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  1. I think it works now... I'll get back to you
  2. So I messed up somewhere during the Victory Road and I want to go back a couple of save files and continue from there. Luckily, I've saved multiple times during that time so I just need to do that. How can I go to an earlier save file, since it's not changing in the game at all ? Please help a brother out. Thanks in advance !
  3. So I followed a youtube tutorial on how to complete these puzzles, I clicked on the last green crystal and smashed the one next to it and Fern was talking something, but when I tried to go up, the Decidueye was still shooting arrows at me. Is there any way I can beat this or at least reset the puzzle from the start ?
  4. Can anyone tell me how to solve this puzzle ? Thanks in advance
  5. Does anyone know where to take the Keneph Photo to, and how to get rid of the Foxes in front of the Cellia Rare Items Store ?
  6. there are 2 Foxes in front of the Cellia Rare Store, how to get rid of em ?
  7. Does anyone know where to take the Keneph Photo to ?
  8. C-MC

    Wanna Battle?

    sure we can battle, how bout tomorrow at 3 pm EST (I don't live in the U.S. so the timezome is different) ? and where should we meet. Also this is my first online battle so I have no idea how it works here
  9. Actually just talked to Ana and Dylan, we watched the video from V and Dylan said to meet at route 9, but they're not there. Help please ?
  10. yeah I can't find the fisherman in route 2 this sucks :/
  11. I did the quests at kakori village and the engineer says thanks for your help, if you need me give me a call but I can't talk to him to go help
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