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  1. One of my play testers ScaldBurner14 encountered a frustrating moment in MKXP. He texted me this:


    ”Thanks, it seems like the command prompt is drastically different. It’s like they still have your other project so some things won’t match up.


    Like 903 Sylveon4 is still coalossal (that’s also ID 903 on another project)


    And yes, I did have to compile every single time I load a game.


     I reckon that you should give players debug mode and some disclaimer when they start the game saying to compile all data before you play. Cause I don’t know how to deal with this atm.“


    So it seems to work (compiled), but then when he exits out the game, it becomes un-compiled, and then he has to re-compile every time he loads up the game.

  2. Hmm, in that case, on the earlier post where Morpeko was involved, it’s Hangry mode should be on the same number as the Full Belly Mode, except that it might look like: 877Cry (Full Belly) 877_1Cry (Hangry) 878Cry (Cufant) Hopefully that might do the trick?
  3. I was looking through older pokemon.txt from Spork (three years ago) and here’s what I found: … 744: Rockruff 745: Lycanroc (form 0 being midday, and 1 for midnight). 746: Duskroc (added entry) 747: Wishiwashi (should be 746…). 748: Mareanie (should be 747). … Because Duskroc was added to 746 as a separate entry instead of being part of a form in 745, everything Wishiwashi onwards have their cries become shifted by one (Mareanie has Wishiwashi’s cry, Toxapex had Mareanie’s cry, etc). Everything up until pokedex #745 is alright, only 746 onwards where it starts to be slightly off. This position below was from rejuv’s Pokemon.txt: … 744 Rockruff 745 Lycanroc (with forms 0 being Midday, 1 for Midnight, and 2 for Dusk). 746 Wishiwashi 747: Mareanie … That’s probably going to cause a huge rewrite on the Pokémon.txt just to adjust the pokedex numbers so that the battle cry matches the number.
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/file/j4eyny27ri7rq4o/Virtualization_V7.4.zip/file


    (Previous links no longer work.)


    Another re-upload, and hopefully one that I'll be comfortable with before enduring the massive overflow of traffic regarding Scarlet and Violet games for the next two weeks. This one is actually small, only did three character sprites and adding in the missing Mega Stone of Audinite. After that, I'll be starting to make content for V8 and immerse myself reviewing through Yugioh Vrains episodes 47-59 to see which dialogues would be applied.

  5. Gym recap of Pokémon Virtualization:


    Normal - Penelope
    Electric - Clemont
    Fire - Kindel
    Water - Ariel
    Dark - Drew
    Psychic - Linda
    Grass - Wesley
    Ice - Risette
    Fairy - Kelsey


    Tentative other gyms


    10) Flying (bounty hunter similar to The Shephard from YuGiOh VRAINS)
    11-14) Poison, Rock, Bug, and Fighting (The four eons that have yet to choose a side with the humans or eons) (could be at any order since the levels are the same.)
    15) Ground (Remo switching his team)
    16) Ghost (a similar superior AI such as Bohman whose also from YuGiOh VRAINS)
    17) Dragon (Petral round 3)

    18) Steel (Unknown at the time, too soon to think)

  6. Goals for Pokémon Virtualization during downtime (as in not starting V8 yet):


    -Three new character to put sprites in

    -Four more OST from Duel Links VRAINS World (one of them will come out tomorrow)

    -One new item.

    -Maybe a few new maps.


    As for the item in question, there was an anime exclusive Link Spell card that debuted in Yugioh Vrains season 2 and was still used in season 3, and I think I might be able to replicate it if I script this correctly. Judgment Arrows is a Link Spell card which doubles the ATK of Link monsters pointing to it, so I was thinking of a new held item that doubles attack and special attack. It might be possible by looking at Life Orb’s script and adjust the numbers and internal name. The loss of HP is still mandatory due to the script (and I think it makes sense because if Judgment Arrows leave the field, then all link monsters linked to that Spell is also destroyed), but I think I can reduce the HP loss by 10% (or maybe I can keep it losing 10% every attack).


