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  1. Small re-upload: -Repositioned "transfer player" when talking to Bonnie shortly after talking to Alain in the lounge about the Fairy ignis going back home. -Added Camphrier Town West of route 5 although it is optional to explore.
  2. Re-upload! -Fixed an area inside Abandoned Mansion to where you won't get stuck pushing a boulder after you picked up Sablenite in Prism Tower B4F. -Several BGM changes (several Gradius series soundtracks replaces other BGMs that I used to have). Do not save in those areas or you might get stuck there. Those rooms from Fairy Battleship got a huge remodel as well as having powerful items in those rooms. Those remodeled rooms are inspired by several high-speed stages from various Gradius games. -Fairy Battleship B1.1F -Fairy Battleship B1.2F -Fairy Battleship B1.3F -Fairy Battleship B1.4F -Lightning Land (Rainy) That's all I can remember for now.
  3. Re-upload! During the past week or two, I continued where I left off (from 8th badge to 15th badge, pretty much the rest of the adventure) while doing some map editing and filling in the missing dialogues (vrains episode 85ish to 98). Even though I seemed to be satisfied of my progress, I felt there may be something more that has to be done. But for now, I just uploaded my folder a moment ago. It has to be done at some point because during my self-testing phase, I had to fix probably one or two event tiles when transferring the player to another spot AND I also have to fix one tile passability, otherwise you'll never be able to walk around in Mirror LINK VRAINS due to passability of a certain tile being "X" instead of "O". Since I got through the entire adventure myself, I do hope other players would be able to get to places without being stuck. There's always a possibility that I've overlooked something, so the 1KB Game application to RPG Maker is still on the folder as well as the PBS files in case you want to "Warp to Map" to another place.
  4. Re-upload! (second link before the word "recent") -Solved an issue where the player is stuck when the player is about to confront Petral the second time in Data Storm Interior (Only major issue I found since I was still playtesting.) -Several more gift Pokemon (mainly the Sylveon forms) got optimized moves and stat investments. -Map and trainer edits until 8th badge. As I said on the previous post, probably won't be able to weaken the trainers any further after the sixth badge. -Prize money from defeating trainers have drastically nerfed. (Though not so much as I've found somewhere in the script that depending on the number of badges you have, it multiplies the amount of prize money. I.E. 3 badges mean prize money is tripled.) On another note, something that I should've mentioned a few months ago I noticed on that 7-hour stream made by HYDE (Youtube) several months ago about someone mentioning that those X items 6 are free...not anymore! It now costs six times as much from the regular X items. For example, if X Attack costs 550, then X Attack 6 costs 3300.
  5. Re-upload! Somewhat of a slow news as I did not have any plans to add new stuff post V13 of Virtualization. As such, the badge count is still 15 and the level cap is still 85. However, I have started a new save of my own project and did some map edits of existing maps while playing. With snap edges on for several maps, I had to extend my map dimensions by 16 more width and height and move the map 8 tiles away from top, bottom, left, and right so that the player will not be too far of that side. If I turned snap edges off, then you will see some of the panoramas set on certain tilesets instead of plain black. Not only that, another reason why I started a new adventure is that when I am testing early game trainers, I try to not make them seem unbearable, though certain elements like STABmon movesets and setting EVs are still intact. Perhaps the only thing I can weaken from standard trainers is to make them have NFE Pokemon, which I did so far. This will probably mean Eviolite will be held on most NFEs, making them more defensive instead. The map and trainer edits go up to the fourth badge (after Ariel’s Cascade) and shall continue to try weakening some trainers along the way for season 1. I probably will not be able to weaken them any further after the sixth badge since the levels are where most fully evolved Pokemon are at. Eventing edits have also been made, though it's mostly editing gift Pokemon to have optimized moves and stat investments, so you'll have some fully invested Pokemon from the get-go. You can still change certain aspects such as abilities and nature in Neo Lumiose City (SE).
  6. Re-upload! Added new content for V13: -Some dialogues implemented based on Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS episode 117-120 -A whopping 50+ standard battles as well as 4 major battles!
  7. What were you trying to do before the error popped up?
  8. Re-upload! Added new content for V12: -Some dialogues implemented based on Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS episode 103-117 and Yu-Gi-Oh 5DS episodes 123-130. -Several trainer battles, and that includes 4 major battles.
  9. Re-Uploaded! Fixed an issue when the player tries to exit Ranger Hideout and gets taken to either an area with Level 72 trainers or the remodeled Lumiose City (W). Added a control variable to keep that from happening until a certain point of the story is reached; you'll be able to go back to the old Lumiose City (W) and get your third badge from the Chancellor. It's probably the current game-breaking bug that was found thanks to Pyuku.
  10. Moonblast-only run will resume…soon.

  11. Is there any way to put your folder in Mediafire for download? Had a bit of trouble downloading from Google Drive...
  12. Past titles and tentative titles: V1: The Next Kalos Hero (badges 1 & 2) V2: Lessons Learned (badge 3) V3: Tainted Reputation (badge 4) V4: Petral Appears (badge 5) V5: Infiltrating the Past (badge 6) V6: The Deleted (badges 7 & 8) V7: Limited Peace (badge 9) V8: Link Vrains 2.0 (badge 10) V9: Awkward Meeting (badge 11) V10: Faction Vs Faction (badge 12) V11 (current as of this post): The Superior A.I. (badge 13) V12: The Rebellion (current) (badge 14) V13: Fate of the World (no badge) V14 Epilogue: TBD (badges 15 through 18)
  13. I remember playing V10 the first time around May 2018. So much has changed since then.
  14. Was it “Avramax”? Cause yeah, he’s still one of the most popular monsters out there.
  15. Re-upload! The folder may state W.I.P, but due to the playtester named ScaldBurner14, it can be playable. It's just subpar dialogues since I wanted to rush on the trainer battles, but I will definitely go back to fill in the story. There are couple things I did have to fix/edit based on what I've watched from that particular 7-hour stream from another YouTuber. -Changed Buneary's ability from Klutz to something else so that Focus Sash does activate. (Level 1 F.E.A.R. Trainer battle from Route 5) -Changed Rattata's ability from Hustle to something else so that their attacks don't miss. (Level 1 F.E.A.R. Trainer battle from Route 5) -Wyatt's Custom Room had two Cherubi way before season 2 content happens. Have changed control variables so that they don't appear too soon. -Further elaborated that part where the player says they're going outside after shutting down the power source. Removed "past your truck" and put in something like "two silver rocks that I'll be in between." (Which is where that streamer ended at since he had no idea what to do next.)
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