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  1. Does anyone know where to take the Keneph Photo to, and how to get rid of the Foxes in front of the Cellia Rare Items Store ?
  2. there are 2 Foxes in front of the Cellia Rare Store, how to get rid of em ?
  3. Does anyone know where to take the Keneph Photo to ?
  4. C-MC

    Wanna Battle?

    sure we can battle, how bout tomorrow at 3 pm EST (I don't live in the U.S. so the timezome is different) ? and where should we meet. Also this is my first online battle so I have no idea how it works here
  5. if only we could send a petition to OLM Inc. the company who does the anime lol
  6. Or a movie series like you mentioned something similar to Digimon Adventure tri
  7. lmao not necessarily they could split the whole anime into 2 or 3 seasons like how they do with the main ones each having 50 ish episodes
  8. A little off topic but imagine a Pokemon Reborn anime aimed more for the older fans of course... with the soundtrack we got remastered it would be f'n epic !!!
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