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  1. My team that I’ve used during recording sessions (in casual mode) are: Sylveon, Swampert (holding Swampertite), Garchomp, Incineroar, Primarina, and Ribombee (leading with Sticky Web).
  2. Also, by the time you get to Fly to East Gearen City, the city would have already been remodeled, thus rendering the older sidequests replaced by newer ones.
  3. What was your team, and what difficulty are you playing?
  4. I think when you travel to the past for the first time (with Melia and Venam), I’m not sure if the game forces the player to change clothes.
  5. I recall there are only two things to do before going through the middle area: Sea Star Tournament (right side) and battling those simulators in the left side of the area.
  6. I think you might not like Hoenn Route 132-134, cause they also have water currents.
  7. I think the amount of AP earned seems limited, so I use the points to get stuff that couldn’t be obtainable anywhere else, such as the EV training cards and Golden Items. You should not spend AP points on vitamins since there are a lot of ways to EV train your Pokémon without having to use vitamins that would take a huge chunk of your money. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly how many AP points there are, but it was enough for me to get around six golden items and four EV training rooms (prior to V13).
  8. I believe they merged to be one room (chrysolia hotel 2F). I recall you talk to the clerk in the top right corner, where you can exchange AP points for awesome key items.
  9. It used to be that HP room and Speed room were free to enter. Now they require 10 AP points for each card to get access.
  10. I believe if you press A, you have the option to reset the board or leave the puzzle.
  11. I think because there’s no field effect on Keta’s battle, I can no longer cheese through due to Blessed Field being gone.
  12. Is the Angie battle the 7th gym battle or the other double battle with Cera?
  13. Is her Seviper still level 19 on intense, or did it get stronger?
  14. I don’t think there is a complete walkthrough per se, but this is the closest thing I can think of. LeoYT did a hybrid Nuzlocke playthrough and getting all the legendary Pokémon, so I think this is as much as it gets.
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