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  1. Ok, going by the sample bench sent me, it seems only the first line is strictly needed. To "brute-force" fix this you: Need to have debug enabled. Press F6 (A prompt like in the attached image should appear). Type: Kernel.pbRemoveDependency2("Nan") Press enter and Nancy should be gone :c Disable debug (Recommended). The prompt seems to have some weird behavior, though, and you can't copy paste.
  2. It would certainly help; right now I think I have found that even after removing her (the script does work) it seems that there is even another thing that blocks TMs.
  3. Hmm, this seems a bit harder than usual; I don't have the savefiles to test it, but it seems followers are not completely governed by a numbered switch or variable. I wonder how you got in that situation. The way the event removes Nancy is like this (if you have debug, you can try F6): Kernel.pbRemoveDependency2("Nan") pbDeregisterPartner The other way it might work is to trigger another partner event, but I'm unsure.
  4. This happened to me, the events are quite 'involved' in this sort of mini-game. I set the variable [0694 : Heracross] to 7 and reentered the area to be able to continue. It's likely too late, but here is your fixed savefile. If anyone stumbles upon this, heed this warning: do not mess with minigames in debug, they can be quite fragile. Game.rxdata
  5. As you might have guessed, I love spamming leaf storm; I might have run in a relatively obscure and innocuous bug surrounding it: If the adversary has Mold Breaker, Leaf Storm lowers Sp. Atk, ignoring contrary. However, if one uses a boosting status move before (in that case contrary actually works to my disadvantage), then it works normally after. I suppose this isn't how it should be? I mean, it should ignore contrary when the move is done by the opponent, isn't it? I compared with showdown, and it seems to be what I expect (I don't own the real stuff).
  6. Hello, for future reference, this error (When the file is actually there): "No game scripts specified Missing Game.ini" Also happens in Linux if the current working directory is not the game directory. Seems that MKXP is looking at CWD instead of the executable directory.
  7. Hello, just here to confirm if anyone has this (linux, possibly mac) error happen when choosing the fifth character (Alain, I think, the one with gray/white hair and green eyes) and then loading the save file: Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `width' for nil:NilClass PokemonLoad:310:in `pbSetParty' PokemonLoad:507:in `pbStartLoadScreen' Scene_Intro:106:in `closeSplash' PBEvent:54:in `call' It seems it is looking for the character sprite (nb_walk2.png), but it is with the wrong capitalization (NB_Walk2.png), so I just copied the sprite to have both names and it works fine. *Note I created a new save file from the menu; I have not tested on a clean save folder.
  8. Yep, can confirm, it doesn't shuffles to hidden ability*, unless it is the expected behavior. *It is quite strange: For the Gen 8 starters it doesn't work at all. I tested skwovet and it also doesn't works. Rokidee and blipbug does work. I tested on snivy and it works so it looks like it is really a gen 8 issue. I suspect it is a problem for pokes with one normal ability and a hidden one. Ok. It seems that for gen 8 pokemon it is the case that the index of the hidden ability when there is no second ability is '2'; but it seems that the norm is that it should be '1'. I think this will be patched, but if you really want to fix it now it is just a small modification in Scripts/PokemonItemsEffects.rb (around line 2838) [Always backup!] elsif abillist[0].length == 2 case tempabil when 0 pokemon.setAbility(1) ### **New lines** newabilid = pokemon.ability if newabilid == abilid pokemon.setAbility(2) end ### **End modification** when 1 pokemon.setAbility(0) when 2 pokemon.setAbility(0) newabilid = pokemon.ability if newabilid == abilid pokemon.setAbility(1) end end
  9. I had been messing with the code and debug mode, thus things may vary; but yes it seems to work all right. Also (to facilitate searching the error, screen-caps are not useful for this; I have seen several instances): Error linux: ENOENT script_order line 263 File Not Found
  10. Hey, I seem to have ran into the same thing (in an other thread); it looks like the linux archive has some missing files, or my decompressing tool wiped out the whole script directory. I copied the missing files (the Script dir) from the mac release. The Scripts directory should have 185 files (including script_order). Then I applied the patch as normal. What I find weird is that you seemed to have a functional V13 until patching, I hadn't it run until I did that. That, or there were some shenanigans and we were not supposed to get all the scripts and the export/import script is hurting itself in its confusion. I could even pass along a zip with all the files as it seems to be correct (but you shouldn't trust a fellow internet denizen, particularly with executables)
  11. If you did use my solution I think you should re-apply the patch unless you want the bugs fixed in the said patch to 'bug' you some time in the future. Unless the problem comes back... which I don't think it could happen. I'm not sure if we downloaded a corrupted archive or something; this was weird.
  12. Hmm... did you check that the file referred (Audio/BGM/Rejuvenation - Title Screen.mp3) exists? I had a similar issue where some scripts where missing for some reason. Is this the only error? As far as I know the missing sounds won't stop the game from working (I even tested removing the Audio directory). I think you can comment out the part of the code that raises the error (Scripts/Game_System.rb) without issues (bar getting no bg music), but I doubt this will help: def bgm_play_internal2(name,volume,pitch,position) # :nodoc: #begin # Audio.bgm_play(name,volume,pitch,position) #rescue ArgumentError # Audio.bgm_play(name,volume,pitch) #end end
  13. I do too. Using Arch, but I doubt that's relevant to this. The error seems pretty explanatory; it seems to be missing the order in which the new (patched?) scripts should be loaded, but I am surely missing something because even a empty !scripts_order fails to load the game (albeit without error), and I don't think the whole lot of scripts are being distributed as .rb files. I tried deleting all save data and no dice. I don't think the .rxdata and .rb change depending on platform (since the patch is the same for all) but I'll try using the files from other platforms Oh, I found a fix, I just copied the Scripts folder from the Mac bundle (which included the correct script_order and way more .rb files)
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