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  1. Risa has a Jigglypuff with the same base stats as Naganadel. This could be one piece of hint how Risa Raider could possibly be Freya.
  2. It multiplies the shiny rate by 3x. So that 1.07% becomes 3.21% to get a shiny. I don’t recall if Shiny Charm is in Spork though.
  3. To compare, Hardy’s Dusk Lycanroc is 7 levels above the cap. (97 vs 90).
  4. With the level cap still being 85, I wonder if the levels of Saki’s Team is similar to Ryland, or if her team still goes up by 5 levels... Predictions of Ace Metagross’s Level Casual: 85 Normal: 88 Intense: 93
  5. No new chapter atm. - Past Tinder Village made (Celebi will be next to Tinder Village Poke Mart. You'll get to travel to the past after the incident of Party City but before taking on Tinder Mountain). - Forest Temple Missions added (based on missions from Pokémon Ranger Guardian Signs) - Eventually gives you the running shoes and Pokegear (I have reworked the Town Map to get a closer zoom in the northeast side of Ceolis). Will make those items available in the beginning of the game. - Changes to Cyberse Sylveon was made (see previous post).
  6. On the next upload, there will be some changes to Cyberse Sylveon. -There will be 2 forms: a regular Sylveon but blue instead of pink color schemes and that existing Sword Sylveon. -SYLVEON3 (#946) will be the blue Sylveon while SYLVEON4 (#949) will have the existing sprite with that helmet and sword. -SYLVEON3 will have it's happiness set to 0. Since I made it evolve by happiness, I set it to 0 so that you don't instantly get it evolved when you level up. -It's stats are as goes: SYLVEON3 will still have 95/130/65/60/65/110, but the ability will be Adaptability. SYLVEON4's stats will have 95/170/85/60/85/130 with the Tough Claws ability (couldn't find a way to implement Intrepid Sword atm despite looking at "Download" ability as an example). Also, I will eventually have the Forest Temple missions finished. I still gotta find the source of the map layouts of Mission 6 by watching older videos. This change is to make something not too strong right off the bat, and the payoff will be good when you raise it to max friendship. Cyberse Sylveon's stats are almost on par with Zacian's Crowned Form. On another note, if Gen VIII sprite stuff does get released, I better make sure I save certain functions that I've made to the Scripts section since the eventful new scripts will override the old one. But it's not that big of a deal since the only thing I'll have to implement again is Dark Candy.
  7. That's nice to hear! Congrats on getting through this obstacle.
  8. Ok, so I realized I didn't tell anyone what happened to this series, it's because I decided to take a hiatus for a while. The big thing that happened a week or two ago was that Amethyst, Andracass, and others made a randomizer for Pokémon Reborn, as in randomized Pokémon and level up moves. Having never played an actual randomizer before, I decided to take the opportunity to record this Pokémon Reborn 18.2 Randomizer series while it's still new. Also, map revamps of Pokémon Spork ended on Cool Cave, so that was quite fitting to temporary end the series. When I finish my third adventure of Pokémon Reborn, I will hopefully go back to playing Pokémon Spork Moonblast only run. Also, I've been fiddling with Spork Forest Guarding to make new maps and mini-missions similar to Pokémon Ranger Guardian Signs. I tried to follow the same map layout, but that means watching YouTube videos from almost 10 years ago to try and replicate it. Luckily, Pichu647's playlist of Guardian Signs are still there. The workload I placed myself seemed overwhelming, but indirectly thanks to the COVID-19, I get to spend most of the time home in the computer to do as much as I can until everything settles down (which I hope everything settles down so that I can get back to business, as in actual work IRL). That's all I have to mention for now and to let anyone know that I'm still active. (P.S. Hope everyone is alright. Stay strong!)
  9. So far, Sylveon’s the only Pokemon that gave me incentive to EV train to the fullest potential due to perfect IVs. The rest of my team can utilize the 252/252/4 or other spreads, but because of random IVs they sometimes fall short of what they would’ve handle.
  10. And that same Sylveon (with the same level) was used as part of the rift Chandelure quest.
  11. TM28 Dig is in Goldenwood Forest which needs Surf to explore more. I recall picking that up in that forest where the statue of one of the Sinnoh pixies is at.
  12. This is one of those battles where their weakness literally got covered multiple ways. While Grass and Water would have been a good choices against her, the desert field (which weakens Water moves) and type diversity like Nidoqueen, Torterra, and Camerupt makes Grass moves not deal SE damage. At this point, you’re going to try to benefit from the field. Dig becomes a one turn move that’s SE against Nidoqueen, Camerupt, and Torterra (due to the Torterra crest inverting Type matchups). If you can get your opponent to use Desert’s Mark against you, the Dig will get STAB! Pretty much you’ll have to fight ground with ground on this gym battle...or I meant, final showdown against Flora. (Even in casual mode it’s still hard. Took me a couple tries based on what I record last July).
  13. This is actually related to Forest Guardian since I've made another area that heavily resembles those Multiplayer missions from Pokémon Ranger Guardian Signs, whose game came out almost a decade ago! In order to get there, however, you'll have to make Celebi time travel to the past. The area of the Past Tinder Village is very small. Instead of using Capture Stylers (as it doesn't exist in Spork universe), you'll use only one Pokémon to battle. Obviously you can bring a full team of six Pokémon, but I rather handicap myself to enjoy my experience as much as possible. I believe there's 23 missions in the Temple (excluding the Deoxys mission), so I'll have to work on ALL 23!!! I already got one done, so I got 22 more to do (with tons of eventing in the process in hopes of making the mission repeatable, which I actually figured it out; there's gonna be lots of Control Switches on the way). On the testing process, I am only going to use just Piplup as I hope that I can solo all 23 missions with just Piplup (which I could evolve into Empoleon), and yes, that means also defeating Arceus with Empoleon eventually.
  14. I've seen PokeTubers play a randomizer from various Pokémon games, but I've never played a Pokemon randomizer before. This is going to be a whole new experience for me to try.
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