu647's videos) Adding more Mystery Dungeons (places affected) - From Norall Mountain to Snorunt Village (snow theme) (done) - From Shrine of Purification to Tinder Woods (forest theme, even though emotion forest is already forest theme, albeit pink trees, this time will be green trees) - From Mt. Steam Interiors to Groudon room (magma theme) (done) - possible water theme if applicable (I have yet to find a specific area based on existing maps). - possible dark theme (branching cave might be an ideal area) (done) - desert theme is already taken (eon desert) Emotion Forest and Eon Desert already had their time being Mystery Dungeons, now is the next few maps for me to make. Disclaimer: Pictures may not last forever due to limited attachment quota.
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