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  1. You can find old links with the wayback machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20210516230125/https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/download/ It seems many are still stored locally https://www.rebornevo.com/downloads/Reborn18.4.1.zip
  2. The times this happened to me was because I Ctrl-walked through stairs/vines(the kind that you go up and down within the same map). Stairs have events when you enter and exit them, if you skip the exit this happens. The way I fixed it was just to use any stair again (properly).
  3. Does it happen to you that you are so enamored with a concept/premise, that you allow yourself to continue reading a story despite it being riddled with cliches, bad planning and general cheesiness--in such a way you need a moment every odd minute to clean the feeling of 'oh goodness, why I am doing this,' only to return eager to see the conclusion of the beloved idea, as a moth to a flame--but you don't have the heart to speak honestly to the blessed soul that wrote it.


    Is there a word for this?

    1. Q-Jei


      I don't have a specific word in mind, but to me, it sounds like the fear of offending. You recognize that this person has probably channeled a lot of passion in their writings, so you don't want to shake the boat too hard. I agree that some people are more sensitive than others. However, if you directly point out all the flaws at the cost of constructive criticism, you'll most likely put them ill at ease and, at some extent, make them want to cancel everything. Also, bad planning is a term that is pretty much out of context to me when it comes down to anything related to hobbies. Everyone must remember that those who write fictional stories are not all professionals. They don't have to prove anything to anyone and shouldn't stress themselves with a deadline for stuff they're not even paid for. By the way, did you think of someone in particular?

    2. Nullspace


      Yes, but is not in the context of this forum [and pointing fingers kind of defeats the message put forward here]. As for the bad planning, perhaps I just love foreshadowing and when things go full circle, but I really dislike when things go out of the rail for no apparent reason or when plot threads go to nowhere. Surely, I am not entitled to nothing, and I thread carefully if I offer advice, but I simply dislike it (or rather, I love when everything seems cohesive).

  4. I linked a thread to a debug mod but it was removed, and if I provide the explicit method, this too may be removed.
  5. Someone asked for the download links in a very broken way (not sure if intentional):


    I need X but why?

    ...And I love it! I shall steal it for reasons.

  6. Sorry, I just messed up something; reborn 19 uses a new script, MultipleForms.rb, as you have done. The other section in PokemonMultipleForms.rb is actually commented out, it does nothing. Looking quickly through it, you also need to remove this FormCopy = [ [PBSpecies::FLABEBE,PBSpecies::FLOETTE], # this line must go Because it will overwrite whatever change you do to floette with the data of flabebe (see the end of MultipleForms.rb). I have tested it and it seems to work, then, for me. PBSpecies::FLOETTE => { :OnCreation => proc{rand(5)}, :FormName => {5 => "Eternal"}, "Eternal" => { :BaseStats => [74,65,67,92,125,128], :DexEntry => "The flower it's holding can no longer be found blooming anywhere. It's also thought to contain terrifying power.", } },
  7. Yes, completing a move is a bit more complex. I haven't done that in honesty; you might want to ask around the discord for help with that, it is more likely for someone to answer.
  8. No, it is not implemented. Normally, adding multiple forms is relatively easy: Register the form in PokemonMultipleForms.rb (that was the old method). MultipleForms.rb Use the other forms as an example . You don't need to define every method (ie. if there is no ability change, do not add the "ability=>{...}" section; if you arent going to change the pokedex, omit the "dexEntry" section). There are more methods (for instance, to define mega forms), check other examples to learn them. Now, each form gets assigned a number (as you can see with the "pokemon.form==XXX" checks), and floete gets a form for each color, so make sure you assign a unique number to it (or not, you wont kill the game by overwriting a form). (Btw, it's in Ruby, the programming language) (Also, you don't need the PBS in these cases.) I think, then, you should test if everything went correctly: the game doesn't crash and you can set correctly the form with debug. Finally add the sprite (it is optional). Now here is some complexity. Battle sprites are at Graphics/Battlers/. However, sprites are now packed into sprite-sheets; Cass made a post about it. They are in blocks of four for each form (all in the same image), add a new block with the new sprites. If you want you can do the sprite thing first and it seems to work too. Note that her signature move, Light of Ruin, is not implemented either. Also, you might want to add an encounter? that's a bit more involved.
  9. Many latter generation pokemon have their data in the game. However all sprites are missing (If you spawn one with debug it will crash on inspection, but one can use a placeholder or adapt the ones from rejuv) and I'm not sure all abilities and moves are well tested. But it is quite curious.
  10. No, bug buzz never targeted all enemies; but neither bulbapedia is wrong. Bulbapedia has an unfortunate wording for stating the target(s) of the move (ignoring triple battles): "May affect anyone adjacent to the user," means it can target anyone, but not at the same time. (ie, bug buzz, psychic, thunderbolt) "Affects all Pokémon adjacent to the user," means it attacks everyone at the same time. (ie. surf, earthquake) "Affects all adjacent foes, but not allies," means it attacks all foes (but not allies) at the same time. (ie. hyper voice) There are some instances where the field effect may increase the number of targets (I only remember flower garden doing that for some grass moves), but I don't think that it is the case for this move.
  11. If I remember correctly, that's an event amaura; you need to have an ice heal. It will ask you to use it once you have one.
  12. This postgame dialogue kills me:



  13. Yes, but caution is advised; you can break the events easily.
  14. It should be placed in the folder Data/Mods/; if it is still not working, uh, I'm not sure what to tell you. Also if your game is running, you need to close it and start it again, F12 is not enough.
  15. In the linked spreadsheet there is tab with the passwords. In this case it is Which enables a menu option in the pokegear
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