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  1. ScaldBurner14’s attempt of battling Kindel (2nd gym battle) in Adventures of XYZ. 


  2. The V13 intense mode was a fascinating concept because with no items and set mode, it looks like as if I was playing Pokémon post-game’s Battle Tower equivalent. But I guess I’m not too sad that intense mode is removed because I have not attempted this mode, and probably won’t be ready for the foreseeable future.
  3. Couple Pokémon Rejuvenation characters converted to Pokémon TCG Cards! (All Supporter cards)



    Trainer - Supporter

    Search your deck for up to three cards and put them onto your hand. Shuffle your deck.



    Trainer - Supporter

    Attach an Energy card from your deck, hand, or discard pile to 1 of your Pokémon. If you searched your deck in this way, shuffle your deck afterward.



    Trainer - Supporter

    Your opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Poisoned. Put 3 damage counters instead on 1 between turns.



    Trainer - Supporter

    During this turn, your (F) Fighting type Pokémon do 30 more damage to your opponent’s Active Pokémon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).



    Trainer - Supporter

    Choose 1 of your opponents Benched Pokemon and switch it with their Active Pokemon.

  4. When I saw Melia’s Aegislash in Fairy Tale Field, it’s also nostalgic to me due to Titania’s Aegislash in Pokémon Reborn. Similarly, our team was level 85 when dealing with both Aegislash (Melia’s Aegislash is around level 82-86 depending on difficulty while Titania’s Aegislash is level 90). If I struggle to deal with Melia’s Aegislash even on casual, then that would mean that I would struggle to get Titania’s badge. Not sure if both of their Aegislash correlate. Edit 1: Aegislash was slightly nerfed during the transition from Gen VII to Gen VIII (and dropped from Uber to UU), with their base stats that used to be 150 be 140 instead and King’s Shield lowering attack by 1 stage than 2 stages. But under the fairy tale field, Aegislash is still super strong. Also Titania’s Aegislash wasn’t nerfed - since E18 was released around August 2018 - because it kept the Gen VII traits (150 offenses/defenses and dropping attack by 2 stages), so I guess Titania’s Aegislash is actually stronger than Melia’s. Edit 2: I believe what Melia sets it apart from Titania is that on Intense, a Pokémon can have more than 510 total EVs. Since Melia’s Aegislash has 252/252/252/0/252/0, while the offenses are the same, Aegislash’s bulk has been maximized (252 HP, 252 Def, and 252 SpD), making it sturdier than Titania’s, causing certain attacks that would’ve been a OHKO become a 2HKO instead. At this point, I don’t know who’s Aegislash is stronger, but it’s leaning towards Melia’s.
  5. Same. I was able to open those scripts with Microsoft Word, and all I had to do is copy and paste them to each row. Might be slightly inconvenient, but it still exists.

  6. ScaldBurner14’s no item attempt against Clemont (Adventures of XYZ)!

  7. What would happen in the pyramid after Flora lost control of Ryland, would florin and the two cops still appear to take custody of Flora, or would it just be the two cops?
  8. Tentative pending custom field effect:


    Speed World Field


    “Let’s rev it up!”


    General effects:


    -“The wind picked up the speed!”

    Physical Flying-type attacks increase in base power by 1.5x.

    -“The Crimson Dragon resonated with the attack!”

    Physical Dragon-type attacks increase in based power by 1.5x.

    -“The attack couldn’t keep up with the speed!”

    All special moves decrease in power by 0.5x.


    Abilities affected:


    -Pokémon with the Speed Boost ability gets its speed raised by 2 stages every turn.

    -Pokémon with Weak Armor, Quick Feet, and Steadfast have their Speed boosted by 1 stage upon switch-in.

    -Pokémon with Tangled Feet have their Evasion boosted by 1 stage upon switch-in.


    Moves which receive a buff.


    -“The wind picked up the momentum!”

    Mach Punch, Quick Attack, Ice Shard, Aqua Jet, Shadow Sneak, Bullet Punch, Vacumn Wave, Sucker Punch, Water Shuriken, Accelerock ——> 1.3x boost

    -“Accel Synchro!”

    Extremespeed, First Impression, Feint ——> 1.5x boost

    “Delta Accel Synchro!”

    Fake Out ——> 2x boost

    -“The attack couldn’t be avoided!”

    Magical Leaf, Swift, Disarming Voice, Aerial Ace, Shock Wave, Magnet Bomb, Feint Attack, Aura Sphere, Clear Smog, Shadow Punch ——> 2x boost

    -Quiver Dance, Dragon Dance, Shift Gear, Rapid Spin, and Agility ——> Speed boost is boosted by 1 stage in addition to their initial boosts.


    Moves which receives a nerf.


    -“The attack couldn’t keep up with the speed!”

    Vital Throw, Revenge, Avalanche, Focus Punch, Shell Trap, Counter, Mirror Coat, Circle Throw, Dragon Tail ——> 0.5x decrease in power.


    Terrain-dependent moves.


    -Nature Power becomes Extremespeed.

    -Camouflage changes the user’s type to Flying

    -Secret Power can reduce Speed




    -Synthetic Seed boosts Speed and Evasion, but confuses the user.

  9. The second one borrow elements from the battle of Primal Dialga from explorers of time/darkness/sky. Have yet to find it from YT.
  10. On V11 and V12, they used Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Yveltal battle.
  11. Welp, looks like I missed the Steelixcite because I’ve already talked to him before the patch.
  12. After watching my own episodes/content of Pokémon Rejuvenation V13 blind playthrough, I feel like my team isn’t diverse enough, with only 5-10 Pokémon that I’ve used. I guess when I have free time, I’ll consider breeding Starly that I got from Mosely and also breeding the Eevees. That’ll help me get some AP points to get the HP and Speed rooms that I now have to pay for, and maybe some more Golden Items (got around 5 so far).

  13. I think they’re saying if you have Ditto with perfect IVs holding a Destiny Knot, the Pokémon you’re trying to breed will have 5 of the 6 31IVs…I haven’t done breeding for a very long time, so I’m not sure if it still holds true.
  14. I didn’t know that, but I’ll check it out. I wasn’t expecting anything like this, so I guess that’s cool? Might have some Pokémon in my mind that needs optimization.
  15. Even in casual mode, I had a fair share of difficult battles, like certain Rift Pokémon and certain major characters (almost rage quit on Angie & Cera, took a break from recording, and destroying them off-screen before continuing). While most of the AI trainers have Pokémon with 10 IVs and 85 EVs across the board, a few of them are fully EV trained. It should still be manageable, but give the opponent a chance to setup, and they can eventually sweep your entire team.
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