    So yup, that’s all that I have in my mind at the moment. I think those goals will help me kickstart the next version even if I didn’t plan on starting it yet.

  7. https://www.mediafire.com/file/8wlwjzwu3g4aorq/Virtualization_V7.4.zip/file


    New re-upload of Pokemon Virtualization V7 (Season 1); all previous links no longer work.


    The recent upload was from last month (9-19-2022) when part 3 was finished, but now, part 4 of V7 is complete. Currently goes up to nine badges and a lot of things have been made available (mega stones and the grand prize atop of Eon Sanctuary if all eight elements were acquired). Play time according to Scaldburner14's overall playthrough from start to finish is roughly 12 hours.



  8. I remember having my entire Pokémon roster list after Lycanroc had their cry shifted by one position behind. (745 onwards I.e Mimikyu got Togedemaru’s cry).
  9. https://www.mediafire.com/file/cem8x6hhxatkbjx/Virtualization_V7.3_%28WIP%29.zip/file


    Part 3 of V7. Still work in progress, but you can still play beyond V6 content if you already finished. V7 is split into four parts, so I got only one more part to do.


    P1: Route 5 trainers

    P2: Frolicking Meadow

    P3: Lumiose Tag Battle Tournament

    P4: Emotion Forest/Hill


    Part 4’s going to be longer than any of the three because the 9th gym battle also happens to be where the player gets the final element (if players did take on specific battles).


    The bulk of V7 could be the equivalent of Sonic Unleashed’s Eggmanland stage as the amount of trainers/battles there are increasing in quantity. Just these three parts that I’ve already made….there’s around 40 non-skippable battles! Dialogue/storyline of Season 1 of Yugioh Vrains has ended but I also needed to finish the eon element arc as well.

  10. There’s one that I saw five years ago. Haven’t played Pokémon Conquest for a long time despite owning a physical cartridge from mid-2012. A few days ago, I stumbled across a fan game called Pokémon Conquest Shogun’s Path (that’s still in development since 2017), but I have yet to see any DL link. Seems pretty fun based on watching a trailer.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Vince&Sylveon


      Hmm, that’s the closest thing I can think of. It kinda looks like Eternatus.

    3. SilverAngelus


      Oh, are they doing "Fakemon?"

    4. Vince&Sylveon


      Upon looking at two trailers (one from 4 years ago and the other being a year ago), it seems like there isn’t any Fakemon detected. They used actual Pokemon. And the Pokémon that those “Warlords” have follows closely to the actual game.

  11. For a moment, I thought I saw Aelita but turns out it was Aevia on the screenshot. I kinda liked that hair style.
  12. Virtualization V6.1 (mediafire.com)


    Pokémon Virtualization V6 (previous links no longer work)


    -Dialogue implemented from watching season 1 of Yugioh VRAINS (episodes 1-46), and episode 67 of 5DS.

    -Covers up to eight badges (this version has the player receive two badges at the same time due to certain events).

    -As of this version, all nine Sylveon Code Talker forms are available.

    -One optional sidequest added.

    -Lumiose City will be undergoing structural changes after season 1 is over.

  13. Imagine him showing up at one of Galar stadiums, and he kept some trace of blue hair as well! :D
  14. I recall ICSW mentioned something before you get to choose your starter that she doesn’t know how to program Disguise at the moment, so she gave Mimikyu the Shadow Shield ability instead.
  15. https://www.mediafire.com/file/8hvenimkkttti1p/Virtualization_V5.2.zip/file


    A small re-upload of V5.2, which adds a couple more areas and updating around 40 battle animations for certain moves. New areas: Frolicking Meadow and Speed Training Room. Also added Celebi as gift Pokemon in Lumiose City (S-C), which has been expanded to add another room (Vince's room, that's where Celebi is at. Perfect IVs on that Pokemon.) I'm planning to start V6 soon, so I will re-watch Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS episodes 22-46 to see which dialogues to implement.


    Previous links no longer works.

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